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  1. The game looks good with all them shiny new-fangled textures the kids hear about. Puzzles do seem a little dumbed down from before, not really anything to be too worried about. A few gripes I had with the playthrough was the reading, you read everything, really unnecessary, I can read man. Also, you picked Easy don't know if you're gonna fix it, but you should know dude, seriously.
  2. I vote Toph, but her weakest earthbending is sand because she cant do the seismic step. I still don't know which versions they're going to use though, if it's Republic City Toph then sure as hell she'll win.
  3. How is constantly discussing about SoK and FredFuchs on topic for a perk suggestion thread? Please, I'd love to hear your explanation.
  4. ​No, I'm talking about the promises that will never truly come to fruition like the early screenings of Project 7 exclusive to patreon supporters.
  5. I suggest you bring back the old perks, why should the rest of your loyal patrons have to wait even longer for goals which you already promised?
  6. ​He sure does lack empathy, I wish he would consider other people, especially his fans!
  7. Can there please be a beginners guidelines thread somewhere, because the rules here are still confusing. Edit: Just found it NVM
  8. I noticed that DSP is going to Comicon where he is most likely going to buy the 3 day tickets and stay at a hotel. With PL and him going, the tickets will cost $400 cumulative and the hotels there run up to 200 bucks a night, that's 1000 dollars for the trip alone not counting the accessories and food they will buy. What's really the point of this Patreon if he can already willingly spend upwards of $1,000+?
  9. I cant rate comments or posts.
  10. We're actually giving him like 70 % more traffic, he should be thanking us :p
  11. I agree, had some great interactions with him.
  12. The proper procedure is to message Fred via twitter and we usually work from there.
  13. ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tntOCGkgt98
  14. ​I'm mainly upset about the people who did have legit criticism and were prevented from doing so. He has all the right to block the people that were leaving messages that were more malicious than helpful, but I feel people that were just giving their 2 cents got punished for it. And that's why I recreated this thread, it seems unfair that the few that did speak out of turn ruined it for the rest of us.
  15. ​Even so, all that comes down to control, wanna talk freely LOCK, have valid criticisms LOCK. And that's a problem that he really needs to fix. Taking the critics advice and trying to better himself in a positive way.
  16. ​Dont be sorry for the actions of someone else, I understand that you guys are really trying here.
  17. ​Welp, I'm going to try my hardest to uphold freedom of speech on this site for as long as I can no matter what Phil does, you can count on that.
  18. Since the last thread was locked, I felt the need to uphold FREEDOM OF SPEECH and RIGHT TO CRITICIZE here. Locks will not prevent the truth and the problems #DSPositive http://thekingofhate.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2015_01/Capture.PNG.471390e758308e8e3696d44e07df4173.PNG
  19. ​Exactly, if he would pull away from drama instead of making it a segment on Hate Live I feel it would push him in a more positive direction that he claims he is striving for.
  20. Currently playing Dark Souls 2, Assassins Creed 4, and Fallout NV. All are really good so far.
  21. Catching up on Tokyo Ghoul, Black Bullet, and Agami Ga Kill
  22. Dark Souls 2, no other game was really interesting and you definitely had to step your game up from the previous title...KEEP ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING, WHAT!
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