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  1. Why does it seem shear impossible to make an Arcade perfect Super Street Fighter II Turbo in the entire period between say 2010 and 2019. It can’t be a lack of technology or knowledge about the code. Tech has gotten better and the original programming is known. If everyone says the Arcade version is the “Gold Standard” why does Capcom keep screwing up?
  2. Guys, I do not know how to correctly insert these links. Could any of you help out? Thnx! RANT: SFV is a Bad Game and the "Pro FGC" Are Dishonest from Sept 23, 2006 40:22 until 40:24 https://youtu.be/BO9Dw7Mwt9chttp:// <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/BO9Dw7Mwt9c?start=2421" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. He said the game was crap from literally day one but played it because this was the only SF2 with an online feature and actual people to play against online.
  4. Real deal the Netherlands is a whole attraction on to itself. Living in downtown Amsterdam is the best.
  5. Rich from ReviewTechUSA has a regular hand in talking about Phil.
  6. Just two people talking and knowing there is a shared audience between their channels. To bad they had some audio troubles. Let's just relax, sit back and see what comes out of it. Focus on what you (!) get out of it instead of what others try to make it be with comments. Just a general observation. People are so dependant on what someone else thinks or says that they feel it takes away from their personal experience. Even if the whole world shits on Phil, I feel confident enough in my enjoyment of his content and him as a person that I like what I see, hear and can engage in with him via Twitch. Ignore the noise and tune in to the positive energy you get out of it. Peace !
  7. You can make a list of the ads you see on Phil's content and update your post via an edit every once in a while. This may help give Phil more insight in who his advertisers are. While I was in the US (New York) I saw the following ads: Subaru Chevrolet Energizer Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire While in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) I saw the following ads: Bavaria (beer) EA Star Wars Battlefront II
  8. This exactly is why I have been with Phil since 2008. I do not want perfect. I want to see real stuff, the good, the bad and the ugly. Phil is one of the most real persons on Youtube.
  9. Valkyrie for Macintosh (1993) Ocarina of Time Tomb Raider (on the original Playstation) Crash Bandicoot Far Cry Resident Evil 1 & 2
  10. Hi Phil, Does Leanna watch your Ask the King episodes and if so do you feel that she gets to know you better on certain subjects with the stories you tell (or does she already know them)? Do you ever get into follow up conversations with her after she watched them?
  11. Top UK Google search results after the Brexit: "What is the EU" . It was a protest vote and half of the UK under 85 point IQ score are now yelling at foreigners in the street to "get out of the UK" because they won the vote......... Mindblowingly stupid.
  12. Hi Phil, with the obvious weight loss across the years, the different climate in Seattle and your back seeming to being in better shape, could you share with us an update on your health? In conjunction, do you take painkillers, is your health insurance sorted out and finally would you ever consider using medicinal marihuana since it is legal now in the state of Washington? Thanks !
  13. http://youtu.be/XIkhJ7LZE-o good explanation from Boogie just now. Phil, will you be making a reaction to this?
  14. There is a video on that. I think its on the DarksydePhil channel. If you search for it it will come up. Great vid by the way. Hi Phil, As you are with Machinima and can play Nintendo games for us, how do you see yourself sharing Zelda NX (Fields of Dawn) with us via YouTube. If you cover this game it could take weeks of fulltime gameplay to emerse yourself fully in this enormous world. Combined on- and offline play, some parts streamed, recaps, etc. I can't wait to play the new Zelda and to see if Nintendo does the NX right. How big of an impact do you think this new Zelda game will have for Nintendo and their future (if Zelda on NX fails, this could be game over for Nintendo as a console company)?
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