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  1. I agree with you that it in all likelihood has to do with his business in some fashion all you have to do is look at the tweets to say that much. And it definitely sounds bad from the look of those same tweets. But at the same time there's such a wide range of possibilities of what could be going on it's pointless to speculate about it when he's making a video later today to explain whatever is going on. But i guess people just need something to talk about lol.
  2. This wild speculation is kinda pointless don't you guys think? However, I don't think Phil would just drop everything at a moment's notice like this if it wasn't something extreme. And i doubt it has anything to do with views. Something big is going down I'm not sure what but the wild speculation is pretty pointless when he's already said he's going to address it before the day is out.
  3. I'm gonna agree with the person who compared Phil's talking about views to a business running a marketing campaign talking about business is slow and in jeopardy so buy our product more. I used to frequent a local Subway restaurant near where I live until every time I went in there the woman who owned it talked about how bad the business was doing. Eventually I got tired of it and decided not to eat there anymore. Same principle here with Phil. The average viewer who may come and watch a stream of his only to hear him complain about views being low in the pre-stream are going to get turned off. Bottom line is yeah most people posting on these forums know Phil and his content and aren't as likely to get turned off by it because they're conditioned and used to it. Phil talks about his channel's lack of natural growth lately due to recent issues with false copyright strikes etc. but quite frankly his frequent talk about views don't help that growth. And that whole excuse of oh but look at twitch where people beg and glorify donations and everything else frequently doesn't work well in this case. When streamers do that stuff it's a positive thing not like where Phil talking about views being down and bringing up drama is a negative thing. The average viewer doesn't like drama! The reason those drama videos get the views they do is because fans and detractors alike watch them NOT the average random person. So, my advice for Phil is leave that crap at the door of your office outside of certain occasions like say Hate Live! or even the Week in Preview which btw I didn't have a major problem with. Why should Phil do this? Because the casual person isn't likely to watch things like that to begin with. At this point Phil isn't trying to appeal to his fanbase he's even admitted as much. He's trying to grow his channel back up from where it's been the last few months. Therefore, the last thing he should be doing is bringing up negativity or drama so the random person gets turned off and doesn't continue watching. And this mentality of don't like it then leave doesn't help matters either. You should be able to give Phil suggestions for improvement without being attacked for it as being a detractor or a sociopath. Sure, there's sock accounts looking to stir up shit all the time on here. Best suggestion ignore or ban them but don't disregard people who are trying to help on top of that.
  4. how is it disrespectful? It's clearly a speedrun even if Phil doesn't consider it one. He is skipping any and all enemies that he can. That in itself is a speedrun. And we're just having a healthy discussion with differing opinions no disrespect to be found here.
  5. I will agree it's definitely not the greatest of Halo campaigns. I've outlined a lot of my problems with it in my previous post. But here's the thing and this is just my take it doesn't have to blow you away more of the same isn't necessarily a bad thing. Most people know that Halo's strength always has been the multiplayer outside of the Master Chief Collection which ugh as a Halo fan that was a horrible launch. But for Phil to sit there and call it a playthrough is bullshit. He had no interest in giving this campaign a fair shake and was playing it for views. Well here's the problem with that a lot of the people who would watch it won't because he's not really playing the game he's just rushing through it as fast as he can. So the appeal is gone but that's just my opinion and as i've said before Phil has had a negative bias towards the series ever since Halo 3: ODST and it shows.
  6. Alright, Here's my take on this bullshit Phil is calling a "Playthrough". This is not a playthrough this is flat out a speedrun. Keep in mind that I am a Halo fan when reading my opinions. I agree with other posts in this thread that Phil was never willing to give this game a chance. He wants to sit there and say being able to run past mass groups of enemies is bad game design. I'm sorry Phil, you really don't get it. This is a game franchise that has built up a massive speedrunning community on the internet. So to a large extent the devs over the years have designed the games in a way to cater to that community. Bottom line is you don't have to play the game that way. And let's be honest the campaign isn't complete shit. There are some things that irk me a bit such as the emphasis on co-op with no split-screen or matchmaking for co-op and the friendly ai being absolute garbage which is par for the course. But make it easier to play co-op with people online with matchmaking. But it is a solid campaign it's just Phil is speedrunning and calling it a playthrough so of course he's not enjoying it. Let's be honest Phil has been biased against Halo ever since he played Halo 3: ODST way back when. And as a fan of the franchise it pains me to watch Phil continually play the games the way he does and then shit on them. There's some great gameplay improvements in this game that Phil is barely using at all because he wants to rush through it as fast as he can. The story i will agree is a bit meh for me and the problem is it takes about 2/3s of the game for the story to really kick into high gear. But this game takes the Halo universe in a very interesting direction moving forward. But as a fan of Halo I have decided to stop watching any of Phil's playthroughs of the games going forward.
