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  1. Seems quite sudden, but if Phil DID make the decision himself and Machimia didn't dump him, I guess he made the 'right' decision for him and his 'business'. I might no-longer be a fan of Phil, but I have no ill-will against him and hope his decision was the right one.
  2. I don't know how it would feel honestly, since we really aren't that close as a community and don't know how "friendly" it would be. Plus, would there be any other topics or only Phil related? If it was more like The Show, then I could see it being fairly fun and enjoyable.
  3. Terribly sad... I was caught off guard though by how EASILY he walked up to them pointed the gun once before firing than puts it down... I am hyper-aware of my environment, so being at that close of a range (at least from his camera angle), how could you not at least see the gun? That is quite shocking. Rest Easy.
  4. Do you like your job Phil? Honestly, at first when I was younger and use to watch you, it seemed quite fun. Now though, after working in the world and having physical interactions with other human beings, it seems immensely boring. Being inside for more than 8+ hours playing video games, I would be bored out of my mind. Along with how unsteady the pay is. I couldn't live my life on knowing if I got three copyright strikes that I would be unemployed. It sounds like the cons outweigh the pros in this situation. So I''l add another question here: If somehow, during your days in the work-force when you were laid off was offered another job with enough stable income and insurance to fix your back, along with able to move to Seattle and still be in the work-force due to a transfer would you take this scenario ? I would.
  5. Tomba 2! I always as a child got stuck on this dark level of the game and just put it down. Mother 3 - I wasn't really good with the syncing beat for damage, so I only got to the Ghost Mansion. ( With cheats I got further.) Siren - This game... Man... I never beat it due to the constant repeats you have to go through unless you can make different choices. Crash Bash - Honestly, I don't know why I didn't finish this, it had a story, but I looked at it like Super Smash Bros. All I did was just battle.
  6. Hm.. I'd recommend SAO, but only the first game their in was interesting to me. Also Blood(+) is fairly decent, extremely gory though. Darker than Black might also be good, haven't touched that yet.
  7. If Patron hadn't existed, what other resourceful website would you have reached out to if any at all? Was Patron the first choice?
  8. In the earlier days, way before streaming, do you feel if you adapted to HDPVR recording and more interaction with fans you would be much bigger than you're now? Do you feel satisfied with how you are growing on Youtube? When views decline now, do you feel safer since patrons are donating their money? And another if I may, You kept mentioned quite a lot about health insurance this week on twitter. Do you miss the benefits your old job provided or do you feel more secure through Youtube? Is a job on Youtube worth it? Thank You.
  9. Congratulations! Recently seen the Charity, going for $10,000 now? Best of wishes for reaching that goal.
  10. (Non 2015 Games) 1. Siren 2. Fatal Frame Series 3. Crash Bandicoot. (Oh the rage in this playthrough.. I can feel it now.) (2015 Game... Hopefully.) 1. The Last Guardian. At-least I don't think that is too big out there.
  11. One

    The Kings Readers.

    In this thread it will be like a book group, you can discuss certain books you're reading,what you liked/disliked about the book and even a quick summary if you want. You can also recommend books, I'd like it if you did, since I am an avid reader and would most likely check out all recommended books. In this semester of College, I am taking a Banned Books course recommend by my English teacher. As a young child I loved to read and lately I've been reading The Diary of Anne Frank, it just is shocks to this day that such a occurrence happened in history, that led to many deaths of family members and even young children as Anne herself. Even though I have not finished the book, I like the will and faith Anne keeps up during such a rough time and having little to no space in a house along with such limited movement. I hope to hear from other readers!
  12. Really no Bran? Well that could make sense somewhat since he already arrived at his location and will probably train his skill, so if that is the case I can see why then. I hope to see more of Daenerys Targaryen and her pets.
  13. Can't wait honestly, I seriously wonder what has become of Arya. I hope we see more of her. What do we say to the God of Death?
  14. ​1. I am on the same boat with everyone else on the green screen, this is something that should have of had the time dedicated to it among the purchase. You knew the circumstances and sacrifices that would have to be made when you purchased the Green Screen, I hope. So, I don't really see this as a goal I'd pay to see. 2. The Marathon of gaming, as for I really wouldn't be much for this certain goal. 6 - 8 hours of hearing complaints about the game or certain rage on certain areas of the game. Now this fan - interaction that is suppose to be done along with the marathon, what do you mean by fan - interaction? Helping you through the game? Letting them dictate where go into the game? How about the fans ask question and you answer them while playing the game or open up a Ventrilo for fans to join you while you play the game and every hour or so you switch the callers. (The ones who paid go first since that actually contributed revenue then after its open up for whoever can join). 3. Since this is the highest goal as you mentioned, how much money are you looking for to play the games listed? 4. I really cannot comment on this since I have no clue on how tours are done with gaming studios or if there can even be filming, but if there cannot be I wouldn't really be interested in hearing in-depth detail of what happened, that is just me though. 5. Didn't you once say you were hated in the FGC and if you were to go you would hire a body guard, so people don't start shit? Yeah.. I don't know about that one.. I'll leave that to the FGC. 6. You have already touched on the shout - out prices and such, so I don't need to say much on that part. You're right, I am not going to donate cause I see nothing of interest to donate to honestly. But to dismiss hardcore fans such as myself because I do not apply to the three reasons seems quite harsh. I wanted to see you improve your content along with your commentary. I don't see myself as wasting time here since anyone donating or not, can offer up solid advice.
  15. One

    The Last Meal

    1. Lobster or crab legs 2. Salmon and Homemade fries 3. Chicken salad mixed with Jalapeno crisps. 4. Water blessed by the pope. 5. Strawberry ice-cream mixed with nutella.
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