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  1. RustyShackleford

    Who's your favorite Disney character?

    Woody from Toy Story
  2. RustyShackleford

    Dsp's Musical Montage of 2015

    I like the idea of a musical montage. I'd like to see him make a album of him singing Christmas songs, it'd be hilarious.
  3. RustyShackleford

    Redundant Hangout Thread

  4. RustyShackleford

    DSP Image Caption Thread

  5. RustyShackleford

    DSP Image Caption Thread

  6. RustyShackleford

    Getting Involved

    What Kyoko said.
  7. RustyShackleford

    Worst Sequels Ever Made

    Maybe it was Jaws 4. Idk Jaws 3 and 4 both sucked.
  8. RustyShackleford

    Stream Bumps

    I'd like to see one with the hateful truth theme (Ra: do you call my name)
  9. RustyShackleford

    The Last Meal

    Steak and taters (does steak AND potatoes qualify as an entree?) Side dishes, hmm...lit'l smokies and mac and cheese home made. Drink: can't decide between milk or whiskey. Desert: Pecan pie.
  10. RustyShackleford

    Myspace reminiscing.

    If you have a memorable myspace story share it here!
  11. RustyShackleford

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    This is my 100th post. WOOP!!!!!!11
  12. RustyShackleford

    Better Call Saul

    Can't wait.
  13. RustyShackleford

    Worst Sequels Ever Made

    idk if you can consider it a sequel but Jaws 3 was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.
  14. RustyShackleford

    Recommend a Movie

    Lincoln Lawyer. After watching it Matthew McConaughey became one of my favorite actors.
  15. RustyShackleford

    What are some things that spook you out?

    Porcelain dollars freak me the fuck out too, and porcelain/ceramic baby angels.