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  1. Graphics alone don't define a game, and they never did. It's more then that. You also have to factor in gameplay, the amount of content, etc. I think some people are up in arms simply because they built up expectations which they shouldn't have. Putting it up against other games which are completely, and fundamentally different from one another. The game should be judged by its own merits, not by putting it up against others or for what it should be.
  2. While I'm open minded on a lot of issues, for me I think Phil should reduce the streaming to special events like Hate Live or some other events. With that especially with a lot of new hit releases like Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, etc coming out in the following months it should give him more time to play, and maybe take some stress off him. That's just what I think but ultimately it's up to Phil.
  3. First Nintendo, then Star Wars, Now Mass Effect. What Next? A GTA Theme Park the size of L.A? https://cdn0.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/wdElH6Z3gtScdSKRijAD-MRq-ZM=/800x0/filters:no_upscale()/cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/4109922/me-theme-par.0.jpg
  4. This is why the gaming industry is in the situation it brought upon itself. Thoughts? VIDEO DELETED BY MODERATORS
  5. On the video itself. It was kinda uncalled for IMO to do the joke especially when video gaming on YouTube is arguably the largest form of entertainment on the site which is one of the reasons why YouTube Gaming was made. Now I just want to say that I don't hate Kimmel or anything like that it's just that the joke seemed a little out of touch and came off as completely mean spirited to the masses. If he had done the joke earlier like 5 or 6 years ago people would seem ok with it but now times had changed and video gaming is pretty common place on YouTube.
  6. So if you're not aware Jimmy Kimmel decided to take a jab at YouTube Gaming and Video Game culture and he's getting quite a backlash and not just from his viewers but a lot of well known gaming Youtubers. I can completely understand he doesn't get the culture that's fine but just because he doesn't understand it doesn't mean he should take a shot at it. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCa6vGFO9ty8v5KZJXQxdhaw
  7. I stand corrected but I still think it's a little unfair to release the game later on for the other consoles.
  8. Actually it's the EU release date. It's still Nov. 10 for North America so the problem is pretty much still there. Let's also not forget that it's still coming out a full year later for PS4 and PC.
  9. That's in fact, longer then Skyrim which had around 300 hours of content. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/fallout-4-has-400-hours-of-content/1100-6429400/
  10. Looks like Bethesda's the first to get the hype ball rolling. I'm still hoping for Fallout 4.
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