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  1. With this year's Assassin's Creed being set in the Victorian Era, what do you hope they fix from AC Unity and what do you want the future of Assassin's creed to hold? (of course they need to take a year off) Stay Ballsy and keep up the PMA.
  2. Thanks for updating the incorrect info, I haven't played Minecraft in a while so my memory of it is a bit dusty.
  3. ​yh he's right you do get hurt and it's pitch black aswell, very annoying
  4. Good Morrow Phil, hope you are well, With the sparse news about Street Fighter V being released what are your hopes for this next gen installment into the Street Fighter franchise? Are there any specific characters or gameplay mechanics you would like to see? Also with Ultra SFIV and MKX being re-released for PS4 this Spring would you consider bringing back fighting game Friday or saucy Sunday? Thanks for reading, Stay Ballsy and keep spreading that PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).
  5. Bit of an update on my previous logo, what do ya think?
  6. Feel free to post up your favourite DSP playthroughs and moments in this thread, my favourite is everything he did in 2010 and of course TV Superstars w/ JRambo.
  7. I'm Bushidoah or Bushi for short, been a DSP fan since 2010, been a Ramborgian since 2013, I'm a straight-edge wrestling, baseball and video games fan AND I AM NOT ASIAN Kappa
  8. His Kinect Adventures playthrough, then I saw his 007 Bloodstone & Epic Mickey playthrough's and I was hooked! I still re-watch them to this day
  9. I e-mailed it already but just incase, here are 2 designs for the GOTY Awards
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