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  1. I mean yeah if you have Double Magic that is true but if you don't find all the fairies the first time then jesus christ lol
  3. Not really but that game was shit this looks great adding minigames and actual free roms
  4. https://screenrant.com/spiderman-movie-future-sony-marvel-studios/ Welp Sony gonna ruin Spider-Man again
  5. Yeah but the Gamescom shows more of the gameplay which makes me more excited
  6. Parasite - Review (2019) The Good Bong Joon-ho's direction is fantastic. The performances from the entire cast is great. Hong Kyung-pyo's beautiful cinematography The 1st half is showing the main family just trick this rich family and getting jobs around by sabotaging other people who work for the rich family and the 2nd half of the movie shit literally hits the fan. The ending. The Bad The praising of the evil dictator Kim Jong-un, I know it's a Korean film, but still. Final Thoughts: This is the 4th film that Joon-ho has made I didn't like The Host, but I loved both Snowpiercer and Okja, but I think this may be my favorite of his. Overall Grade: A
  7. Yeah he has 2 versions so far of that form
  8. I mean the game is funner to play with other people but yeah he should still play it either way
  9. Good Boys - Review (2019) The Good Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams are all great together. Will Forte, Lil Rel Howery, and Retta are great as the parents Sam Richardson is great as the cop in the store. Stephen Merchant was great yet creepy Alot of the jokes hit mainly the Freeway Scene. There is a good thoughtful yet sad but true message about growing up and not always hanging out with your friends. The Bad Gene Stupnitsky meh direction even though it was his first time it shows, it would of been better directed by Seth Rogen. Some of the jokes missed One of the boys talks about getting a girls consent which doesn't really make sense for a 6th grader to say? I dont know it was wierd in the movie. Some of the kids were annoying. Final Thoughts: Really good fun original comedy. Overall Grade: B+
  10. Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus - Review (2019) The Good The amazing voice acting all around. Jhonen Vasquez's Screenplay retains the insanity and humor of Invader Zim, which the humor in this was hilarious and it focuses on the story first and nostalgia second. Beautiful Animation Character logic is so dumb and it's great. It feels like a movie rather just another episode in the series. The Bad The Florpus is just there doesn't really do anything major except for like one funny thing at the end. I wish it was a bit few minutes longer. Final Thoughts: After years after Invader Zim got stupidly cancelled by Nick, Netflix came and saved the day, let's hope we can get a new series of Invader Zim on Netflix after this. Overall Grade: A-
  11. Besides alot of Heart Pieces I'm like 2 mask and 2 temples away from getting to the end
  12. Been playing Majora's Mask again besides 2 minigames this is alot easier than I remembered
  13. https://screenrant.com/krypton-canceled-season-2-syfy-lobo-spinoff-not-moving-forward/ :(
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