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  1. Hello! Please post up your game suggestions in THIS thread for the upcoming viewers' choice event! Here are the ground rules: -Feel free to nominate as many games as you'd like. -The game must be readily available to be played DIGITALLY, meaning it has to be available for purchase on Playstation Store, Xbox Live, or Steam. I cannot play games that cost tons of money to buy online because they are rare, and I also need to be able to capture the games. So some obscure title for PS1/PS2 or a classic system that isn't available on, say the Nintendo virtual store, would not be eligible. -NO PHOENIX WRIGHT GAMES. Sorry, but I'm currently finishing up a Phoenix Wright game that I've been playing for 2 months and I can't play another one immediately. -NO adult rated games (duh). This thread will remain open for approximately 2-3 weeks. In early July, I will tally up the nominations and the top games with the MOST NONIMATIONS (meaning, they absolutely need more than 1 each) will make it to a FINAL POLL that will create on these forums. You will then be able to vote on said poll and the winner WILL be the game I play over the Summer! Good luck!
  2. Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of ask the king HERE, and thanks!
  3. This event is about celebrating my 11 year legacy as a content creator and living back some of the classic moments together for the first time. It's not about people trying to get internet clout by making fun of that legacy for personal gain. And I've answered this 3 times before in threads here, so your asking it yet again isn't appreciated. Please keep up the suggestions, thanks!
  4. Great, thanks! All, please post up your nominations for the upcoming Retrospective Marathon event, to be held on Saturday June 1st, 2019, HERE! The only things that are off-limits are 1. video that contain copyrighted music (i.e. my old GTA playthroughs etc.) and 2. stuff with my ex girlfriend in it. That's it! Everything else should be fair game. NOTE: If you want to make this MUCH EASIER, please post up the following info: 1. The video title 2. A LINK to the video in question 3. Timestamps of the parts that you thought were funny! Thanks all!
  5. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Never played Star Ocean at all. For some reason I thought it was a spinoff of Star Tropics for the longest time.
  6. Phil

    The 'Tale' 'Days Gone' should have taught

    I cannot afford to buy every game anymore, especially indie titles. For every Days Gone, or Plague Tale, there are a million World War Zs/Jump Forces. Your argument only holds up when you conveniently ignore the fact that I've taken chances on games and they've flopped hard, costing me money I could have put toward other, better games. When I made tons more money, I could try EVERYTHING and therefore find the "hidden gems." I am no longer in this position. The sooner you accept reality, the better, because unless people DO donate games like Days Gone, I won't be playing them. Grow up, wake up, and stop bitching. Thanks.
  7. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Actually Nintendo cracked down HUGE on ROM sites about 5 years ago. It's nearly impossible to get ROMs of Nintendo games that work, or at least from a reputable site that doesn't give you 20 pieces of MALware first.
  8. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    I like it, but now, can you maybe boost up the size of the text a bit? So that it fills out the screen/frame more. Outside of that, I should be able to start using it as soon as it's a bit bigger! Thanks for all of the work!
  9. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I actually think they view this as far worse. Logan Paul had no morality because, in essence, he's just an empty-headed dumbass. He doesn't know better than to not film videos of dead swinging bodies or throw squid on top of taxicabs in Japan, because he's ACTUALLY that dumb/ignorant IRL, and thinks it may be funny. Compare that with Jared, who systematically destroyed his marriage and abused his e-celebrity through cheating and soliciting of underage girls for nude pics. He KNEW what he was doing, he just didn't care. From an objective perspective, that's far worse. People like to see successful people fail, because it makes them feel better about themselves. So when this stuff happens, they jump on it and latch on tighter than a pitt bull.
  10. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    This text is okay, but it's abit tough to read I think? Also there's a typo, my twitch is actually Darksydephil not @theycallmedsp, so that needs to be tweaked. Everything else looks fine!
  11. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    Could you possibly stretch/space out the text a bit? Only bc as-is, it's tough to read. Thanks!
  12. Phil

    Food Thread

    LOL looks like you're eating an action figure or something. Something about eating a miniature cowboy hat isn't very appetizing to me.
  13. Phil

    Food Thread

    It's funny bc in the USA, we regularly eat pancakes as a breakfast item. In other countries, they're seen as a rare-time dessert/delicacy bc they're so bad for you. Leave it to Americans to be shoveling desserts down their throats for breakfast on the regular lol. That first one you posted there @KGhaleon looks more like a breakfast crepe than a pancake.
  14. Phil

    Twitch/OBS Graphics Update

    I actually like the idea of reorganizing my office, but 3 things don't work here: 1. the laptop and laptop desk would be directly between myself and the TV. Meaning they would directly block my line of sight to the game. The reason I have a skewed angle to my TV now, and the reason the laptop doesn't block my line of sight, is because of that angle. It would be a pain to figure out how to make that work. 2. For half of the year, this setup simply wouldn't work because of the air conditioner. It cannot be moved bc it has to be DIRECTLY next to the window, and in the new setup it would be blowing directly onto the laptop and myself ALL of the time. That would not work as it would damage the laptop and make me freeze when it's on. 3. Even if I wasn't bothered by the air conditioner, by moving the mic to that side of the room, you're completely negating the benefit of the soundproofing bc you're moving it RIGHT NEXT to the air conditioner. When it's on, I will constantly sound like I'm in a wind tunnel. Any further suggestions appreciated.
  15. Phil

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    Um, I don't set up the auto ban words. They're set up by top mods who work with all other mods to determine what is the most highly caused spam phrases, insults etc. and those are added to the bot. Nobody is complaining about this except people who spam detractor memes regularly. Everyone else gets quickly unbanned if it was a mistake. You're making an issue where none exists except for people who actually want to cause trouble. So, good job on revealing your intentions, I guess?