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  1. ignoring them wont make them go away. This isnt first grade.
  2. Who knows at this point. Whats done is done. Trolls have tried literally everything and have failed. There is nothing they can really do now.
  3. If you saw the videos of John making fun of Phil its clear that he hates Phil for whatever reason
  4. HNS9975

    keep on

    Anyone wanna sum up whats going on. I dont feel like reading all of this
  5. That was just ignorant of him to say. He doesn't understand it since hes old and basically calls everyone out and making fun of them. Yes he is a comedian but this wasn't a funny scit. He literally just insulted so many people calling them idiots. Im just not even gonna watch any of his stuff anymore. John Oliver is the best anyway
  6. This is for the list of movies that didn't make big box office successes but were still one of your favorite movies or just really enjoyed. The movie I immediately think of is Chappie. I highly recommend this movie. It has great action, is funny, and very emotional.
  7. lmfao wait wait wait. youre telling me these people have a "podcast" where they only talk shit about Phil for 3 hours every week? im lost for words
  8. i already have a purple heart youre the troll here lol. youre just another stalker
  9. Usually when you hate someone you dont follow them around everywhere to leave negative shit and do stuff like swatting, ddos, and false copyright claims
  10. actually i win cause it shuts them up and they cry with rage. i talk shit to them and have no filter. I hope people start submitting copyright claims on all their content
  11. if the fuck head stalkers are going to be such immature no life fucks then they deserve everything thats coming to them. enough is enough with these kids
  12. Sad part is when u search DSPgaming on there most of the videos are detractors and stalkers
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