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  1. Why not have a goal for Project 7 2.0 behind-the-scenes videos to be released? Phil only uploaded like 2 or 3 of 'em but he said he had a lot more.
  2. ​Was awesome talking to you in the call, Das. :)
  3. ​Ya know Phil I can take down the parody Patreon account right now under your request since you seem a little distraught over it.
  4. Finally able to log onto the forum via mobile; seriously glad to see that everyone here in the thread has been friendly amongst one on another.
  5. ​Ah yes, Drunk Che made that episode
  6. There really needs to be a rule that Phil needs to get moderators to vote on whether or not a topic/thread should be closed. Something that ties back to Phil's plummeting popularity is him taking dominant control over something even though he has other people that are able to discuss whether something is hateful/unagreeable or helpful/peaceful. It seems like this thread and the previous one can be considered beneficial to at least a couple of mods while Phil didn't, seeing as he closed down the last thread with this name. He needs to have a connection to the mods and agree with them when it co
  7. Let's get back on topic, shall we. On the case of Phil's plummeting popularity and morals, I find it hardly worthwhile to delete everybody's posts that pertain to criticizing Phil with a generic and unclear reason like "unsubstantiated slander" and I feel that actions such as these are hurting DSP's popularity when it comes to him being "the realest mother fucker on the internet" and closeting points that are brought against him are definitely hindering the morals of himself and those that both support him and critique him.
  8. ​Not a fan of X-Men. The only one I saw in theaters was The Last Stand, and the rest I saw on TV, DVD, etc. I like the first two but I don't have a connection with the series as a whole.
  9. Saw a lot of great films this year. My top 10; 1. Nightcrawler 2. Birdman 3. Boyhood 4. Gone Girl 5. Foxcatcher 6. Snowpiercer 7. Edge of Tomorrow 8. Lucy 9. Guardians of the Galaxy 10. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  10. ​Oh the sad sense of denial is strong with this one.
  11. ​That's what happens when you speak for a group rather than for yourself. "Only the detractors don't like me." Keith seemingly has been on bad terms with both sides for a long time. Doxxing, getting people de-modded and continually focusing on one person to go after, etc. His negative reputation seems completely justified. That being said, I don't think that there is any reason not to talk to us in a voice chat publically on the podcast or in private. In the end, that would be a very helpful thing to do if he wants to be treated fairly in the future. I myself feel that I am badly viewed here f
  12. ​Dang, Keith, I didn't know that you were such a huge fan of the SoK podcast, the same one where we had all of the previous forum mods talking to us while TKOH.com 2.0 was going down. I forgot though, you *are* our biggest fan since you can say with such confidence that we have never NOT talked about DSP in a podcast; even though we didn't (not promoting) while talking to Jack Scalfani from Cooking with Jack who has nothing to do with Phil, but oh well, I guess that doesn't count, eh? Oh, and that 'gag' was in existence long before I performed my low-blow antics on Phil's streams, but whatev
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