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  1. 8:10-End The car massacre. Flipping of a car, and killing of the teammates. 1:25-1:40 then 8:00-8:25 for the finale. Bear traps are nasty!
  2. 18:18 to 19:22 Phil at his last bit of sanity as the sewer level takes it's toll. Not once does Noctis jump, but twice off the railing.
  3. The scary but true story of "The Gimp" starts at 12:35-End 2:40-Entire Match, it continues...
  4. 7:10-7:30 Banjo takes a nosedive! 10:20-10:40 The tree of insanity, and invincible birds.
  5. 3:25-3:40 Crack in the wall! The resulting high tense chase is also pretty good.
  6. 23:50-24:55 Xbox One strikes again!
  7. 29:29-29:55 That reaction, lol. 11:40-12:15 Surprise Mimic!
  8. 10:47-11:30 - Link's cave of arduous trials...
  9. Little behind on the fallout 4 playthrough, found this pretty funny. Phil picks the lock in plain view which gets the town to see him and all attack. 11:55
  10. 4:08, Phil introduces the running charge to an unsuspecting friendly.
  11. The Glitcher 3 strikes again, perfect ending. 14:40
  12. His surprise when he missed the gem, classic! 19:10.
  13. Phil topped last times face cam session, how is it possible? I recommend the whole thing though. 12:45-14:05. Watch another hilarious reveal at 38:50. Also there is the funny character intro with the completed face at 2:45.
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