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  1. Phil

    Twitch/OBS Graphics Update

    I actually like the idea of reorganizing my office, but 3 things don't work here: 1. the laptop and laptop desk would be directly between myself and the TV. Meaning they would directly block my line of sight to the game. The reason I have a skewed angle to my TV now, and the reason the laptop doesn't block my line of sight, is because of that angle. It would be a pain to figure out how to make that work. 2. For half of the year, this setup simply wouldn't work because of the air conditioner. It cannot be moved bc it has to be DIRECTLY next to the window, and in the new setup it would be blowing directly onto the laptop and myself ALL of the time. That would not work as it would damage the laptop and make me freeze when it's on. 3. Even if I wasn't bothered by the air conditioner, by moving the mic to that side of the room, you're completely negating the benefit of the soundproofing bc you're moving it RIGHT NEXT to the air conditioner. When it's on, I will constantly sound like I'm in a wind tunnel. Any further suggestions appreciated.
  2. Phil

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    Um, I don't set up the auto ban words. They're set up by top mods who work with all other mods to determine what is the most highly caused spam phrases, insults etc. and those are added to the bot. Nobody is complaining about this except people who spam detractor memes regularly. Everyone else gets quickly unbanned if it was a mistake. You're making an issue where none exists except for people who actually want to cause trouble. So, good job on revealing your intentions, I guess?
  3. Phil

    To those boycotting and backstabbing Phil

    I wasn't even aware of any boycotting. People who are ignorant/stupid are bound to believe completely fabricated BS and I knew that going into the CT trip/marriage. However it's all negligible. After 3 days of drama, I did the podcast on Sunday to explain and those who actually like/care about me/trust me were satisfied. Stream attendance and contributions have both been great this week. So there is no "great boycott" going on at all. Next week is MK11 and Days Gone and things will pick up even more, for sure. Because I kept the marriage a secret, it completely avoided months of drama leading up to it, and the post-trip drama has already passed. Some gullible people sadly lost their minds (Which always happens with drama like this) but for the most part, this has gone incredibly smoothly. So I'm at a loss here as to what the actual topic is? The only people still harping on this marriage drama are those who NEED drama to be relevant. With zero evidence, they're still saying I somehow scammed/stole money and only morons would believe it, because it's completely untrue. Those people were never going to be longtime fans anyway, and this happens probably once a year with every single fabricated "drama event" that the detractors make to stir up attention for themselves. They will be talking about the marriage for months because they are boring, unimaginative, worthless people whose only relevant existence is because of me. Meanwhile, I'll be happily enjoying streaming with all the new releases and nobody with a brain will care. Carry on, friends.
  4. Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here, and thanks!
  5. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    That's exactly what it sounds like, and it's also probably why most companies are going to skip E3. Why spend all that time/money for an in-person presentation and floor booth stuff when you can go digital, reach just as many people and avoid the chaotic mobs of a con? Because E3 has become a gaming con and less a press event every single year. So this is a good move for them, honestly.
  6. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    It's a bunch of shit. Just like the first LABO that didn't sell and is still overstocked at every single store. But Nintendo was dumb as shit, and invested a ton of money into the project, so they'll keep making them (Which is cheap, it's just cardboard after all) and pretend like someone actually is buying them.
  7. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    The first 2-3 gens of Pokemon looked unique and cool. These are all the same cutesty-style design, I mean the all have the exact same head and body type, with stupid googley eyes. I hate all three of these starter Pokemon.
  8. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    Chatters liked these so I added them today! Thanks very much!
  9. Phil

    Youtube comments could increase views(?)

    Disabling comments has reduced the amount of troll videos by about 4559583948594%. When comments were on, actual longtime fans BEGGED me to turn them off, because they were 98% filth from children looking to get into said videos. Comments do not give any significant new views. Getting 500 comments on a video where 498 of them are filth just turns off potential new viewers, and the 498 extra views don't amount to anything significant. Actual fans can comment on Twitter, on my forums, or on my live streams. I know what I'm doing, thanks.
  10. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    lol well admittedly, that's not the best pic of me (i'm covered in sweat) and it's out of proportion in this emote you made.
  11. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    LOL OMG, that is a heck of an emote. I'll see about adding it hahaha
  12. Phil

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out soon... Phil, a suggestion.

    In reality, what I said was this: The game is bipolar because it wasn't really designed for anyone. The difficulty is piss easy in combat to make newcomers be able to jump in, but they wouldn't understand the story. The story ties up ALL lose ends for all games in the series, which is amazing for longtime fans, but then the combat is the easiest in the series. So it really doesn't appeal to EITHER audience, even on Proud mode (Which is still easy), unless all you cared about was the story. I can appreciate a game developer doing their damndest to tie up the plotlines to a good 8+ games, which have convoluted a story to the point of extreme confusion unless you've replayed all of the games multiple times. From what I can tell, they actually DID manage to do it. But that's not excuse for the combat, the main gameplay mechanic in the game, being so grindy, repetitive and easy. So the game is a 7/10 just on those grounds.
  13. Hello! Please post up your questions for a chance they'll be answered on the next episode of Ask the King!
  14. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    One of my faves too, i WILL play it someday!
  15. Phil

    Ideas for the Marathon

    2 hours for DKC 1? It's THAT SHORT of a game???