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  1. Maybe the prize for highest patreon bidder is that person gets to pick what game phil plays for a stream
  2. ​He should play doom 2! Imagine Phil playing tricks and traps. It would be five stars.
  3. Phil Blocked me on twitter so this is the only avenue I can say this, I am really enjoying the Zelda play through.
  4. ​Were you not on the internet last 3 days? everyone on my Facebook and twitter were talking about this. It's sort of a stupid meme that went around. Apparently Phil is too cool to comment.
  5. I like the week in preview as a longer video. I don't really watch the week in review as I think its sort of redundant so I don't really mind how long that video is. Having it as a longer video is good so he can discuss all the games he's gonna play. Sometimes I am curious what he's playing and it's not exactly clear from his twitter posts.
  6. Google plus helps you remember what videos you comment on
  7. I just had a great idea for the next round of Patreon goals. What about something like "Twitch Tuesdays" where phil does a stream just to hang out on twitch and interact with people.
  8. Everybody is talking about this dress. Wanted to know what color Phil thinks this dress is. All the people I follow on twitter have commented on it except phil. So Phil, is it White and Gold, or Blue?
  9. Wonder if he will apologize for this? If i had bi polar disorder i'd be pretty upset about his use if term "mental illness"
  10. Episode 1 of "phil play mine craft" he should try to build a house.
  11. +1 to the forest. Also i would suggest 7 days to die. I might be writing that wrong, 7 ways to die? Either way that was my fav acheivement hunter lets play they ever did.
  12. As a person who has lost friends to suicide mental illness is not something to joke about. yea dsp txt can be a little aggressive at times but reffering to mental illness in a derogatory way is absolutely disgusting.
  13. ok so i figured out how to ignore posts which works some of the time. However i still see a lot of KGaleon posts snd i really really dont like seeing them. I think the ignoring feature could work a bit better.
  14. I think you should tone down your language a bit during the Majoras mask play through. I'm not one for censorship but because of the nature of the game, children are probably watching and your using terms like Mother fucker and what not. Just a thought.
  15. I'm glad Phil is getting some help through Patreon. However I am still very upset that he didn't apologize at all for his past transgressions after receiving over a 1000 dollars of support. He really needed to address some things he did wrong. It's not all bubblegum and Rainbows now just cause Phil got some financial support. He needs to assure his fans that he is changing for the better and will no longer lash out at them and treat them like shit. Some things he can apologize for: Calling people idiots especially fans of mine craft. Banning people on twitter. The whole message board fiasco.
  16. Phil could always be grandfathered in or something. Since he's been with them so long they keep his contract or something.
  17. Idk how to delete posts. I take back what i said. Phil got lost for couple minutes so i dont think he was cheating.
  18. I dislike his use of word business. Makes him sound too serious. He plays games for a living.
  19. So phil had reached his minecraft goal on patreon. I have a question. Let's say phil plays minecraft and the video gets like 50k or more views. Is he going to continue to keep posting minecraft let's plays every week? What if they do really well? Will he become like everyone else? Also i assume phil is gonna post his minecraft video in one long video not 10 short ones i hope.
  20. That would involve a lot more work for phil but i think it might benefit him if he did it,
  21. ​I appreciate this thank you. All I meant was I don't think phil addressed why he needs donations enough in the video. There are more "controversial" reasons why phil needs donations and his views are suffering. My last post cause I already clogged the thread enough.
  22. ​I'm giving feedback on his patron pledge video which is very relevant. I don't think he justified the donations thats all.
  23. ​A Fan of Phil what else would i be talking about? Just cause I;m here and I am a fan I can't call him on his bullshit? He was mean to fans thats fact not made up hater stuff. He never addressed this which is why he is using patreon, cause his viewership went down. I am a fan of mine craft and Destiny both of which he insulted fans of repeatedly.
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