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  1. ssk1777

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

    I can't wait this trailer gave me the chills.
  2. ssk1777

    No campaign in Battlefront

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 had a really good campaign I really wish they could consider adding some kind of story mode.
  3. ssk1777

    Ask the King Ep. 53 - July 2, 2015

    Hey Phil, Do you plan on playing The Elder Scrolls Online and if you are would you play on Console or PC?
  4. ssk1777

    Games that got you emotionally invested

    I was most emotionally invested into Fallout 3.
  5. ssk1777

    Which of these rpgs do you prefer?

    I'm a fan of both Fallout and the Elder Scrolls.
  6. ssk1777

    Happy Birthday DarksydePhil!

    Happy Birthday Phil
  7. ssk1777

    What do you guys think about Trophies/Achievements?

    I definitely like achievements and trophy's because it gives you something to work for when your playing a game.
  8. I'm predicting best picture to go to American Sniper.
  9. ssk1777

    A-Z Videogame characters

    Master Chief - Halo series
  10. ssk1777

    Ask the King Ep. 49 - February 26, 2015

    Hey Phil, I know you currently have a Twitter and a Facebook but have you ever considered creating an Instagram account that you can post pictures on.
  11. ssk1777

    Famous Movie Lines Game

    Man of Steel "You cant handle the truth!! "
  12. ssk1777

    Man Arrested for PlayStation, Xbox DDoS Attacks

    Its good to see justice being served to people like that.
  13. ssk1777

    2014-15 NFL Playoffs

    Seattle made a pretty bad mistake at the end of the game by not running it with Lynch. But congratulations to the Patriots.
  14. ssk1777

    Games that got you emotionally invested

    Red Dead Redemption Fallout 3 Grand Theft Auto IV
  15. ssk1777

    Super Bowl XLIX

    Discuss your thoughts on Super Bowl XLIX The New England Patriots vs The Seattle Seahawks.