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  1. 1. When it worked, Paypal would only do it for major companies who were processing thousands of dollars of transactions a day, and millions of dollars a year. 2. The service has been defunct for a while. Just take a look at the comments on the OP's blog post: people called Paypal about it and got told it doesn't exist anymore.
  2. The Xbox One menu has massive issues with delay of inputs. I press down five times, nothing happens, I press a bunch more times, nothing happens, then it all jumps at once. Happens almost every single time I try to use the menu after minimizing a game, causing it to click on Help when I've never actually wanted to select it. The point is, my body is touching the rings. That should be enough in any game for it to register, but in DK64, it does not. Common sense? The real question is: what's wrong with YOU nitpicking everything? My complaints are valid, you just want to act like they're not.
  3. Phil


    I took care of that idiot. Had to delete all his nonsense. So, the suggestions so far were: Twitch polls (but those would exclude YouTube viewers, so I'm apprehensive to do them); or Straw Poll (which sadly, has been known to be very abusive with troll votes). I think if we could actually find a legitimate 3rd party polling site, where the trolling could be controlled, we'd be golden. It USED to be these forums, but even these aren't safe. So I'm not sure what else can be done?
  4. Phil


    I'm not sure how to use Twitch polls. I looked for the section in the dashboard settings and never found it, so it must be something separate from how we're using channel points, or emotes, or any other stuff. Something unique that has to be learned? But I do think it would be unfair to those who can't make the live streams.
  5. Please nominate your favorite moments from my 11 years as a content creator HERE, to be reviewed and possibly watched back in the upcoming retrospective marathon event! CRITERIA: 1. Please don't nominate stuff we've already watched in previous retrospective events! 2. Gameplay, reviews, vlogs, etc. are all eligible; however, OLD stuff from the DarksydePhil channel that had copyrighted/licensed music is NOT allowed. 3. Please nothing involving my ex. Simply put, it would bring too much drama. Happy nominating!
  6. And he's banned, no worries.
  7. It's far too late for me to be posting this but better for me to just get it up on the net before these drama queens actually make money from exploiting stupid people. FULL communication without being doctored: > On Feb 4, 2019, at 3:51 AM, Drunken Peasants <[email protected]> wrote: > > Hi Phil, > > I sent you a tweet a month ago about a possible collab and you gave me this email address to write to. Sorry I'm just now getting to write to you, January was a hectic month. > > We get so many requests from our audience to review and comment about you and your content. It's my understanding that you also live in the Seattle metro area, so I thought it would be cool to have you come up to Bellevue and be on a stream with us. We think it could be fun to shoot the shit and play some games. > > Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. > > - Ben [email protected] Wed 2/6/2019 3:40 AM Drunken Peasants  Hey Ben, thanks for reaching out. Admittedly I’m totally ignorant when it comes to other Youtubers, and although I know that my viewers have mentioned your show before, I’ve never seen it. What kinds of topics do you regularly discuss? And what kinds of things would we be doing if I were to join a show of yours? A HUGE forewarning: your show would receive a completely unfair, unwarranted amount of hate, trolling a crap if I were to ever be on it. Expect DDOS attacks and actual personal attacks against yourself and other show members. That’s how messed up the “haterbase” against me is, so being up front and honest, i’m not even sure having me on would be a good idea. It may hurt you guys far more than anything else, and I speak from personal experience on that. Not to be a bummer or anything, but just looking out for you since you reached out to me first. FYI, I live in Renton which is a bit of a trek to get to Bellevue, so if anything were to happen, maybe having me call in as a guest as a test run would work better before we talked about having me show up in person, just to put your audience to sleep or something. On Feb 6, 2019, at 11:20 AM, Drunken Peasants <[email protected]> wrote: Hi Phil, Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. Our show typically discusses current events, news, politics, movies, gaming and a variety of other topics. Usually, we format the show in a way that fits whomever our guest is that day. We've had successful gamers on the stream before and they seemed to fit quite well. The key to that was figuring out how to format the show around them. I've been doing this for 5 years now, so I've had tons of practice making that work. If you agree to join us, we could take a little time to see what you would be comfortable with, and we could also discuss anything you would not want to have mentioned while you're on. As far as the hate goes, I'm totally used to it. For about 4 years, Drunken Peasants was one of the most popular live streaming shows on YouTube that averaged over 5k