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  1. Please vote for the category of costume you would like me to wear during the upcoming Halloween Marathon event! Good Luck!
  2. Please post up your nominations for games that I should play during my Halloween Gaming Marathon on October 31, 2020! Please note: -Horror games are welcome, but not every game has to be a horror game to be considered -Games should be easily accessible, and not "Rare games" that aren't available on modern consoles/PC to play easily -No full priced $60 games, please! Good luck!
  3. Hello! Please post up your suggestions/nominations for games to be played in the upcoming RAGE-A-THON Marathon event, tentatively scheduled for late September 2020, here! Some suggestions: -I'm far more likely to play a game that isn't a full retail/$60 purchase, as these games will only be played for 1.5 hours or so during the marathon event, and aren't guaranteed to be played again -Games that are not easily obtainable (i.e. a PS1/2 game that isn't available to download on PSN) are way less likely to be played -Suggesting games I've repeatedly said I'm not interested in i
  4. Vote NOW on the particular type of gaming marathon you'd like to see during a special stream in September! NOTE: You can only vote ONCE, and once we determine the type of stream, then there will be another thread for game nominations! Good luck!
  5. My initial responses: 1. I have zero interest in cooking. I didn't have interest in cooking when I made POORLY Cooking With the King, either. There is a definitive difference between an intentionally "fucking around" series and something as being suggested here, which is much more serious of an attempt to actually make a meal. Right now, I have interest in doing what I love: gaming and hanging out with a live audience. 2. It would mean not streaming normally for a day. Which means, lost income, and delaying ongoing playthroughs that are already established. Unless you absolutely gua
  6. THIS IS IT! Vote now! YES, you can vote for more than one game and you SHOULD, since the top 2 games WILL become playthroughs! NOTE: I can see if you're making new accounts and bot voting. If you try that, your votes WILL be negated just like last time, you'll just look like a fool and have wasted your own time. So ONLY legit votes this time! Thanks and good luck!
  7. Please post up your questions for Ask the King here, and thanks! Please note the date change!
  8. Hello! Please post up games HERE that you'd like to nominate for the upcoming Viewer's Choice event! The games that are most nominated will make it to the poll that YOU will vote on come later on in July! NOTE: If we hit the next subscriber goal on my streams this month, the top TWO games in the upcoming poll will be played, instead of just one! Some brief rules: -The game must be readily available to be played on a console of this or last console generation, or easy to run on a PC. If it's on a current-gen system or on Xbox Live/PSN to download, it's perfectly fine. If it's o
  9. I was considering it until I Just read that it's only for Prime subs. That's what, 5% of my viewerbase? Definitely would cause issues and make people feel excluded, which is the last thing I'd want. If it's opened up to everyone, great, but exactly as I'd asked about on stream: there's no way they'll allow you to rebroadcast a movie absolutely free because of licensing rights.
  10. This is all well understood, but the point I'd like to make is, the criteria that vegans seem to use is "sentience." But why exactly is it okay to take a life that isn't sentient, but it's not okay to take one that is? A sentient life has a chance to defend itself and fight back. Non-sentient life forms cannot defend themselves. If we're talking in terms of morality (it's not right to take sentient life because it's AWARE that its life is being taken), I'd counter-argue that it's actually worse to take the life of something that cannot have even a dismal chance of escape or self-defense.
  11. This was the #1 major criticism with the game when it was new. It has TONS of driving, even moreso than GTA games, because there's a LOT of racing and other stuff that's either part of the story or major sidequest arcs. And the driving controls are just, very odd. It's super easy to overcompensate on turns, and certain vehicles have next to no handling, while others just seem to handle TOO well and it's almost impossible to get used to. I've been playing it for 15+ hours and I'm still not adjusted yet. Also almost every vehicle is a tank you can't really damage well, and vehicles recover
  12. Um, completely false. YouTube sets up all the ads, not me. I have the ability to change them later on, after they're already automatically added, but I have zero control on where YouTUbe puts the ads when the videos first go live. I literally never check this, so if there are more ads now by default, it's 100% YouTube's doing. The funny thing is, so many people just insult me and call me lazy. If that's the case, of course I didn't set up these ads! See, your own insults prove your arguments wrong.
  13. Please post up your favorite moments from my 11+ year content creation history here! I will review these as a basis of what we'll watch back during the upcoming retrospective marathon event, scheduled for mid- to late-June 2020! Some criteria: 1. All kinds of video content is fair game, including gameplay, reviews, vlogs, travel, and more! 2. Please post up both a link to a video AND possible timestamps in the video of things you want us to watch back together on stream 3. Please don't nominate something we've already watched back in a retrospective before 4. Please do n
  14. Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here, and thanks!
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