  7. Ok, first of all only one post to this point has mentioned the money factor besides your own. Secondly, as the person who made that post, I brought up the financial motivation because it's no secret that this is Phil's business and therefore he's in it to make money ultimately. Sure there's some degree of fun involved for him when he's not dealing with bullshit but if he can't pay his bills he won't be able to put out content at least not like he has been. So to an extent for such a major change to happen there most likely needs to be a financial motivation especially with the business in such dire straits.
  8. Ok, since Phil has asked for fan feedback regarding the future streaming of his content I thought there should be a thread to discuss this very topic. I'll start with my thoughts on it. Obviously, I understand that any voluntary reduction in the streaming of his gameplay is bound to stir up controversy. But my opinion is this. I think Phil really hit on something in his daily update posted today that maybe streaming should be reserved for special events. I realize there is a group of people who attend his streams and chat in the IRC pretty much daily. But here's the thing especially in this busy fall season as Phil pointed out today it would allow for a little more gameplay in a session. And with the lineup that's stacking up the next few weeks he needs all the time he can get for gameplay. Now for the business side of things. One of the drawbacks to Phil's streaming is people might watch an entire stream instead of the individual videos thus resulting in less overall views on a playthrough therefore less money for Phil. But if the watching it live option is unavailable those people will have to watch the individual videos thus more views/money. And with Phil's business in the dire straits it appears to be in at the moment that could only help. Bottom line is people who want to watch will watch one way or the other. So from the business side less streaming would probably result in more money.
  9. he basically recognized today for what it is the 14 year anniversary of 9/11. He said what you might expect for the most part how it was tragic etc. etc. etc. but what i think KG is referring to was when he said that he wanted to take a moment to acknowledge it as tragic and then move on from it which he did very quickly. More specifically when he said he thinks it's time to "look forward and move on".
  10. Here's the thing you raise an excellent point that outside of playthroughs w/ a facecam which are few and far between there's zero accountability when he says i'm not looking at chat. The thing is and i can see this being the argument from some and there is some legitimacy to it that an offline playthrough without stream chat would result in much more struggle and frustration which leads to a longer playthrough. But by the same token not many people i would imagine like seeing him have the chat hold his hand through a game. I would argue that it affects his playthrough in that its not the raw feeling and reaction. Now in an offline playthrough he's having difficulty with an area or boss or mission etc. I wouldn't begrudge him looking up a solution whether it be from fans or gamefaqs or youtube whatever. I get that it's a part of his formula to live stream his playthroughs but there needs to be a lot more balance on this issue.
  11. Here's an idea how about have the stream chat for the "fanservice" but have Phil not have it open. In my experience the stream chat mods generally do a pretty good job about keeping things from getting out of hand. That way the fans who want to chat can chat and Phil doesn't have them holding his hand through games. I think this is a solution that most people could be happy with.
  12. Like i said before i understand Phil's reasons since those templates he used in those playthroughs were fan-made and with recent events well ok understandable but why not move them off of his main channel to one of his "dead" channels where the risk due to false claims is negligent. And yes i'm aware that those channels aren't partnered and what not but it's not like he's making money off of those videos now anyway.
  13. That's what i'm saying but wouldn't he have to basically re-upload them to whatever other channel he can't just transfer them over can he? And surely he doesn't still have them stored on his computer so he'd have to download them but he could do all that overnight honestly.
  14. Well they're still there they've just been set to private. So all he'd have to do is download them and re-upload them to an alternate channel like say his red dead and la noire channel or the ff13 channel or an entirely new one. And before anybody says anything about the time it would take or taking away bandwidth from his streams or whatever he could set this stuff up before he goes to bed and let it happen overnight.
  15. Phil, It's hard not to notice you made entire 3DS playthroughs private as part of the fallout of the copyright claim. I know why because the templates were fan-made and such but might it be a good idea to move those to one of your many alt channels. And if you run into problems there big deal they're gone for good whatever. It just seems unfair to have entire playthroughs lost to the ether like that.
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