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  1. No need for me to make picks, this. Interestingly enough, the Redskins technically aren't dogs, they're actually 1 point favorites. GB has really struggled and deteriorated down the stretch.
  2. To answer the question, Phil posts daily updates on what he is playing and the Patreon status. As of last night, it is clear that processing has not been completed. As for the bickering, it needs to stop.
  3. Week 17 has arrived, here are a cluster of divisional match-ups to close off the regular season! NYJ @ BUF (NYJ -3) NE @ MIA (NE -10) NO @ ATL (ATL -5.5) BAL @ CIN (CIN -9.5) PIT @ CLE (PIT -10.5) JAX @ HOU (HOU -6.5) TEN @ IND (Even) WSH @ DAL (DAL -4) PHI @ NYG (NYG -5.5) DET @ CHI (DET -1) TB @ CAR (CAR -10) OAK @ KC (KC -7) SD @ DEN (DEN -10) SEA @ ARI (ARI -6.5) STL @ SF (STL -3.5) MIN @ GB (GB -3)
  4. What is done with all of your LootCrate items after the unboxing? Neat for a video, but I can see many items being pretty useless.
  5. 80-96 Week 16 SD @ OAK (OAK -5) NE @ NYJ (NE -3) WSH @ PHI (PHI -3) HOU @ TEN (Even) CLE @ KC (KC -11) IND @ MIA (MIA -2.5) SF @ DET (DET -9) DAL @ BUF (BUF -6) CHI @ TB (TB -3) CAR @ ATL (CAR -7) PIT @ BAL (PIT -10) JAX @ NO (NO -3.5) STL @ SEA (SEA -13) GB @ ARI (ARI -4.5) NYG @ MIN (MIN -5.5) CIN @ DEN (DEN -3)
  6. The Beckham appeal hearing just recently got out. We should know more tonight, where I will then give my thoughts. Early sources are saying the suspension was overturned, which I have trouble seeing. ESPN false reports were corrected, and Beckham was suspended, of course. I think one game is enough, as it is somewhat similar to the Talib eye jab. Given his talent, I will accept his apology and just move on. Players cannot be acting like that on the field, but the talent often overshadows behavior.
  7. This topic has already been addressed multiple times, as early as one week ago. I have not watched the Week In Preview, but I am certain everyone understands the situation. The second Rock Band marathon is a Patreon Milestone goal. This time, there is an added incentive to contribute because you are given the opportunity to suggest songs. The goal has been reached. The event will happen. For the talking in circles, sure, maybe the WIP could be more concise. This is not the way to get the message across, however. I hope this relieves any lingering confusion.
  8. As someone who has not played a fighting game before, Phil's videos in the past account for the majority of my exposure to the genre. Even though I do not play the games myself, I love competition, and you do not have to look very far for fighters. I haven't had the opportunity to check out this most recent footage yet, but I may get around to it at some point. Videos in the past influenced me to pre-order SFV on Amazon for the beta months back (only to immediately cancel and get the beta for free). Unfortunately, the first beta did not work, and the newer versions launched at bad times where I never had the chance to try them out.
  9. 8-8 for last week, now 69-91 Week 15 TB @ STL (STL -2.5) NYJ @ DAL (NYJ -3) CHI @ MIN (MIN -5.5) ATL @ JAX (JAX -3) HOU @ IND (Even) CAR @ NYG (CAR -5.5) TEN @ NE (NE -14) BUF @ WSH (BUF -1) KC @ BAL (KC -7.5) CLE @ SEA (SEA -14.5) GB @ OAK (GB -3) DEN @ PIT (PIT -6.5) MIA @ SD (SD -2) CIN @ SF (CIN -4.5) ARI @ PHI (ARI -3.5) DET @ NO (NO -3) EDIT: Sunday at 10:45am, making some last minute adjustments. Switched TEN to NE and MIA to SD.
  10. A few basic, but witty or catchy names. I think keeping things short and simple would be best. While not all of the words' definitions literally capture what the content on the channel will be, the hook is all that really matters in my opinion. Last name on the list is a play on Phil once calling himself the crusader for the common gamer. (Players/Peoples)Pundit SaltySoapBox BURNELL GamersDigest GamerCrusader
  11. Disgaea 5 WWE 2K16 Cities: Skylines Mortal Kombat Splatoon Project CARS MLB 15: The Show Until Dawn
  12. The nothingness may not be 30 minutes, but it is over 10 minutes, and then the pre-stream. Just uploading the stream probably saves a significant amount of time, and then it comes down to the risk/reward relationship. While one would think having dead air to start the video would deter viewers, I am not really sure if that is the case. Phil started this upload style in April, and views are actually the same if not better for the more recent podcasts that feature dead air at the start. While this POV is completely different than whether or not this method is professional or acceptable, I leave that up to the discretion of the uploader. Apparently, it is acceptable enough. Obviously, having the dead air cut would yield a 'better' video, that I will not argue.