live viewers per episode, and over 100k views total on a VOD. This attention alone brought on multiple DDOS attacks, swat threats, and doxxing. Then, at the end of 2017 I had a falling out with my cohosts that caused them to quit. This created a drama vacuum that made things even worse. Basically, I'm not afraid of any hate your appearance might bring. I can handle it. I spent all of 2018 rebuilding this show and dealing with harassment. At this point, I feel almost immune to it. Plus, I've had dozens of guests that are easily more hated than you could ever be on your worst day. Bottom line is that I like your content, and I want you on my show. It's my show, not theirs... So I decide, not them. As far as the trip up to Bellevue goes, it's totally fine if you want to just call in the first time, that's fine. The only reason I thought it would be better to have you in person is so that we could play some SF2 Turbo or something like that. Also, there's always a bit of delay when people call in that obviously doesn't exist in person. I attached a few photos of our studio space here so you can see what we're working with. We can have up to 6 people in studio on the show at once, and I have multiple gaming consoles on standby for when we do gaming streams. Either way, I'm fine with whatever works best for you. I feel like we have a lot in common, which could make for a fun stream. I'm 37, I'm been streaming full time for over 5 years, I get my share of hate and bullshit, and I moved here to the Seattle area 3 years a ago from the eastern US and I'm still trying to adjust to it. Feel free to get back to me when you get the chance. - Ben Philip Burnell Thu 2/7/2019 2:56 AM Drunken Peasants  Thanks for the info Ben. So when do you usually broadcast? And if I were to call in for a first appearance, what would that entail? Just being interviewed for a segment, or sitting in for the whole show, etc? I have an extremely busy streaming schedule (full time/over 10 hours a day, 6 days a week with a single day off to spend with my girlfriend) so it would mean scheduling time off. Which I’d be okay with as long as I knew way ahead of time and we could make it work. I’m sure you’d want to let your viewers know well ahead of time since it seems they are interested in having me be on, and I’d like to explain to my own viewers why my stream schedule would be changed. I have not been on any kind of podcast or show in years, and you have a very big following, so this would be pretty significant, I think. Let’s talk more. I’m interested and would like to think this could work out, but admittedly I’m still a bit skeptical. Not your fault at all, but the last time I was supposed to be on someone’s show, they used it to lie about me and get extra attention for themselves. Just another example of the hate and vitriol that’s been thrown my way over the years, so it makes me paranoid about this kind of stuff. On Feb 10, 2019, at 12:07 PM, Drunken Peasants <[email protected]> wrote: Hi Phil, We typically stream live to your main YouTube channel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturdays. We usually start at 5:15pm pacific time and end around 7:30pm. We prefer that guests stay for the entire show, but if you just want to call in for an hour the first time that's fine with me. We use "Skype for creators" to bring remote guests on the show. If you need to free up time in your schedule, we can book it a month in advance to give you some time to plan for it. I totally understand the skeptisism. I've seen the hate you get, and I totally know what that's like. I've had people who hate me try to start rumors that I'm a sexual predator just to ruin my reputation, and on the internet is very easy for rumors to be believed as facts. People tend to gravitate towards believing negativity no matter what. All I can say, is that you'll see that we're not interested in making a fool out of you. We like to joke around and have fun, but we don't make it personal. We're looking for talented people who preferably live locally to us, who would be interested in being guests on our show every 2-4 months. If you have any more questions, I can answer them face to face in a video or voice call if your prefer. We have a discord server you're welcome to join too. I think this arrangement will help bring some new eyes to both of our audiences and can be mutually beneficial. - Ben Philip Burnell Wed 2/13/2019 1:11 AM Drunken Peasants  Hey Ben, I think a Saturday could work. I wouldnt mind sitting in on the whole show, as 2 hours is no big deal and undoubtedly my viewers would listen in if they knew i was going to be on. And yeah, a month in advance would probably work well. Maybe sometime in mid-March. I’ve used Skype, but havent heard of Skype for creators, so I’m not sure how it would work? If I called in over Skype, my audio quality would be excellent (i use a professional mic just like you to stream) but i’d need to be 100% sure that my skype info didnt get out to protect my identity and IP address. Sadly if that leaked, it could cause weeks of business-threatening annoyance for me, as I’ve have to force Comcast to change my IP address again, and it’s a HUGE chore. So if we could protect that, i think we’re good to go. Of course, if i do appear on your show, id like to know at least some of the