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  1. Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King, tentatively scheduled for September 30, 2021, here and thanks!
  2. Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here, and thanks! Good luck!
  3. The nominations are IN! Please vote on the game(s) YOU want to see me play a marathon, and then full playthrough of, based on your previous nominations here on the forums! Please note, you can vote for more than one game! Good luck!
  4. Please post up your nominations for the upcoming Retro Replay marathon/playthrough event here! The games that are MOST nominated will end up in a final poll to determine the winner! The winner will then be played in a marathon-style stream for 7+ hours of gameplay to get the playthrough started, THEN turn into a standard playthrough that fits into my normal streaming schedule. Here are the criteria! 1. The game must be a game I've ALREADY PLAYED for YouTube from the year 2015 OR EARLIER. No games played later than 2015 will be accepted. 2. The game must NOT be a multiplayer
  5. So this is way easier than I though it would be. Danganronpa V3 has 7 fake votes, so the correct total is actually 56 votes. But the second place game, Max Pain 2, has NINE fake votes. That means it only has 47 actual votes. Since nothing else even reached 56 votes, fake or no, Danganronpa V3 wins.
  6. Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King HERE! Thank you!
  7. This is IT! Please vote for any an all of these games you'd like to see me play as a FULL PLAYTHROUGH on stream starting later this month, and thanks! NOTE: YES, you can vote for more than 1!
  8. Please post up your nominations for the upcoming Viewers' Choice game playthrough event here! PLEASE SEE BELOW for qualifying criteria before you nominate a game! All games that are nominated MUST be readily available on a digital network to download and play, including Playstation Store, Nintendo Store, Xbox Live or Steam. In regards to a PC game, the game must NOT be graphically intensive or demanding. Otherwise, the game must be able to be readily played on an active console (PS3/4/5, Xbox 360/One, or Wii/Wii U/Switch). If a game is nominated that is disc-only and is incredibly
  9. Hello everyone! Please post up your nominations for YOUR favorite moments in my 12+ years as a content creator on the internet here in this thread! I'll be using these as a rough guidelines of what we'll be watching back during the upcoming Retrospective Marathon event, which will happen around the end of January 2021! Some rough guidelines: 1. You may want to review previous retrospectives to make sure we didn't already watch back what you're suggesting! 2. All game playthroughs, vlogs, reviews and more are eligible, with a few exceptions: -Nothing using copyrighted/licensed mus
  10. Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here! Good luck!
  11. Dude, REALLY sorry I missed this! Kind of late now, and I almost never check here. Be sure to tag me on Twitter or in stream chat if you make something new!
  12. I'm not going to respond to anything that I've previously addressed, so the only new thing here is this Line App that people trolled my chat about today, and even told me about this thread specifically. I know nothing about it. I've never used it and I certainly never made any account in it. The fact that my private info was DOXXed in 2014, but somehow people think that anything that was made public in that DOXXing is evidence of anything, is pretty insanely stupid. People have used DSP, DSPGaming, DarksydePhil, TheyCallMeDSP, among many many other variations to register me for every sing
  13. You know the drill! Please nominate games you'd like to see during my Christmas marathon, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, December 23rd! Games that are digestible, quick to get into good/fun stuff, and inexpensive are FAR more likely to be played than something that's drawn-out, slow to get through an intro, or expensive. I'll be using this thread as a guideline on what games to play outside of a couple of multiplayer games that I'm already set to play during this event! Thanks and good luck!
  14. Can you disprove that people can cheat by using macros, or mess with the game connections because it's run through a relatively easy-to-manipulate program over PC? If not, then there's zero reason for me to waste my time with Fightcade. I didn't play on Fightcade, but I did play on its predecessor where that shit was completely rampant and made games like Super Turbo nearly unplayable. It wasn't until these games moved into the console arena (like Third Strike Online Edition) that the cheating was removed and it became fun to play again online.
  15. The hilarious part about all of this, is that the same 10 negative people (posting under multiple logins and sock accounts, because many of them were banned in the past) think that by making threads like this over and over, I'll care. Vast majority of feedback I got from non-troll viewers was the event was great, but had too much dead time in between stuff (I agree, that fucking Wendy's wait killed the vibe) and they wished I'd played more games (and again I agree, I didn't know there was nearly 3 hours left in Little Hope, or that it would take me 2 damn hours to film the DSP Tries It).
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