  13. Finally had a solid week, going 10-6 with my picks, moving me to 61-83. WEEK 14 MIN @ ARI (ARI -10.5) NE @ HOU (NE -3) BUF @ PHI (BUF -1) SF @ CLE (CLE -1) DET @ STL (DET -2.5) NO @ TB (TB -3.5) TEN @ NYJ (NYJ -7) PIT @ CIN (CIN -3) IND @ JAX (Even) SD @ KC (KC -10) WSH @ CHI (CHI -3) ATL @ CAR (CAR -7.5) SEA @ BAL (SEA -6) OAK @ DEN (DEN -7.5) DAL @ GB (GB -7) NYG @ MIA (NYG -1.5)
  14. Complete lack of poise should have cost the Detroit Lions in their first match up against Green Bay. Once again, their inability to close out games and making dumb plays caught up to them. Huge impact play for gamblers, both the line and over/under.
  15. 61-83 WEEK 13 PLAYOFF IMPLICATIONS BEGIN I see this being a huge week for visiting teams. GB @ DET (GB -3) Green Bay needs to quickly take the division back while it is still in reach, and enact revenge on the Detroit Lions. NYJ @ NYG (NYJ -2) Everyone in the NFC East wants to lose the division. This match-up should be a good one, and could go either way. A Jets win creates a more dramatic narrative moving forward. ARI @ STL (ARI -6) Every now in then Arizona is not firing on all cylinders. Last week's performance was not pretty, but got the job done. I see a much stronger outing this week. ATL @ TB (TB -1) Atlanta is in free fall and Tampa was on the rise. This game will end the loser, and give the other some hope. As much as a soft team Atlanta is, Tampa is not ready to be relevant. SEA @ MIN (Even) A Vikings loss, Seattle win, and Packers win will start to put the NFC playoff structure back in order. By years end, the seeding should be Carolina, Arizona, Green Bay, NY Giants, Seattle, Minnesota. The Seattle defense is not the same, but their offensive production stepped up big time last week. HOU @ BUF (BUF -3) Every game counts now for both of these teams. While I personally don't give Buffalo a shot at the playoffs, statistically they have a slight chance. The Houston defense may be enough to anchor down a playoff spot, and with New England next week, this is a big game for Houston. BAL @ MIA (MIA -4) Miami is mentally dead and Baltimore is physically dead. When two teams collide with nothing to play for, anything could happen. I see a disaster of a game, Miami should be able to air it out and earn the win in an ugly shootout. CIN @ CLE (CIN -9.5) A Patriots loss last week gives Cincinnati false hope in earning the #1 seed. This team is going to choke one, if not two games away down the stretch. Determining when is the hard part. I'm guessing the Bungles hold on this week, but fall to Pittsburgh in a key Wild Card game next week, barring any serious injuries. JAX @ TEN (TEN -2.5) These teams just played, and my thoughts have not really changed. Tennessee doesn't like to win at home, either. Taking the Jags by default, these team's seasons are over. SF @ CHI (CHI -7) The Bears are red hot, but the 49ers aren't as embarrassing as they were earlier, either. I think there is a pipe dream mentality in Chicago that the Bears could miraculously sneak into the playoffs. I will throw them a win here, because it'd be an interesting subplot to follow, and put some extra pressure on Minnesota. DEN @ SD (DEN -4) Big divisional game for the Broncos, as they try and hold on to top tier AFC seeding. I think Denver's defense will take care of this game, and Osweiler can be a game manager. However, I do not think Denver can run the table through Wk 17 with Osweiler at helm. They are bound to drop a game, especially given a pretty tricky schedule down the stretch. KC @ OAK (KC -3) Oakland and KC have two key match ups left this season. If the Black & Silver want a chance at the playoffs, I think they'll have to take both games. Kansas City is too hot right now, and should end Oakland's hopes, and beef up their own Wild Card record. CAR @ NO (CAR -7) New Orleans defense is a disaster, and Carolina is on a roll. I think the Saints have a chance to keep it a ball game, but Carolina should win by more than 7, pulling away in the second half. While I do not see the Panthers going undefeated, their schedule is easy enough where it is a possibility. PHI @ NE (NE -10) They say the Eagles are dead, that they have given up. They've given up about eight thousand points this past month, but as a Patriots fan, I do not want a blowout. I want the Pats to go full survival mode. Take the lead, play the clock, keep things safe. I do not see the Eagles winning this game, but at -10, I will reluctantly take them. IND @ PIT (PIT -7) Much like above, I do not see Pittsburgh losing this game, but I have to give Indianapolis credit. Hasselbeck has been effective enough to pile up some wins. The Colts division is no longer a cake walk with Houston on their heels. However, Pittsburgh is at home, and desperately need the win for a playoff spot. DAL @ WSH (WSH -4.5) The Redskins are leading the most pathetic division in the NFL. I am rooting for a dumpster fire to the end, and a Skins loss would feed the fire. Washington does not deserve to be in the playoffs, period. Picking Dallas to win a crapshoot of a game. BONUS DEC 3 Playoff Tree Projections This will be fun to look at when I am completely wrong. Please note that although I am biased, it is also a realistic outcome. AFC NFC 1. NE 1. CAR 2. DEN 2. ARI 3. CIN 3. GB 4. IND 4. NYG ----------------------------------- 5. PIT 5. SEA 6. KC 6. MIN WILD CARD WEEKEND KC @ CIN PIT @ IND MIN GB SEA @ NYG DIVISIONAL WEEKEND KC @ NE IND @ DEN NYG @ CAR GB @ ARI AFCCG IND @ NE NFCCG ARI @ CAR SUPER BOWL 50, SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Arizona Cardinals VS New England Patriots
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