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  1. Episode 5 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier was fantastic
  2. :O i didnt even know he was making another movie this year holu shit this looks beautiful love all his films besides the One Piece non canon film Digimon The Movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Summer Wars aka Digimon Movie remake lol Wolf Children The Boy and the Beast Mirai
  3. Charlie Cox and Kristen Ritter rumored to come back Since Cox prob be in Spider-Man 3 and She-Hulk same for Ritter
  4. Hopefully Mike Colter will come back as Luke Cage in the MCU Since non of the ABC and Netflix shows and Hulu shows are canon
  5. I havent even bought it Maybe if PSN makes it a free game ill play it XD
  6. This is from the Creator of Sonic Adventure and Square Enix. $60 for a game with 1 button and lags into 8 frames per second and frrezes your game
  7. Sad thing Tom Kenny coming back to narrate
  8. Just a test before Deadpool joins the MCU lol
  9. Mojo aint in it apparently its his son Jojo Manuel Jr. .....who is human
  10. Same very underated this has been very Anticipated
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