topics/questions youd throw my way ahead of time. Particularly, stuff about my family, or my ex, or things i havent publicly revealed etc would be off limits but asking about my 10 year career as a content creator or anything thats already public would be perfectly fine. I only have to bring it up bc i know that anything personal that i reveal would eventually be used against me. From: Drunken Peasants <[email protected]> Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2019 10:52 AM To: Philip Burnell Subject: Re: DSP and Drunken Peasants: The perfect match How about Saturday, March 16th? Would that work? We'll meet on Skype at 5:00pm and start around 5:15. You don't need a special version of Skype, we use an updated one that makes it integrate with our streaming software better. As far as topics go, we usually decide that same day. I was thinking we'll start by asking you about your career as a streamer and the time you spent in competitive gaming. I'm not interested in asking overly personal questions about your family or other personal relationships. I'm not sure if you're into politics or current events. We usually cover recent news, but if you don't really have any opinions about that, we can skip that mostly for this episode and do some other stuff. We usually watch videos of really strange people who say strange things on the internet. That's usually fun to have a good laugh at. Sometimes we watch bad rap videos to torture my cohost, who's a rapper. Sometimes we laugh at old infomercials. It's not really anything that requires lots of research. It's very laid back and we encourage you to say anything you want, so long as it's not forbidden on YouTube. There's already haters of yours in my chat and comments trying to tell me that you'll never show up. They think they have you all figured out, but they don't have a clue. Let me know if this date and time works for you. - Ben Philip Burnell Sat 2/16/2019 9:54 PM Drunken Peasants  Okay sounds good. I've got you on my calendar and will be sure to reach out between now and then if anything goes wrong, and I cannot make it. I'll also be sure to test out my Skype and the like before the show. Again, not sure how it works but please be sure my Skype name/ID and IP are protected as I'm nervous about that. Other than that, it sounds like a good time. I EXCERPTED ONE VERY BRIEF INTERACTION WITH BEN AS HE TOLD ME HIS SKYPE NAME HERE AND THAT WOULD NOT BE APPROPRIATE TO DISCLOSE!!! [email protected] Sun 2/24/2019 2:44 AM Drunken Peasants  Hello Ben, So I’m sorry to say, but my viewers have not really taken to the idea of my appearing on your podcast. Apparently they believe that you made fun of me on a previous show, based on no real information of who I was, but instead based on the misinformation provided by a group of my haters who contacted your show. I haven’t heard it myself, but that is pretty disheartening. The reason that so many people dislike me is misinformation. So many have spread slander against me that it’s permanently tarnished my reputation and stifled my potential for growth. I was hoping to maybe expose myself to a new audience with an appearance on your show, but if your viewers are already of a mindset to just want to ridicule me for things that aren’t even true, I don’t see the point. My viewers are telling me that appearing on your show will just expose me to a whole NEW group of people, who sadly will only follow me to hate on me. I’m sorry, but I cannot have that. So unless you can somehow convince me otherwise, I’m going to have to decline your offer to appear on your podcast. Sent from my iPhone From: Drunken Peasants <[email protected]> Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2019 8:08 AM To: Philip Burnell Subject: Re: DSP and Drunken Peasants: The perfect match Hi Phil, I'll be glad to address these concerns. Sometimes viewers send in videos for us to watch, and we comment on them. I think someone sent in the video of you jerking off back when it happened and we laughed at it, but other than that I don't really remember talking about you. It's possible that maybe we had another guest at one point that said something about you, but that's pure speculation. We try to keep the jokes light hearted and make sure they're not as personal attacks. Everyone on the show has been made fun of in some way. Including myself. What this seems like is that certain people don't want you to do things, so they are trying to manipulate you. I've had so many random people that believe they are experts on your behavior tell me that you're going to try to find a way to get out of this. I've also had weirdos warning me not to have you on because you'll ruin our show forever. This may even be the same people telling you that we're going to try and humiliate you. They're playing both sides to try and control what we do. Like I've said, I'm not interested in digging into your personal life. We've had way more hated and controversial people on the show than you, and we treated them with respect. I like to show the more reasonable side of people that gets buried by all the rumors and garbage people cook up on the internet. I'd like to think that after over 500 episodes, we'd be having trouble finding guests right now if we humiliated them and sent our audience to harass them. I was originally