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  1. Um, completely false. YouTube sets up all the ads, not me. I have the ability to change them later on, after they're already automatically added, but I have zero control on where YouTUbe puts the ads when the videos first go live. I literally never check this, so if there are more ads now by default, it's 100% YouTube's doing. The funny thing is, so many people just insult me and call me lazy. If that's the case, of course I didn't set up these ads! See, your own insults prove your arguments wrong.
  2. Please post up your favorite moments from my 11+ year content creation history here! I will review these as a basis of what we'll watch back during the upcoming retrospective marathon event, scheduled for mid- to late-June 2020! Some criteria: 1. All kinds of video content is fair game, including gameplay, reviews, vlogs, travel, and more! 2. Please post up both a link to a video AND possible timestamps in the video of things you want us to watch back together on stream 3. Please don't nominate something we've already watched back in a retrospective before 4. Please do not mention anything regarding my ex, Leanna, as she's no longer part of my content That's it! Enjoy and good luck!
  3. Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here, and thanks!
  4. Phil

    Channel Points

    My thoughts: -Character customization is fine as long as it doesn't "stick." I don't mind wearing a chicken outfit for a bit, but not for an entire playthrough. -Not sure how the weapons thing in BR would work as you actually have to find those weapons, and they're randomly placed. Maybe "keep a shotgun if you find one" could work, but I'm not exactly great at those games, so you're just diminishing my chances of doing well even further. -Hosting is not a good idea as it has to be voluntary and requested for me to do it. It brings negative attention to the streamer. -Decoration wouldn't work as it would require me to pause a stream far too long to dig shit out of the closet and try to get it set up. -Purchasing in-game stuff is fine as long as, again, it doesn't ruin the long-term playthrough. Buying a building in Yakuza is great, as long as it doesn't mean I can't afford healing items anymore. -Side-missions I always try to do the most of . But undoubtedly you'd get morons trying to get me to do the most lewd, sexualized side-content just to piss me off. So not so sure about that one.
  5. If you're talking about the original FF7, to my recollection the only reason the races exist is for the Golden Chocobo subquest late in the game. It's a crazy grind, but it allows you to get the best summon in the game. Doing it for "fun" or money really isn't fruitful at all.
  6. Um, I was well aware that Kenny knew who I was. That's why I tweeted him originally, and he seemed up for the idea. You do realize that pretty much everyone on the internet has made fun of me at some point, right? If I were angry at that, I'd pretty much hate everyone on the planet. I don't, I know how to laugh at myself and my very public misfortunes over the years. Then trolls bombarded that tweet (not the 2016 tweet but the one years later about Anniversary collection) with negative responses, saying "you don't know anything about the FGC if you play with that guy!" and similar bullshit. He then responded saying something like "Geez guys, I didn't commit to anything, just said I might play him. Chill out." And that was the end of it, I didn't pursue it further bc I knew he'd be endlessly harassed if I tried to ask him about it again. So it was a courtesy to him, bc he doesn't deserve to be harassed by these assholes as I constantly am. Now, if you actually have something intelligent to say instead of trying to discredit everything that I say with absolutely no facts, go ahead. Otherwise, shut the hell up.
  7. Turns out it's way easier to track fake votes than I thought. I can even see the minute that each vote was recorded. No votes coming in, then all of a sudden 30 in 10 minutes? I don't think so. I will clean this up fairly, later this week. FYI about half of Lisa the Painful's votes are falsified as that's the first one I looked at, and I suspect to find way more of this.
  8. You're talking about the clocktower boss. I'm talking about the final 2 bosses. Try some reading comprehension, stupid. My air conditioner has something to do with your insanely stupid post here? My attitude has nothing to do with what you said either. You got exposed for being a moron, now just swallow it. Actually there was once when I barely shot it at all, and it still started running on the walls. It may simply be a timing thing? Not sure what actually triggers it, but unloading all of your ammo into it is a complete waste of time as it doesn't actually have a "health bar" in that first phase.
