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  1. ​The creator uses it as a 'Debug Mode' something to reach parts faster and ensure complete safety. That's why it came up.
  2. ​It's a Customized Map. The creator programmed it in that if those specific words were said by any player, this is what would happen, this is NOT part of the base game.
  3. ​It's not a mod, it's programmed solely, into this lonely custom map. This game doesn't have enough attention for a good enough mods.
  4. ​Like I said, I understand law, and this is completely legal, because this doesn't degrade him to a moderate deal, it's not defamation of character.
  5. ​I've seen some of the This is how you don't plays and there is tons of times he says that. It seems like the wrong people can just view those and go off there... Seems like Phil can't make a dime off those videos. And I'm one for studying law and, to his misfortune, the law protect them, to an extent...
  6. ​It's clear they weren't. It apologizes for being hard, yet it's relatively calm and smoothly progressive.
  7. ​Not a game. It's a custom map that the person just made a trigger. The game itself has much better cheat code. It won't work anywhere else.
  8. ​First one I've seen. But quite a stab at him in a game he doesn't play. Seems low.
  9. I was just skimming Age of Mythology : Extended Edition on Steam, online, and played an online Scenario where apparently they put a trigger that typing the phrase "Nothing I can do" prompts a response from the Enemy AI apologizing, DIRECTLY to DSP and giving the player 10,000 of each resource and 100,000 HP to their lone Citizen. What the hell was this person thinking, using Phil as some sort of cheat in such an inconsiderate way!?
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