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  1. Ranking all 14 $1 Billion Superhero Movies 1. The Dark Knight - $1 Billion 2. Avengers: Endgame - $2.7 Billion 3. Avengers: Infinity War - $2 Billion 4. Captain America: Civil War - $1.1 Billion 5. The Avengers - $1.5 Billion 6. Joker - $1 Billion 7. The Dark Knight Rises - $1 Billion 8. Incredibles 2 - $1.2 Billion 9. Spider-Man: Far From Home - $1.1 Billion 10. Black Panther - $1.3 Billion 11. Aquaman - $1.1 Billion 12. Avengers: Age of Ultron - $1.4 Billion 13. Iron Man 3 - $1.2 Billion 14. Captain Marvel - $1.1 Billion
  2. We need a better Killer Croc to like in Arkham
  3. More than likely is will be the Saw type version from the Arkham games which I like more Jim Carey just played Ace Ventura again like he always does (besides Eternal Sunshine his best performance) I mainly need Redemption for Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy
  4. I just happy we can Redeem the Riddler with Paul Dano playing him
  5. I just want a Man of Steel 2 lol I dont know how hard it is to do a Superman movie But I'm more hyped for The Batman the cast just gets the HYPE for the movie more exciting
  6. But yet he couldnt be in Shazam! SMH https://screenrant.com/joker-2-movie-sequel-confirmed/ I honestly dont know where they can go with a sequel Nvm it's fake Todd Phillip's hasn't said anything about a sequel
  7. I did that makes me happy But hes not Superman until WB actually makes a sequel XD
  8. WB would make a mistake if it not Be stupid to have 2 Jokers especially one is shit and the other isn't
  9. Well they should they be really stupid to not connect to The Batman Also it's set in the 80's and The Batman is rumored for the 90's so theres that People want this Joker to be in the DCEU
  10. Charlie's Angels - Review (2019) The Good Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska are all good in the movie and their chemistry together works to make this at least watchable. And that's about it. The Bad Elizabeth Bank's Mediocre direction, she is not good at directing action and her terrible screenplay The action sequences are HORRENDOUS. . Patrick Stewert is wasted as Bosley who we get replaced with Elizabeth Banks who isnt really that interesting Djimon Hounsou as another Bosley? Is wasted as well Meh cameos The editing with the awful action does not help..... thank God John Wick 3 came out this year. Final Thoughts: If directed by a director who can helm action this would of probably been good, but it's not and Elizabeth Banks should stop directing and stop putting excuses on people for not wanting to see a Meh film. Overall Grade: D-
  11. Yeah but least Aquaman and Shazam! Saving it so far and maybe Joker? If they wise up and connect it cause Joker is like their best film since The Dark Knight Trilogy
  12. Well then you would have to give more time to explain him to people who dint know him and the movie was already short as it is That's WB's fault for Rushing That's why their just doing their own thing and tbh what they were doing good before and that was Solo films But out if the DC Films currently announced these are my rank of Anticpation 1. The Batman 2. Wonder Woman 1984 3. Aquaman 2 4. The Suicide Squad 5. Birds of Prey 6. Black Adam And these are my Ranked Anticpation Marvel Films and TV (Disney+ cause their connected) 1. Thor: Love and Thunder 2. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 3. Spider-Man 3 4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 5. Black Panther II 6. Black Widow 7. WandaVision 8. Hawkeye 9. Loki 10. Moon Knight 11. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 12. She Hulk 13. The Eternals 14. Ms. Marvel 15. What If...? Maybe Venom 2 (it got a better director) And in a corner by themselves are Morbius and The New Mutants
  13. I did makes sense Maybe if they ever do a sequel they can show him with a different director Well Runaways got Canceled as expected With Cloak and Dagger Anf Agents of Shield ending And all the Netflix shows canceled Kevin Fiege now in charge of TV shows now
  14. Well that was the writing mainly Ezra Miller is a great actor and hes helping write The Flash with the director of It 1 and 2 directing And nah their making a live action Greem Lamtern TV Show Greg Berlanti is making it
  15. If so just release it on HBO Max for free hell I'm gonna have it free next year since I have HBO That's where their gonna do the Green Lantern TV Show I still want a Flashpoint Paradox movie to fix alot of their stuff and you can do it R Rated now Since Joker proved R Rated movies can hit $1 Billion now
  16. Meh I dont really care it's not gonna change things in their current plans People need to just move on tbh Soft Reboot Justice League when the time is right
  17. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/justice_league/wb-reportedly-has-no-plans-to-releasethesnydercut-despite-support-from-justice-league-cast-a171669
  18. Ford v Ferrari - Review (2019) The Good Matt Damon and Christian Bale's Terrific performances. Christian Bale who plays Brit race car driver Ken Miles who just plays a very likeable real character. Matt Damon's American engineer Carroll Shelby is the perfect counterpoint. James Mangold's Thrilling Direction who knocks the loaded dialogues out of the park, of course, but really comes into his own when helming the white-knuckle, gorgeously smooth racing set-pieces, of which there are many. Amazing ensemble cast from Tracy Letts, who as Ford CEO Henry Ford II, Jon Bernthal is also very good as Ford VP Lee Iacocca, Noah Jupe is a delight as Miles' son, and shares several of the movie's most poignant scenes opposite Bale, while Caitriona Balfe is typically solid as Miles' frustrated wife Mollie, and Remo Girone, who does a wonderful job playing an old Enzo Ferrari. Incredible sound design The tone is perfect. The Bad It can be a little long with some scenes dragging, but that's about it. Final Thoughts: If you are a racing fan you are gonna love this movie, even if your arent your still gonna love it, Ford v. Ferrari is a incredible fun film from James Mansgold with 2 amazing performances from both Bale and Damon. Overall Grade: A
  19. Great 2nd episode of The Mandalorian Just hate its weekly Jedi Fallen Order is really great so far
  20. He started as a villain but now in recent comics hes a anti hero Hopefully it's better than the generic Venom movie
  21. Yup and Joaquin Phoenix who never does sequels is open for a Joker sequel even though I want him to be in The Batman sequel more
  22. First episode of The Mandalorian was pretty awesome
  23. Yup and his gloves and shoes They actually listened lol Why they couldnt do that the first time is beyond me
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