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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi and goodbye. I thought this place was free of trolls, but as soon as i made my first post, two haters jumped on me and EVEN A MOD immediately tagged me as "troll-bait". Since i dont feel welcome, i wont visit this forum anymore. I'll keep doing stuff on both my twitter and youtube channel anyways. Thanks. DSPWO.
  2. Well, if you think that TIHYDP is a big achievement then why don't you go with those guys? AFAIK this is a forum for people who actually enjoy DSP.
  3. ​Who is "this guy", the kid that tried to troll DSP on stream? Or who?
  4. ​1- It was regarding the last KWO move. Sending a kid to start trouble on stream to get him fired from machinima and patreon. 2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZdnZeuU_w8 I won't reply to the person that posted before you, i don't like getting insulted without any reason. Also, if you people support KWO and all that crap, WTF are you doing here?
  5. ​I don't bring any drama, i just expose the stupidity of the dsp haters on both my youtube channel and my twitter account. They bring drama, since they start every single problem with DSP. Proof that im DSPWO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MukFR1LKg8M . Check the description.
  6. ​Guess i spoke too soon regarding the trolls.
  7. Hey guys, im the owner of the youtube channel DSPWorldOrder and the twitter account DSPWorldOrderOk. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Hopefully this forums is free of trolls : ) . -DSPWO. EDIT: Sorry if this is not the correct subforum to post this, feel free to move it wherever you want.
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