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  1. LTTP on this one, but congrats man. I've been following you since 09 and while you are probably the most unluckiest guy I know. I'm glad and happy you lucked out with Leanna and your engagement. Damn I feel old just thinking about when you uploaded your reveal video of Leanna.
  2. Not for long XD I pop in once in a while, haven't been able to keep track with what's been happening since last year. So, what's going on in these neck of the woods?
  3. Yep, we are back in the darkest timeline. Obama is going to stick out like a sore thumb between Bush and Trump in the history books XD
  4. Ann Coulter Verified account ‏@AnnCoulter You may recall that the years that followed didn't do so well. The Great Something...
  5. The Donald Reddit is something else XD Pretty much explains why he's winning.
  6. Thanks, had to choose today of all days come back XD
  7. So what's going on in these neck of the woods. I haven't seen any Phil vids for months (I'm pretty much done watching playthoughs on YT) and I have only posted a couple of times here and there. Have I missed anything?
  8. Looks good, but the bastards will get assassinated by Rogue One.
  9. Don't really get the hate for the visuals, it's seems fine, above last gen at least. I do agree that I'm also tiered of the sci-fi settings and the exo suits. So double edged sword for me. Also about the MW Remaster bundle hate, it seems people will never grow common sense after all these year. They will sell it separately, eventually. They always have, remember Call of Duty Classic? which came exclusively with the MW2 Prestige Edition, it went for sell separately a month later.
  10. I think that's the only reason Sony is even considering this. They are banking hard on selling UHD TVs and they really wanted to add UHD to PS4 but the tech was not ready. It obvious that they want to sell PS4K as their main entertainment device for everything. Plus UHD blu rays already cost arround the same price of a console, so technically speaking the PS4K, just like the PS3 when it came out, will be a bargain if its sold at $400.
  11. These critics are f-ing crazy! Okay maybe not all, some bring up some good points. But come on, this movie was fine, average at best. I would put right there with Man of Steel. Lots of Good stuff, Lots of Bad Stuff and Lots of Ehh. It's an enjoyable comic book movie and an average film in general. Kinda hyped to see the R-rated version now because I'm really digging this universe as well as the Batfleck (who was pretty damn good), just wish it could have been better assembled and coherent. Get rid of Goyer, someone do last minute editing on that JL script and make Snyder advisor for the
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