inviting you to my home to be on the show. Why would I give my home address to someone I planned to humiliate and target harassment towards? Anyway, I think they're trying to manipulate us both. They think this kind of shit is fun. I attached a screen shot with this email to show you the similar messages I get from my "viewers". I don't give a shit what people say. It's my show and I have on whomever the fuck I want. Hopefully you don't allow them to manipulate you. If you have any specific concerns or questions. I'll be glad up address them. - Ben Philip Burnell Sun 2/24/2019 10:26 PM Drunken Peasants  Yes, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if some of the people warning me against appearing on your show are actually part of the negative element trying to hurt me. At the same time, I know that many of them are actually longtime, concerned fans. They'd rather see me just go on normally and not invite even more negativity. We already have FAR MORE than our fair share! In particular, I was told that apparently there was a reddit thread where you (or someone from your show, or your viewers, it wasn't clear) were previously planning on setting me up to be "slammed" publicly on your show, but then the thread was completely deleted when you decided to actually reach out to me to be on the podcast. I will probably ask for evidence of this, to see if it actually exists, or if people are just talking out of their asses. Yes, I also questioned why you would invite me in person to your place if it was going to be a "set up" where you were just going to try and "slam" me, but then again, some people are crazy enough to do that kind of stuff for attention. You're right, with 500 shows under your belt, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to cause an altercation in your own home. But I've had some pretty insane things done to me that you wouldn't believe, so at the same time, I'm ALWAYS skeptical and I find it actually smart to be. Rather safe, than sorry. In reality, the one thing I'm really afraid of: my girlfriend being hurt. I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but based on two photos of her that I've shared publicly, and 3 times she ever appeared on stream with me (which were very positive interactions with my viewers), my haters have unearthed some insane stuff about her past: her full name, previous addresses and jobs, medical history, her mother's history of illness, and they even contacted her ex (who was abusive to her and nearly got arrested for it). Some pretty fucked up stuff that obviously she shouldn't have public or have to deal with, just because she's my significant other, and she never EVER did anything to deserve it. My fear is that if I appear on your show, these same people will flood your chat and just start spamming her personal info. It's one thing if it happens in my chat and my mods immediately clamp down on it; or if it happens on a toxic website like Kiwifarms. It's another entirely to happen live on your popular podcast. She doesn't deserve to be dragged through the mud, and they WILL do that, just to try and get at me if I appear on your show. So that's kind of where I'm at right now. I'm seriously balancing the pros/cons of appearing on the Drunken Peasants. Could I get some more exposure at a critical time, that could really help me? Sure. But it could also become a toxic cesspool and a way to just hurt myself, my viewers and my girlfriend even further. From: Drunken Peasants <[email protected]> Sent: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 11:36 PM To: Philip Burnell Subject: Re: DSP and Drunken Peasants: The perfect match Hey there, Just checking in with you. Everything is still open for you to be on next week. My promise of just having a laid back stream with no drama still stands. Just let me know what you what to do. I fully intend on allowing my audience to see the positive side of you and maybe you'll gain new eyes on your streams. Just let me know if you have any questions. - Ben Philip Burnell Thu 3/7/2019 4:43 PM Drunken Peasants  Hey man, sorry I didn't reply sooner, I didn't see this email until my viewers told me you'd been in stream chat today asking if I'd made a decision about the podcast. In all honesty, I'm too afraid of my girlfriend being hurt. I know you stream on YouTube, which is incredibly difficult to moderate because the "stream chat" is just comments that get thrown out there. To have 2 straight hours of mentally challenged people spamming your chat with personal shit from my girl's past, is just not worth any positive exposure I could get from the appearance. In addition, my viewers just didn't seem very interested. They'd much rather just seem me stream. So for now, I'm going to pass. I do appreciate the opportunity, and your talking with me about it for so long of a period. I owed you an answer so that's it, for now. -Phil AND that's it. Nothing further at all, until the Drunken Peasants talked shit about me "dodging their show" last year in 2019. Then all of a sudden, they show up in my stream chat this week, talking shit about how I am a bitch because I wouldn't be on their show bc of haters. At no time during any of this did I say anything negative about them. They chose to bring it up out of nowhere to stir up drama for themselves. Case closed.
