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  1. I believe I got Killing Floor 2 for free when it was "free on PS+" or something like that a few years back. So I could just play that I guess?
  2. Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here, and thank you!
  3. Hello! Please nominate the game(s) you'd like to see me play during the holiday marathon HERE! I'm already planning on playing some classic Street Fighter, so those are already covered! NOTE: Two basic rules: 1. The game must be readily available on modern consoles/PC. If on PC, the game must NOT be graphically demanding. This means no crazy high-end new games, and also no rare games that I'd have to buy for $100 off of Amazon, etc. 2. The game should be something that's fun to play for about an hour. Picking a long, drawn-out RPG where I'm not even through the introduction isn't going to be very interesting to stream viewers! Thanks and good luck! This thread will be closed sometime in early December to tally up the nominations and create a poll on which you call can vote for the finalists!
  4. Mario and Sonic would have been perfectly fun if they'd actually implemented multiplayer, instead of claiming to do so but putting in so little effort, nobody will ever use it. Doing ranked matches PER EVENT when there are some 30 events in the game is just braindead moronic, and that wouldn't fly in any game at all. So unless you're playing couch co-op the game is dead on arrival. Also, the few matches I did play had insane lag.
  5. LOL too funny to not be used hahaha
  6. There's no need for a poll because the 4 games mentioned (Bloodstained, Blasphemous, Stalker and Visage) all definitively had the most nominations in the original thread. Therefore, by default, they are going to be played. Luigi's Mansion 3 was ALWAYS going to be played as it's a new release that very day and was already announced to be part of the event.
  7. Phil

    WTF is even going on

    Okay, fair enough. I got wind of you posting up here and apologized later on during the Minecraft stream. I'll also make sure you aren't banned anywhere. Thanks for clearing up that I immediately refunded you. Thread closed and drama ended.
  8. Hello! Please vote for the category of Halloween costume that you'd like to see me wear here! NOTE that you can vote for more than one category, but don't vote for EVERY SINGLE category as that would just make your vote not really count! Thanks and good luck!
  9. Am I allowed to use these on stream? Once you explicitly say yes, I can use them!
  10. You know the drill! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here, and thanks!
  11. Hello! Please use this thread to post up your nominations for horror-themed/scary/ghost-involved/etc. video games for the upcoming Halloween 2019 Gaming Marathon event! As usual, some basic criteria apply: 1. It must not be a game I've already done a full playthrough of, UNLESS it has some kind of variable to it to make it different from the first run. 2. It must be a game that is readily and easily available to be played on a modern console and/or PC; for example, it must be readily available on PSN/Xbox Live/Nintendo Shop/Steam as a downloadable game on Xbox 360/One, PS3/4, Nintendo Wii U/Switch, or PC. A PS2 game that is able to be purchased from PSN is eligible, but a game that would require the actual PS2 hardware to play, would NOT be eligible! 3. The game should have some kind of horror element (ghosts, monsters etc.) but it does NOT have to actually be scary to be played. For example, I'll definitely be playing Luigi's Mansion 3 during this event, and that game isn't scary at all! This thread will remain open for approximately 3 weeks, and then the voting will begin! The games with the most votes will be played during my Halloween marathon, which takes place ON Halloween this year! Thanks and good luck!
  12. Yes, Twitch supports me as a content creator on their site. If they didn't, I would have been gone LONG ago. But they aren't going to promote something when it creates toxicity. The fact that they misspelled my name (oops) coupled with the fact that hundreds of shitheads piled on the usual slander/defamation against me immediately in the comments, probably led them to realize this kind of thing wasn't a good idea....at least, not unless they're going to go in full-force. Meaning they'd have to promote me on the regular, ignore the bullshit from the trolls until they finally realized they had no real power, and went away. But Twitch wants positivity on their social media feed, so they're not going to leave that shit up. Unlike YouTube/twitch where you can moderate comments, you can't on Twitter, so they just took it down. Not a big deal. Kind of an odd take to have, as you think they already knew what would happen considering it happened with my promotional streams last year, and pretty much any time I get ANY kind of opportunity.
  13. Hello everyone! Please post up your nominations for moments in my 11-year history as a content creator, that you'd like me to re-watch for the first time LIVE during the upcoming retrospective event marathon! Some ground rules: 1. Please post up a DIRECT LINK to the video in question; 2. Please include a timestamp if you feel there's a particular moment you'd like me to watch; 3. Please make sure it's a video that would abide by MODERN standards of YouTube and Twitch (i.e. Top 10 Racist moments isn't going to fly); 4. Please do not include any video content that involved my ex, for obvious common sense reasons. That's it! Gameplay/playthroughs, game reviews, vlogs, series, and more are all fair game so please, start nominating NOW!
  14. Hello! Please vote for ALL of the games you want to see me play during the upcoming rage-a-thon event, which will take place either during the 3rd or 4th weeks of August! NOTE: These 11 games include the top 9 games which were nominated by the public, as well as the top 2 games as nominated by Patrons. There were SO MANY that I had to eliminate a few which I felt wouldn't really make sense or be rage-inducing at all, or otherwise cost too much. Thanks and happy voting!
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