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  1. Can you guys stop hijacking my thread? I don't give two fucks what happened in other threads, and those probably got deleted for this very reason. STAY ON TOPIC.
  2. When I say "hater", I'm talking about those that spend hours of their time making slanderous videos of Phil. TIHYDP is one such series of videos. Yes, Phil can suck at games, and yes, he blames the game developers a lot. But those videos do nothing but bully Phil and is in no way constructive in any shape or form. That is the haters I'm talking about. You don't like Phil? That's fine. You can call him out on whatever he did wrong and that's fine too. But when you're spending hours of your time making and editing videos (keep in mind you have to watch full playthroughs just to cut and edit thes
  3. Phil, you wanted constructive criticism so here it is. Phil, I've been watching your videos for 7 years now, way back from your FEAR 2 playthrough. Over the years you've been a hypocrite many times, said offensive things many times, but I still watch your videos because I know you don't mean them. So here are the three major things you can improve in your behavior towards your viewers. Be careful what you say while streaming/recording. Think twice about what you say,. You try to make humor and that humor a lot of the times is crude, and offensive. People change their opinions over time, and
  4. This post is to help DSP build a dedicated streaming PC, and to explain the technical aspects of why he needs one in order to play games on his PC. First off, why should DSP get a dedicated streaming PC? Because he spent thousands of dollars on a pre-built gaming PC and he's not using that hardware to play games. Granted, Phil didn't know that he wouldn't be able to record 1080p @ 60fps while playing games on his PC at the time, but now that he does know, I think he should spent the extra 500$ or so investing in a dedicated streaming PC when he's already spent thousands on a gaming PC that he
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