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  1. Although apologizing for his behavior was definitely a good decision, I don't think it quite puts the topic to rest. It's one thing to say your sorry and another thing to improve upon what you apologized for. If he continues playing MKX with an improved attitude, I'm sure he'll have done what a lot of people wanted. We just have to wait and see.
  2. Herodotus's histories - might sound boring at first but they're well told tales and, well, Herodotus is the father of history after all. Livy's "ab urbe condita" is another great read which I highly recommend although remember to pace yourself!
  3. Cicero


    A lot of well-put and valid points were brought up in this thread, but I fear this may be seen by Phil as an attack on the way he runs the forums. If he reads this thread, I hope he understands that this thread is not demanding a complete overhaul, but encouraging him just to consider what's been said and then give his thoughts on it.
  4. Oh, sweet. I was in the middle of playing Human Revolution again when I heard the news about this one. Can't wait.
  5. ​1) My guess is that people got annoyed with him because, first, he made a tactless insult with no real humor value in it. Not only was it tactless and barely funny, he showed himself to be a hypocrite by commenting on features of Baker's dress sense which DSP himself adopts. Obviously it's not as scandalous as some people would have you believe, but it makes him look quite rude and hypocritical. 2) Sure, everyone rages once in a while during games, especially fighting games, as you said. However, the extent to which Phil trash-talked and insulted this guy was just ridiculous. The remarks he made were seriously off-color and unmerited considering the circumstances. Again, no hint of irony or tact to the insult, showing it just to be mean-spirited.
  6. ​I too have noticed a slight trend of Phil's patrons' opinions being given more attention that the opinions on non-patrons. I really think it shouldn't be the case. The perks for patrons are detailed on Patreon for all to see and they do not include being favored on the King of Hate Forums. Sure, you can be called "most respected patron", but that respect should be earned, not bought. Don't get me wrong, like you, I'm not attacking his patrons at all. All I'm saying is that the perks of a patron shouldn't extend to preferential treatment on these forums.
  7. ​Yes, it is a pity that the interaction between the two sides has deteriorated to this point. To be perfectly honest, I don't think a debate is at all likely to happen, but if by some random chance Phil sees this, I hope he at least considers making amends for what he has done and that his detractors do the same.
  8. Although some clearly disagree, I think a debate/discussion would be a step in the right direction for the relationship between Phil and his detractors. There are misconceptions on both sides about motives, intentions and events and to have the two sides talk it out would be a great way to iron out some of the gripes they have with each other. The SOK have always been open to and have even suggested such a discussion with DSP, but he has always turned it down. Even if they don't agree, it's at least something to have Phil actually willing to talk to them, because, in my eyes, it'd be a vast improvement over Phil slinging mud at his detractors on twitter or in prestreams.
  9. ​At its core, yes, this site is run by Phil and his administrative staff and they can do what they please given that they run the place. However, the regular users shouldn't feel that they can't make a difference. These forums exist for the benefit of the regular users who want a friendly place to chat and exchange ideas, art, etc. To preserve such an atmosphere, the needs and opinions of the users should always be at the forefront of the staff's thinking. This is not an isolated incident, but a recurring one. Many people have expressed their dislike of the style of interaction used by Phil and, in the interest of always considering the voice of the common user, the issue must be addressed. Now, I'm not all too familiar with Phil's schedule and such, but I doubt he has literally no time to spend on casually chatting on the forums. All he needs is a spare minute to interact with his fans, even in a tiny way. Who knows, he might find he enjoys it!
  10. ​The Onyx resignation thread was an example I should definitely have covered in more detail. Phil rarely leaves his post often to replies and this is another case where he didn't. He stated that the problem was the lack of evidence, then locks the thread to prevent any evidence from being given. Seems rather odd, doesn't it? It's almost as if he realized that evidence existed just as he wrote the post, then locked it so that nobody could present it.
  11. I was intending to post something on an existing thread but I feel that this issue has long gone ignored and requires independent representation. As many of you know, Phillip's interactions with people on the forums are largely twofold: requesting fan-art/Patreon suggestions/equipment suggestions or responding to an argument within a thread with a generalized retort, then promptly locking the thread to deny others the chance to respond to his argument. It seems to me that a change in his manner of interaction would promote healthy discussion and make Phillip more of a sociable, approachable member of this community. Let's take first of all the debate threads. One does not have to look far in order to see the plethora of locked threads with Phillip as the final poster. Although such threads are nowhere near as numerous as they once were, some exist. These threads, despite offering some genuinely fruitful discussion and interesting criticism/suggestions, are often overlooked. The civilized debate about DSP thread has not had Phillip posting on it since its inception. Now, your opinions may vary, but I believe the best way for a thread like that to work is for the person who is being discussed to add his own point of view into the mix and allow it to be scrutinized by other users. I do not condone the use of long walls of text only addressing certain points of argument then cutting off further discussion. It makes it seem as if Phillip's word is final and nobody shall argue with him. If he ever reads this, I would suggest making shorter, more directed posts and allow them to be responded to afterwards. Engaging in a discussion would make you and everyone else much the wiser. On a smaller note, it would also be pleasant to see him interact with people here not only in the interest of work and business. A post here and there in the general section would go a long way into making him seem friendlier and more like a person than a faceless authority figure. Of course, one could argue that he is far too busy to engage in conversations that don't help his business, but just taking a few minutes to talk about music or cinema or simply share his thoughts at the time wouldn't be a total waste of time. Now that you've heard my view on the matter, what do you all have to say about it? For the purpose of this thread's longevity, please try to stay civil and think before you posting! Just remember: suum cuique!
  12. My name is Marcus Tullius Cicero: philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator, political theorist, consul and constitutionalist. I come in the spirit of generating stimulating discussion and enjoying the moments we share. Not to toot my own horn, but you should definitely check out some of the stuff I've written.
  13. Petty squabbles with detractors have no place on the social media of a so-called "business". If one wishes to maintain an air of professionalism, one should not go out of one's way to hurl insults at a party with which you have stated you have no desire to interact whatsoever. A great change to the way Phillip comports himself on Twitter must come to pass if he has any hope of bettering his reputation. nec iniuria nec ludibrio laudem adipiscetur
  14. ​Agreed. He simply takes the gist of what certain people are saying and uses it as representative of the whole. If he were to look more closely at the content of the posts, he would see a wide range of valid criticism and suggestion for him to consider. His practice of responding to what he believes is the general argument merely leads one to believe that he is quite incapable of producing a counter to certain arguments. To put it in my words: Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?
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