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  1. Yes Its that , Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  2. In the beginning where the mountain explodes it doesnt look like Godzilla above And with evil looking Japanese man hes in some room trying to gain energy or something They still have Ghidora head from the last movie Also toys kinda spoiled jt https://www.google.com/search?q=mechagodzilla+2021+toy&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwid5-DU4bjuAhVC0KwKHYFiA3EQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=mechagodzilla+2021+toy&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzIECAAQAzICCAAyBggAEAgQHjIFCCEQqwIyBQghEKsCOgQIIxAnUO61AVjduwFg4r8BaABwAHgAgAHLAYgBgAWSAQUwLjQuMZgBAKABAcABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wi
  3. Yup ive been saying this since they announced this was coming out XD Plus you can kinda see Mechagodzilla in the trailer or be hinted at
  4. Best Anime for each Year 1986: Dragon Ball (21st World Martial Arts Tournament Saga) 1987: Dragon Ball (Tien Shinhan Saga) 1988: Dragon Ball (Piccolo Jr. Saga) 1989: Dragon Ball Z (Saiyan Saga) 1990: Dragon Ball Z (Namek and Captain Ginyu Sagas) 1991: Dragon Ball Z (Frieza Saga) 1992: Dragon Ball Z (Cell Games Saga) 1993: Yu Yu Hakusho (Dark World Tournament) 1994: Dragon Ball Z (Evil Buu Saga (Fusion, Kid Buu Saga)) 1995: Neon Genesis Evangelion 1996: Rurouni Kenshin 1997: Pokemon (Indigo League) 1998: Cowboy Bebop 1999: One Piece (East Blue Saga) 2000: Inyuas
  5. I have Chiefs beating the Bucs Cause fuck Suh
  6. Every Best Actor Oscar Winner of the 21st Century Ranked from Best to Worst 1.) Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood (2007) Stay the same 2.) Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln (2012) Stay the same 3.) Denzel Washington – Training Day (2001) Stay the same 4.) Philip Seymour Hoffman – Capote (2005) Stay the same 5.) Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea (2016) Stay the Same 6.) Joaquin Phoenix – Joker (2019) Stay the same 7.) Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Stay the same 8.) Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant (2015) Stay the Sam
  7. Agree with all of this but 1 in honorable mentions but theres so much this season thats great like im gonna have a top 20 more than likely already
  8. Her final form should be epic The cover im guessing thats Chris Redfield turning into a Werewolf? He must of got whatever virus this since in first trailer he kills Mia i think and you have to go get your daughter back.
  9. NFL Championship Round Predictions AFC Championship Bills vs. Chiefs - Bills win NFC Championship Buccaneers vs. Packers - Packers hopefully win
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