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  1. You ever get so god damned bored that you return to the forum that you used to post on because you're fucking bored to all living hell?
  2. No same picture I just haven't been here in months.
  3. So how many of you crazy bastards actually remember me?
  4. This forum as well as Phil has fallen so low that I only see disappointment anymore.
  5. Mushu from Mulan simply because even though he's comedic relief he's a really good comedic relief and I like Eddie Murphy.
  6. Yep I remember that now. I was very pissed that gta beat out bioshock infinite for the win. Especially because it was a tie and after all the shit was added up gta beat bioshock by 1 fucking point.
  7. There was a game that deserved it so much more than gta5 but I can't remember what it was. They even tied at the end.
  8. Jak 2 whipped my ass when I was a kid. I never beat it back then but my friend got a ps2 and I played it again fuckin 5 years later and finally beat the damn thing. But I will say this the final boss fight of that game against the metal head king was one of the hardest bosses I've ever fought.
  9. Corvin picked up his katana and slid it into the sheath. "Can you believe this shit?" Corvin said as he slid his knife into place. "This mother fucker right here got blood on my new suit. Now I have to change AND do your dirty work. My fucking luck." After he changed Corvin took the elevator down to the garage. On the way down he smoothed out his black suit and ran his fingers through his golden hair while looking in the slightly reflective metal of the elevator to fix his hair. The door opened and the valet pulled up with his bike. "Your Ducati Mr. Corvin." The valet said and Corvin handed the kid a $100 bill and got on the bike. "You're such a good kid. Great manners." Corvin said as he put on his helmet and he sped off into the city. Moments after he pulled out he was flanked by his personal officers who had received their orders beforehand and the trio made their way to little Tokyo. They pulled up in front of a small rundown building between two restaurants and parked. Corvin took his helmet off and looked at himself in the reflection of the helmet and fixed his hair. "Alright let's make this quick I want to get back and take a nap." Corvin said and they walked in.
  10. Corvin walked through his 80th floor condo twirling his guns humming along to beethoven. Standing in front of him are three men and one woman with bags over their heads and stripped down to their underwear. Through modifications to the condo there are rings connected to the floor that the prisoners are chained to forcing them to stay in a kneeling position. Corvin stopped and took a moment to aim and shot one of the men in the shoulder shattering bone and tearing flesh but leaving a non fatal wound. The man screamed and fell onto his back writhing in pain and another shot rang out then silence. The man's head started bleeding out onto the floor and Corvin moved on to the next man. He picked up his katana from the sofa and unsheathed it. The blade rang out with a high lingering ring that filled the condo as the record faded out and in one swift movement severed the man's arm at the shoulder. The man also screamed and fell to the side from his new shifted weight. Another swift flick of the blade and silence as the man's throat spewed blood all over Corvin's suit pants. "This is fucking ARMANI YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!" Corvin yelled and he decapitated the now lifeless body and skewered the head with his sword and tossed it into the air and kicked it into the wall. "Does anybody else want to get their filthy fucking blood on my new suit that is now RUINED?!?!" The two left shook their heads furiously before Corvin kicked the last man in the stomach. He threw the sword onto the couch and pulled out his knife. Dragging the back of the blade over the last man's skin he could feel the man shaking in fear. Corvin then ripped off the bag on his head grabbed the man's ear and sliced it clean off and tossed it into the trash can. The man screamed and started slamming his head on the floor before Corvin pulled him back up by his hair and slit his throat watching as the blood spewed out painting the linoleum floor with red. Corvin then made his way to the woman and pulled her hood off. He uncuffed her from the floor and helped her up. Tears ran down her face when she saw the lifeless corpses of her fellow comrades. "What are you going to let me go so I can run back and tell them what you did?" She asked trying to hold back the choking in her voice. "Shhh it's ok. You needn't worry anymore it's almost over." Corvin said as he escorted her to the window. "Look out there and tell me what you see." He said while he picked up a rope with a noose on it. "I see a city that can never recover from the likes of you and your kind." She said and Corvin pulled the window open with a chain causing a massive gust of wind to blow into the condo. In the brief moment of confusion Corvin wrapped the noose around the girls neck and kicked her out the window. Her scream lasted about three seconds before it was broken off by a loud wet snap. Corvin pulled her body back into the room and closed the window and picked up his cellphone. "Please send a clean up crew to my condo I've made a little bit of a mess." Corvin said and as ended the call he started humming to beethoven again.
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