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  1. davidakhoa

    Christopher Lee passes away at the age of 93

    RIP Sir!
  2. davidakhoa

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

    Before: "Yes! The droids return! Yoda with a lightsaber! Liam Neeson is Obi-Wan's mentor!! F*ckin' Samuel L Jackson is a Jedi!!! Young Boba Fett's origins!!!!" After: "NOOOOO!!" Before: "Yes! The droids return!! Lightsabers with hilts!!! The original cast returns!!!! No George Lucas!!!!! JJ Abrams as the director!!!!!" After: ????????
  3. davidakhoa

    Power Rangers 2017 Reboot

    I read somewhere that there would be a prologue where we see Zordon as a ranger. And then it switches to present day where the five, who are all different, stumble upon the Power Coins (not chosen) and they're obligated to work together. I like movies where there's clashing personalities and they have to TRY to be a team, like Avengers or X-Men First Class.
  4. davidakhoa

    What call of duty was your favorite?

    There's no perfect CoD game for me. But I have to go with WaW. I like World at War for the story, voice acting, small zombie maps, and campaign level design. I like BO1 ONLY for the campaign. I like MW3 ONLY for the multiplayer. And I like BO2 ONLY for the zombies.
  5. davidakhoa

    Which of these rpgs do you prefer?

    I chose Mass Effect because that's the only series out of these three that I actually completed all the main games in the series. I've only played Oblivion and Skyrim. And I only played Fallout 3.
  6. I traded in Black Ops 2 (PS3) to Gamestop just a couple months ago. I play BO2 more on my 360. That being said, I bought the Buried DLC for BO2 on PS3 and I don't want to buy it again for 360. That's the only reason I regret trading it in.
  7. davidakhoa

    When did you get your consoles?

    I bought my Xbox 360, Nintendo 2DS, and my PS4 all in 2014. The PS4 I've only had for a couple weeks thanks to Christmas money.
  8. davidakhoa

    Have you ever bought a console just for one game?

    Yeah, I got the PS2 primarily to play Metal Gear Solid 2, the 3DS to play Super Smash Bros, and I just got a PS4 a couple weeks ago with the intention of playing Batman Arkham Knight (I have other games to play in the meantime but when they announced that Arkham Knight is Next-Gen exclusive, I had to get one of the next-gen consoles).
  9. davidakhoa

    Most difficult game you've played in your life?

    Killzone 2's final segment in the palace where you fight off the endless hordes of enemies. I gave up on the game and didn't play again for 2 years when I built up the skills to finally beat it...
  10. davidakhoa

    Worst Game to Movie Adaptations?

    Silent Hill Revelation 3D. I literally fell asleep during the movie.
  11. davidakhoa

    Recommend a Movie

    I LOVE the Step Up movies. But beware... watch it solely for the dancing. If a good movie to you means having a good story, plot, acting, dialogue... It's probably not for you.
  12. davidakhoa

    Favorite Anime Girls? (Keep it PG)

    I like Mari from the Evangelion movie. She has a cool personality.
  13. davidakhoa

    Top 10 DSP playthroughs of 2014?

    These were the playthroughs that I watched from beginning to end (no particular order): Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U Little Big Planet 3 Lords of the Fallen CoD Advanced Warfare Parasite Eve Shadow of Mordor South Park Stick of Truth P.T.
  14. davidakhoa

    Funniest quotes from DSP videos?

    Phil (Hate Live 9/25/14): "Why is everyone watching my Need for Speed playthrough? There's so many views! I don't remember anything of interest happening in that video! I just don't get it!!"
  15. davidakhoa

    What Are You Listening To 4.0

    P!nk Cassadee Pope Ariana Grande Coldplay Christina Perri Adele Anna Nalick