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  1. well for me this is been pretty interesting convo going down I can understand everyones imput except for Mashinka I think its mostly cause of the analogy and how can we believe u what u said if u dont watch DSP vids. Anyways its been very interesting.
  2. Lelouch26

    Games you dislike but many love or remotely like

    All the Cod Games
  3. Lelouch26

    Funny Pictures/Gifs

  4. Lelouch26

    Funny Pictures/Gifs

  5. Lelouch26

    The Last Post

  6. Lelouch26

    Favorite Anime Girls? (Keep it PG)

    CC from Code Geass
  7. Lelouch26

    Phil please read: Protection from DDoS Attacks

    Whatever it dosnt matter anymore really KG get over it
  8. Lelouch26

    Phil please read: Protection from DDoS Attacks

    My friend is a hacker mind u ranked 32 on darknet
  9. Lelouch26

    Phil please read: Protection from DDoS Attacks

    Talked to a friend about getting peoples IP even if you use a vpn if the person knows what hes doing. like my friend knows how to get around a VPN it would take 2 more extra mins to get around so using a VPN only helps against beginners who dont know how to go around it. Well thats my two cents on it if u want I can ask my friend more about the issue on how to protect your IP cause a VPN isnt going to do much against him just going to take longer to get to u
  10. Lelouch26

    What Anime/Manga Are You Currently Watching/Reading?

    Just read the latest chapter to Black Haze, great as always too at that
  11. Just got home from work and Drama had happen when I was gone my god why does it always happen when I am gone. :(

  12. Lelouch26

    Patreon Perk Suggesions Thread

    ​Ah I see didnt know about Thanks for the heads up about Cafe Press info about it
  13. Lelouch26

    What Anime/Manga Are You Currently Watching/Reading?

    Binan KouKou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! Magical boy anime that dosnt take its self seriously. I actually enjoyed it cause it was so funny and werid at the same time. Yuri Kuma Arashi Well it is a yuri based on the title. Art is unique and story completly werid. So bears eat humans and the human protect themselves with barriers also the bears can turn into humans. This is beyone werid anime
  14. Lelouch26

    Patreon Perk Suggesions Thread

    you could give away items on his Cafe Press Page and also have a Patreon Teamspeak Server for all the people who has given him somthing can come on there and talk amongst each other and you if u have free time as well, It would be great fan appreciation time too.
  15. Lelouch26

    Forum Improvement Suggestions

    ​He could Get a special rank that goes into the negatives based on rep