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  1. The Simpson game (it's on multiple console) Titanic Adventure Out of time (Steam) Madworld (wii)
  2. Titanic: out of time (steam) Paper Mario ( Virtual Console) Star Fox Adventures ( Nintendo Gamecube) Erica (ps4)
  3. Final fantasy 8 Paper Mario 1 or 2 The Bouncer
  4. I think you should be the joker. If you think that costume is too sensitive coz of the media and stuff, I completely understand that
  5. Phil, battle for the bikini bottom is getting a remake or remastered
  6. Super Mario 64 Paper Mario 64 Bomber man 64 Lugi's mansion Viewtiful Joe
  7. Hey Phil what do you think of the shooting in FL? Do you think we should have gun control, I think if anyone wants a gun, they need to pass something like a test or drug test. Also ALOT more Security
  8. Okami HD the bouncer final fantasy 8 n 9
  9. I love Naruto as for me, I think I am gonna start watching Bleach
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