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  1. All Eyez on Me Review (2017) The Good Demetrius Shipp Jr.'s Performance as Tupac was fine. He's just not as Charismatic asTupac. The other performances are good like Danai Gurira as his mother The guy who played Surge Knight was good he looked and spoke like a asshole. The Music of course The Bad This movie does not feel like a Biopic this like Benny Boom made a Documentary with a Biopic covered over it but just looked at Wikipedia for certain events It also feels this movie was made for the 90's not with all the jump cuts in 2017 Speaking of jump cuts it gets annoying going back and forth from flashback to current day luckily this stops half way through. The Pacing is horrible you don't get to focus on a certain scene for too long. The script is men Laurie Cohan is not even in the movie Overall: I felt with a different director like F. Gary Gray or John Singleton this could of made better instead of Benny Boom who is a shitty director. Other than that I'm more excited for the Documentary from Steve Mqueen. Overall Grade: C-
  2. I havent had any problems either
  3. Rough Night Review (2017) The Good First of the trailers to this movie were fucking garbage and that's Sony to blame cause the first 20 mins are pretty bad and they were basically the trailers and the rest of the movie is something completely different. Paul W. Downs who plays Scarlett's Fiance was the funniest thing in the movie Scarlett Johanson is good no shit she's always good. Kate McKinnon is really funny in this movie and thank god she doesn't fart in this movie. Jillian Bell is a annoying bitch at first but you see later she has no friends and doesn't want to lose Scarlett. Zoe Kravitz and Ilana Glazer are really good Eric Andre is funny Colten Haynes is good The Bad The first 20 minutes are terrible The Club Scene is pretty bad Sometimes the girls do really stupid unbelievable shit. Ty Burrel and Demi Moore are fucking annoying Overall: This is a OK decent movie, that Sony ruined with the bad Marketing. Overall Grade: C+
  4. Cars 3 Review (2017) The Good This felt like Rocky 3 and Creed combined which I actually quite liked, this movie should have been Cars 2 cause this is a better sequel. Owen Wilson is always great as Lighting Mqueen Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez was annoying at first, but then you understand her more and she becomes a better character and possibly future main character for future movies. Larry the Cable Guy as Mater isn't in it as much and that's good Pixar learned from Cars 2 mistake and went make to the original Cars formula on just showing him when he's needed. The other side characters are good too Chris Cooper as Smokey was good The Feels were strong in this especially when they keep showing Doc Hudson The opening to the movie is Fantastic and the Ending The Score is pretty great. Ignores basically everything that happened in Cars 2 which is a good thing. The Bad Of how much I like Armie Hammer, Jackson Storm was very one note Villain/Rival not his fault just how he was written and didn't gt much development but hey Mr. T didn't get much development in Rocky 3 either Nathan Fillion's Character is just a asshole Chick Hicks the Rival in the first movie was fucking annoying in this movie and his voice doesn't sound right like if you couldn't get Michael Keaton back then don't put Hicks in the movie. The Big Demolition Derby was very annoying with annoying characters like they were trying to top the crazy Tractor tipping scene from the first one,and it failed. Overall: Not one of the Pixar's Best not even better than the first movie, but least its still a better sequel than 2 and is actually a true decent sequel to Cars. Overall Grade: B
  5. Money in the Bank (2017) Review Pre Show The Hype Bros vs. The Colons Grade: D+ Women's Money in the Bank Match Grade: C+ Smackdown Tag Team Championship The Usos (c) vs The New Day Grade: B Smackdown Women's Championship Naomi (c) vs Lana Grade: D+ Mike and Maria Kanellis Arrive Grade: A+ (cause I fucking died) Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship) Grade: A- Breezango vs. The Ascension Grade: C- Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match Grade: A+ Overall Grade: B+
  7. 20 Biggest Mistakes In The DCEU So Far

    1. Cara Delevingne's Atrocious Performance (Suicide Squad)

    2. Martha! (Batman V Superman)

    3. All The Product Placement

    4. The Death Of Superman (Batman V Superman)

    5. Ares Is Yet Another Dull CGI Villain (Wonder Woman)

    6. Batman Fights Superman...For Like 7 Minutes (Batman V Superman)

    7. Giving David Ayer Just 6 Weeks To Write The Script (Suicide Squad)

    8. Lex's Convoluted Master Plan (Batman V Superman

    9. All The Mindless Property Destruction (Man Of Steel)

    10. Announcing Too Many Movies Too Soon

    11. Lois Gets Nothing To Do (Batman V Superman)

    12. The Slideshow Of Hype (Batman V Superman)

    13. The Joker Is Barely In It (Suicide Squad)

    14. Jonathan Kent's Pointless Death (Man Of Steel)

    15. Spoiling Doomsday In The Trailers (Batman V Superman)

    16. All The Executive Meddling (WB fucking with BvS and SS)

    17. Too Much Slow-Motion (Wonder Woman)

    18. Batman Kills People (Batman V Superman)

    19. The Excessive Pop Music (Suicide Squad)

    20. A Dark, Brooding Superman Movie...Nobody Wanted (Man Of Steel) (Well I love Man of Steel, but I do want happy Superman back)

  8. Money In The Bank (2017) (Smackdown) Money in the Bank Ladder Match AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler Prediction: Sami Zayn New Mr. MITB WWE Championship Jinder Mahal (c) vs Randy Orton Prediction: Mahal Retains Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Natalya vs Carmella vs Tamina Prediction: Carmella sadly wins with help from Elsworth Smackdown Tag Team Championship The Usos (c) vs The New Day Prediction: The New Day new Tag Team Champions Smackdown Women's Championship Naomi (c) vs Lana Prediction: Naomi Retains Hopefully Pre Show The Hype Bros vs The Colons Prediction: The Hype Bros win
  9. Yeah no
  10. Sony killed it Spider-Man on PS4 looks dope
  11. Ubisoft is the best so far BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 !!!!
  12. sad thing is this is directed by the guy who made Kubo and the Two Strings one of the best movies of 2016 but that writer...... jesus christ from Shut In and Unforgettable
  13. (Shoots self in the head)
  14. Definately getting that $25 Version of life is Strange Before the Storm
  15. I loved the movie minus the 3rd act Its definately not better than Logan or Your Name or Get Out