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  1. Im so ready for Star Wars Visions tomorrow Star Wars anime
  2. Its real hes a real character in the Marvel Comics Hulu is doing the unknown type characters as animation
  3. Not really if its good no reason too
  4. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/tv/dc/batwoman/batwoman-season-3-trailer-introduces-new-threats-from-classic-batman-villains-the-mad-hatter-killer-croc-a188185 Very exciting
  5. This isnt Marvel Studios so this has nothing to with their universe like how Modok wasnt
  6. NFL 2021 Season Week 3 - Predictions Panthers vs. Texans - Panthers win Chargers vs. Chiefs - Chiefs win Cardinals vs. Jaguars - Cardinals win Bears vs. Browns - Browns wjn Washington vs. Bills - Bills win Colts vs. Titans - Titans win Saints vs. Patriots - Saints win maybe Falcons vs. Giants - Falcons win Bengals vs. Steelers - Steelers win Ravens vs. Lions - Ravens win Jets vs. Broncos - Broncos win Dolphins vs. Raiders - Raiders win Buccaneers vs. Rams - Buccaneers win (Rams could win) Seahawks vs. Vikings - Vikings win
  7. I dont think the Jags will since alot NFL coaches already expecting Urban to be fired
  8. Well Jets and Jaguars do face each other this year XD Gonna be a Tank Bowl
  9. Both the Jets are still a garbage team Zach Wilson already getting booed by Jets fans in his 2nd game like thats ridiculous Jets and Jagiars will be the 2 worst teams this year
  10. Emmys 2021 Winners Best Drama Series - The Crown Best Comedy Series - Ted Lasso Best Limited or Anthology Series - The Queen's Gambit Outstanding Competition Program - RuPaul's Drag Race Best Variety Talk Series - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Best Variety Sketch Series - Saturday Night Live Outstanding Variety Special (Live) - Stephen Colbert's Election Night 2020: Democracy's Last Stand Building Back America Great Again Better 2020 Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded) - Hamilton Best Actor in a Drama Series - Josh O'Connor (The Crown
  11. It was a very good remake i wish Insomniac would remake 2 and 3 and put Future series on main consoles
  12. Cowboys beat Chargers Buccaneers killed Falcons Titans won in overtime cause Seahawks Choked Cardinals beat Vikings in a crazy game
  13. And now so far Zach Wilson gonna be wasted lol
  14. 49ers almost blew it thp Dude showing Jets wasted him bad
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