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  1. Well Only reason its not coming out next year is cause McAvoy is busy with X-Men Films same with maybe Anya Taylor Joy and Sam Jackson is busy with probably Avengers Bruce Willis nis busy with his Straight to DVD shitty films lol And they probably wanted to get January 2019 release date cause Split killed in January made over $200 Million with a $9 Million budget Like I can see Glass breaking the January Opening Weekend Record from American Sniper
  2. Agreed Mr. Glass will probably be fascinated in Kevin/The Horde and basically be like well I can't kill Dunn so maybe this guy can
  3. I would think it would be on the Poster would be him, Willis, McAvoy and Taylor Joy with the Glass Piece
  4. Yes But I think it'll be called something else when their all bundled together
  5. Unlike his most recent release Split, which, due to its brilliant marketing campaign, managed to successfully fly under the radars of many superhero movie aficionados, director M. Night Shaymalan is being a lot more forthcoming with his next directorial venture, which he himself has confirmed will be a sequel to both Split and his 2000 cult classic Unbreakable. He took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to announce that he has completed the first draft of the film's script and revealed that Golden Globe-winner Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Academy Award-nominee Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers: Infinity War), Golden Globe-nominee James McAvoy (X-Men), and Anya Taylor Joy (Thoroughbred) will all be back for the sequel, reprising their roles from the previous two films.Shaymalan also revealed the film's official title, which pays homage to the series' most iconic villain: Glass. Glass will once again be distributed by Universal Pictures and will bow in theaters on January 18, 2019
  6. Some how That show won Emmys idek
  7. Aliens (1986) Film Review Like I said of how Alien is a Masterpiece in the Horror Genre, Aliens is a Masterpiece in the Action Genre. Ridley Scott leaves the directors chair for James Cameron not only does he do his own vision he still keeps what you love about Alien true but just makes it more Action packed and Badass. He didn't make a copy of Ridley Scott's Alien he made his own film The Opening Scene is pretty horrifying Sigourney Weaver's Ripley is back of course and her character evolves into a Badass and a full fledged Female Action Hero. Hell she got nominates for Oscar for this film In Alien Ripley was cool But in Aliens she's a fucking Badass and she given more humanity she given something to fight for now and to end all the XenoMother Fuckers This is how you write a Strong Female Character Michael Beihn's Corporal Hicks is great Lance Henrikson's Bishop is also great Bill Paxton's (R.I.P.) Hudson giving one of his best performance ever with "Game Over Man, Game Over" Newt is the Adorable Little Badass You really don't see the Xenomorphs until almost a Hour in the Film, but its worth it cause until you see them you get Great Character Development and Suspense cause you have literally no idea when their gonna pop out. But when they do There's A lot of these fucking Xenomorphs and they just fucking slaughter half of the Marines and its amazing and horrifying, Cause you see the film is more about Character in this film In the directors cut you find out Ripley has Daughter which is a nice edition they put it in there and when you see Ripley and Newt being with each other and makes more sense The Colonial Marines are fucking awesome In the making of the movie they filmed the Lunch scene last cause Cameron wanted the whole crew to act like actual team and Family. So Quotable The End Sequence is some of the best in Film History with Ripley becoming the Badass Hero she is and saving Newt to seeing all the eggs and when the score stops into Silence you see the Queen giving birth to the eggs its Disgusting, its Horrifying and its Fucking Awesome, especially when Ripley just does Fuck You Bitch and Burns the Entire egg Nest. And the End Battle which is great cause you think its over but its never over cause the Biuch Queen didnt die. And get one of the best Quotes ever "Get Away From Her You Bitch" The Visuals are some of the best Overall: This is one of the Best Action Movies ever made thanks to James Cameron I do prefer this one over Alien cause I just love Quotable Movies and more character development and it still holds up today Overall Grade: A+
  8. No I haven't
  9. I'm gonna being doing set of Reviews of the Alien Franchise leading up to Alien: Covenant Alien (1979) Film Review Just to start this is one of my favorite movies of all time along with Aliens. This is a Masterpiece in the Horror Genre, it is a Revolutionary Film with Revolutionary Visual Effects for its time and the movie still holds up today its a really good Horror Film as well as a great Film Let's talk about the Xenomorph probably the scariest and best looking Alien Design in Film History. This thing is horrifying the way the Facehugger jumps out at you and impregnates you and then the Chestburster just comes out of you basically giving birth and and the actual Xenomorph where it has 2 Mouths its very Disturbing and Disgusting Ridley Scotts editing of Suspense is amazing The Atmosphere of the Ship The Characters you love and they have something to do in the ship cause Ridley Scott wanted to make a World that works on Screen instead of just being about the Xenomorph and Visual Effects cause you care for these characters unlike. Cough Resurrection and the AVP films Cough Its a Fantastic Contained Horror Film cause it never gives you anytme to breathe cause it keeps you in its grasp which is truly horrifying The way Ridley Scott uses the Musical Score is amazing he mostly takes out some of the score for just silent parts. You have no idea who the main Protagonist is until half way through of the film which end up to being Sigourney Weaver's Ripley who is the strongest Character of the Film (and this film and Aliens shows how to make a Amazing Female Lead unlike other films who force it like Ghostbusters 2016, Suicide Squad, etc) Also R.I.P. John Hurt Overall: I love this Film I'm not gonna go into much more cause Spoilers to anyone who hasn't seen this Masterpiece which if you haven't like Come on Man. Overall Grade: A+
  10. Payback 2017 (Raw)Predictions 2017 US Championship Kevin Owens (c) vs Chris Jericho Prediction: Kevin Owens Retains House of HorrornMatch Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt Prediction: Orton wins Raw Tag Team Championship The Hardy Boyz (c) vs Sheamus and Cesaro Prediction: Hardyz retain Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins Prediction: Samoa Joe wins Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns Prediction: Roman Reigns win Raw Women's Championship Bayley (c) vs Alexa Bliss Prediction: Bayley Retains Cruiserweight Championship Neville (c) vs Austin Aries Prediction: Austin Aries New Cruiserweight Champion Pre Show Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Enzo and Big Cass Prediction: Gallows and Anderson win Why the IC Championship isn't on the card ?
  11. 10 Things That Must Happen At WWE Payback 2017

    1. No Authority
    2. Even If It's Not Clean, Strowman Should Beat Reigns
    3. A No Contest For Rollins Vs. Joe?
    4. Neville Should Be Kept Strong
    5. The Hardys Should Retain
    6. Bayley Should Win, Of Course - But Alexa Must Get Over Too
    7. Bray Must Look Strong, But The Match Should Also Be For The WWE Championship (But it wont)
    8. The House Of Horrors Match Should Be Hardcore, Not 'Spooky'
    9. Owens And Jericho Should Get Plenty Of Time
    10. Kevin Owens Must Win

  12. Tatum is not a villain by the way (unless he is idk cause hes a Statesman Agent That could be where they first meet him maybe Idk tbh this is a great Teaser not showing anything really cause Julianne Moore's Poppy is barely shown. Also Harry was said he was in a Prison Cell in the Cinemacon footage In Matthew Vaughn i trust he hasnt disappointed me yet with his movies
  13. Well its Sony