  8. Hello everyone! Please post up the games you'd like to nominate for an upcoming FULL playthrough here! Please note that the games with the most overall nominations will make it to a poll that will be running in January to determine the ultimate winner! The rules: 1. Games must be readily available for play. No games that aren't available on current consoles and/or Xbox Live/PSN/Steam and easily played on the current or last-gen consoles. 2. Games must have a definitive ending! No MMOs or multiplayer-only games, etc. 3. I'm likely playing Knights of the Old Republic next, so no need to waste a nomination on it here. OKAY! Happy nominating!
  9. Except that I've admitted frequently in the last year that many things that have happened are either partially or completely my fault, I've never used "the king of hate" moniker to be toxic at all (it actually means something very positive, but you're ignorant to its real meaning despite my explaining it about 100 times), and I've had a disclaimer for quite a while stating that contributions are not mandatory on every single major stream. It seems like I need less introspection, and you need better hearing.
  10. Hello all! Based on your nominations, the following games are eligible to be played during my Christmas 2019 marathon! Please vote for ALL of the games that you want to see during the event! A few things to note, as I had to limit the voting options due to there being far too many: -Street Fighter Classics WILL be played no matter what, as that's my choice! -Street Fighter V has been disqualified as I'll already be playing Street Fighter, and I want to play the one I actually like. -Code Vein is disqualified as it's a full purchase-price game that I'm not interested in, and I'm not dropping that much money on a title I'll play for 90 minutes and then never again. -DOOM 1 is eliminated because DOOM 2 got more nominations and therefore DOOM 2 will be the game to be in the poll (And it's superior to DOOM 1 anyway!) -I've already played Postal 2, so it is also disqualified. I have no idea why it was nominated again? -God Hand is eliminated, because I've already played that one as well. Maybe I'll continue it as a playthrough in the future, but it makes no sense to play it again now. Thanks and good luck!
  11. I believe I got Killing Floor 2 for free when it was "free on PS+" or something like that a few years back. So I could just play that I guess?
  12. Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here, and thank you!
  13. Hello! Please nominate the game(s) you'd like to see me play during the holiday marathon HERE! I'm already planning on playing some classic Street Fighter, so those are already covered! NOTE: Two basic rules: 1. The game must be readily available on modern consoles/PC. If on PC, the game must NOT be graphically demanding. This means no crazy high-end new games, and also no rare games that I'd have to buy for $100 off of Amazon, etc. 2. The game should be something that's fun to play for about an hour. Picking a long, drawn-out RPG where I'm not even through the introduction isn't going to be very interesting to stream viewers! Thanks and good luck! This thread will be closed sometime in early December to tally up the nominations and create a poll on which you call can vote for the finalists!
  14. Mario and Sonic would have been perfectly fun if they'd actually implemented multiplayer, instead of claiming to do so but putting in so little effort, nobody will ever use it. Doing ranked matches PER EVENT when there are some 30 events in the game is just braindead moronic, and that wouldn't fly in any game at all. So unless you're playing couch co-op the game is dead on arrival. Also, the few matches I did play had insane lag.
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