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  1. Phil

    Youtube comments could increase views(?)

    Disabling comments has reduced the amount of troll videos by about 4559583948594%. When comments were on, actual longtime fans BEGGED me to turn them off, because they were 98% filth from children looking to get into said videos. Comments do not give any significant new views. Getting 500 comments on a video where 498 of them are filth just turns off potential new viewers, and the 498 extra views don't amount to anything significant. Actual fans can comment on Twitter, on my forums, or on my live streams. I know what I'm doing, thanks.
  2. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    lol well admittedly, that's not the best pic of me (i'm covered in sweat) and it's out of proportion in this emote you made.
  3. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    LOL OMG, that is a heck of an emote. I'll see about adding it hahaha
  4. Phil

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out soon... Phil, a suggestion.

    In reality, what I said was this: The game is bipolar because it wasn't really designed for anyone. The difficulty is piss easy in combat to make newcomers be able to jump in, but they wouldn't understand the story. The story ties up ALL lose ends for all games in the series, which is amazing for longtime fans, but then the combat is the easiest in the series. So it really doesn't appeal to EITHER audience, even on Proud mode (Which is still easy), unless all you cared about was the story. I can appreciate a game developer doing their damndest to tie up the plotlines to a good 8+ games, which have convoluted a story to the point of extreme confusion unless you've replayed all of the games multiple times. From what I can tell, they actually DID manage to do it. But that's not excuse for the combat, the main gameplay mechanic in the game, being so grindy, repetitive and easy. So the game is a 7/10 just on those grounds.
  5. Hello! Please post up your questions for a chance they'll be answered on the next episode of Ask the King!
  6. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    One of my faves too, i WILL play it someday!
  7. Phil

    Ideas for the Marathon

    2 hours for DKC 1? It's THAT SHORT of a game???
  8. Phil

    Ideas for the Marathon

    Thanks for starting the thread! Excited to see people's suggestions! NOTE: My idea was a platforming marathon where I'd have to beat Mario or Sonic games with a certain number of lives in a certain amount of time, and trying to hit certain checkpoints in the games in a certain amount of time as well.
  9. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I don't even know or remember who that is, so that would probably be why.
  10. Phil

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    I love it! Sorry that the forums were down so nobody could see this yesterday.
  11. Phil

    Blue Eyes' Fan Art Thread :) ​​​​​​​

    Actually pretty close! I think my nose is a bit wider, and my jaw a bit narrower, but in general that's not bad at all.
  12. Phil

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    yes, I Was my usual scatterbrained self lol
  13. Phil

    Blue Eyes' Fan Art Thread :) ​​​​​​​

    Pretty close likeness?
  14. Good question, but they definitely would. The fact of the matter is, if the person wants to 100% protect their identity, then the best way to do that would be to NOT tell anyone there was a donation in the first place. Because making that fact public WOULD set off the army of lifeless do-nothings whose only use of time is trying to find out shit like that. Case in point: today, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my accounts was attempted to be hacked into today, while I was off from streaming. Every email address, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and the like. Luckily I have 2-and 3-step verification on all of them. But what's to say something insanely dumb doesn't happen (like a 15-year-old forum getting hacked and a password I'd had on older accounts being linked, per se) and somehow that led to them getting into my stuff? Then the FIRST thing they'd do, is look for the guy who donated $9k to go after him.
  15. So first off, here's the Twitlonger I used to explain the situation: https://t.co/4faTQRpEQd In addition, I just finished writing up an e-mail to a fan who had some valid questions and wanted more elaboration. I'll post it all here, and then you can all discuss, CIVILLY, if you'd like. "Hi, Sir. I just wanted to ask a couple of question, (despite not being my business), it's about the troll situation. I heard you on the Prestream and saw the emails and everything, and you're right, the guy was heavily implying to make it anonymously, so obviously trolls are blowing it out of proportion, as always. But there is a couple of things that are not very clear. (I'm not doubting you, you're not the kind of person who would lie to his fans, in fact you can take these questions into consideration if someone else brings it up). I'd really appreciate if you answer them, because some aspects of it are mildy confusing, specially to your fans, including me: 1) If you had received the money, (9K), wouldn't it be kind of unfair to not say anything to your fans, just because we would still think that you need 16K, when you'd only need the remaining 7K? 2) The guy was obviously implying to not make it public, however he did actually encouraged you to "let people know that a fan was able to help you out!". When I read the sentence, (if he was actually a fan, and not a troll), he "encouraged" you to do so. So, despite your intent to protect him from being doxxed/harassed, why didn't you take into consideration his wishes of "telling that someone helped you out"? I'd be grateful if you answer these 2 questions honestly, since it's the only thing that's a little bit confusing, even to someone who's trying to be as logical and open minded as possible." My response: The truth is, first off, I really didnt believe the guy anyway. I had zero expectations he was going to mail me a check or Western Union me any money. And I’d specifically asked him to not send it until 2019 to avoid creating an even further tax burden for me come April. Therefore, before we’d even gotten close to any kind of donation, I had no intention of actually saying anything about it. It seemed like the guy was almost giddy about wanting to tell people about it, but in reality, it would massively backfire. First, trolls would scour the internet to try and find out who this guy was - which might have led to him being doxxed, or even scared away from finally pulling the trigger on the donation to begin with for fear of doxxing. Second, it would lead to a massive cry that “Phil doesn’t need money anymore” from the trolls, despite the fact that 9k isn’t nearly enough to cover all of my tax issues for 2019. So it would hurt both the donor AND me to say anything about this prematurely. I have three Christmas events planned coming up where I hope to raise funds. People thinking that $9k is coming in January might not give anything at all just because they think “that’s a lot!” And not seeing the big picture of what I’ll owe in total. And that would be disaster, since there was no guarantee the guy was legit and would have given anything. In reality, there was only one way to go about this: raise as much as I could on streams in December, then contact the guy in January to let him know how much I still needed for the taxes (which is all estimated by the way, and could be way off if I’ve made more income in 2018 than I did based on the tax projections based on 2017 income). If it was 9k or more, then great! If not, I would have been honest with him and only asked him to donate that much if he really wanted to, with the expectation that excess went to more bills or the cost of upcoming games, etc. THEN, once ALL that was done, we could have talked about how this would have been broken to my viewers as good news, and not to leave them hanging, thinking that I still had tons more money to raise for the taxes. So in reality, the entire situation is bunk. This was not even the time to talk about telling the fans anything, because nothing was going to take place until January. In addition, his utmost concern from that email was his privacy, which is why he INSISTED on Western Union or something offline. And the only way to 100% ensure his privacy was to not talk about it, at all, for the time being. Keep in mind, that was my one and only email to him. I fully expected him to respond with either “HA HA IM A TROLL SO FUCK YOUUU!” or to express his feelings about what I’d suggested, and give a response. There is no agreement there and nothing set in stone. If he were willing to take a risk and chance being doxxed, I would have gladly shared the info of a donation with my fans once it actually cleared. But we were FAR away from that point, which is what all of the complete morons spinning this into something negative seem to forget. Hope that clears stuff up?