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  1. Hey Phil, I was curious if you had any strange dreams recently or in the past that stayed with you. I'm a dreamer myself and I have had a dream before of the future that to this day honestly scares me. if not anything paranormal? Also, I know that you are against the whole text to speach thing. But hear me out! maybe you can set a goal or something for a special event ? I think it could be interesting and you can bet your ass trolls will flood open there wallets. Maybe nothing soon but maybe some time?
  2. I'm dying for a grilled cheese right now... brb..

  3. maybe I did not make myself clear. make a live reaction to a video with the video playing at the same time and him reacting like some others I have seen do. I used BvS as an example like I said I have seen all of his reactions.
  4. Hey Phil, love your new reacting series and was wondering, would you ever do a live reaction to a video like Batman V Superman trailer? Like the one you did but with the video playing at the same time you see it. Watching your videos live with you is like watching something with a friend and think it would make a great addition to your new Phil Reacts series!
  5. Hey Phil. I am not a Donald Trump supporter I'm not here to kiss his ass ether. but I have to say this and get it out here because its been on my mind ever since Octobers ask the king. Bear with me on this please.. To be blunt you are in some ways much like Donald Trump... Trump always speaks his mind, he is just not willing to play the usual political game much like you in the gaming culture.. hes not bought. much like how you are not a sell out or biased in opinions on hot topics or games because you're paid to be. you are raw and unedited in your videos there are no filters in what y
  6. Phil, remember when you did your "initial thoughts" on blood borne after 11 hours in? I loved that! after seeing that I actually had more interest in the game and ended up watching more of your playthrough because of it. even considered buying it. I was wondering if you could do that for longer playthroughs people may be in the dark about or may not want to wait until its review to buy the game.. Thank you so much Phil you have been such a blessing in my life.
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