  9. The fact that you can't see the difference between a game expecting you to figure stuff out with zero guidance, vs a game actually explaining step-by-step during a tutorial boss fight how to do something, is baffling. RE3 Remake plays differently on different difficulties. On easy/standard you can just shoot them until they die. On hardcore, the bosses are bullet-sponges with insane health, UNLESS you figure out the obscure way to get to their weaknesses. The only boss I actually complained about was the clock tower boss, because you NEED the mine rounds or else you can't even stun the thing, and even then, you NEED to knock it down from the top of the clock tower, which isn't apparent from the in-game tips Jill gives you. I didn't complain about either of the final bosses. They were a bit frustrating but I learned and won. My one major complaint about the entire game was one, admittedly cryptic boss. Everything you say above is just fucking stupid, because it's not even true. "You didn't just shoot the boss" because the boss directly before that one wasn't affected by "just shooting it." You're a fucking moron for thinking that trying tactics the game taught you in one boss fight, wouldn't carry over to the next, and that it's somehow wrong to try to implement that. The Kotaku reviewer complained about an introductory boss that was directly explained how to beat by just playing the game and paying attention. It used multiple systems: normal attacks, special attacks, magic, and the stagger meter. You did have to utilize them well, but it was all explained as you played. He's not complaining that it's difficult, he's complaining that he actually has to use his tiny brain instead of just button mash. And if he'd played FFXIII/XV, some of these systems were already implemented, so it's obvious this guy had zero background in the recent history in the series. Just the kind of guy you want criticizing the game! Apples to oranges, and if you don't understand that, it's your own stupid fault.
  10. Anyone know which platforms Diddy Kong Racing is available on? As for vote rigging, it's being looked into. I'm well aware Deus EX is a very old game and would have to be played on PC.
  11. Please advise if you'd like to do as I suggested above. As you can see, babyman did an improvisation but it's your art, so it would be up to you how it's used.
  12. Awesome! It's not high enough quality for me to be able to use on the prestream sadly, but I love it! If you ever upgrade it (make it with ink, and make it a usable aspect ratio for stream) I'd love to add it.
  13. It's finally here! Please vote on ALL of the games in this poll you'd like to see me play for a Viewers' Choice event playthrough! NOTE: These were chosen based on the games that you most nominated in the previous thread! Enjoy and good luck!
  14. Hello everyone! It's time to nominate more games for my upcoming viewers' choice event, where I do a FULL PLAYTHROUGH of whatever game wins a poll that YOU will set up with your nominations in this thread! Thanks for subbing to my Twitch channel in March 2020 to make this happen! Please nominate as many games as you'd like, but be sure to follow the following criteria: 1. The game must be readily available to be played on a modern console for a reasonable price (no rare games costing $100+ etc!); 2. The game must be incredibly resource-light if it's on PC; 3. ABSOLUTELY NO SOULSBOURNE-STYLE games because I'm about to play Nioh 2, which will be going for quite some time; 4. ABSOULTELY NO OPEN-WORLD RPGs (Fallout, Elder Scrolls-esque etc.) because I'm already playing Morrowind, which will be ongoing for quite some time. That's it! Happy nominating and good luck!
  15. Don't actually think it matters, but the .webm may look slightly better/have a better framerate. I know that the previous animations I was using were .gif and could only be 30fps, but now the newest ones are .webm and are 60fps.
  16. I'm not planning on 1. spending another dollar on Smash Ultimate to buy the season pass, and 2. spending a significant amount of time trying to figure out how to play the game now that a year has passed, and undoubtedly the meta game has monstrously changed. Plus, I hate 1v1 duels and the free-for-all matches were always laggy. Zero reason to play it again really, when it comes to my interests.
  17. I stream until 9:30-ish every night, spend at least another hour in the office after that uploading/doing the schedule. I usually have to shower and do stuff around the house as well. I get about 30 minutes to myself, then my wife usually arrives home around 11:30pm-12am from work, and we talk/relax a bit before she showers and we go to sleep. Again, not rocket science, and not everybody has your life schedule. I get up at 9pm BTW, no idea how you think I get up at 11am when my stream is on at 10:15am PST every day. Nothing I said above was insulting at all, you're just incredibly oversensitive. Insulting would have been: "None of your fucking business, now shut the fuck up and don't ask stupid questions." I didn't say that, did I?
  18. I didn't get to see that, so in this case it must not have been me. Probably got way out of hand and deleted because of a few bad apples.
  19. Congrats on not understanding time zones. I live on the West Coast, so those times are typically about 1am my time. My wife doesn't get home from work until almost midnight. So we spend a bit of time together winding down before we go to bed. Pretty sure it's impossible to return from a day of work and immediately just pass out, as you seem to be completely missing. I used to stay up WAY later than that, but when I adjusted my schedule to be able to stream longer during the daytime over 2 years ago, I now go to sleep far earlier. Typically in bed by around 2am and asleep shortly after that. How you can create a mystery out of this is baffling. I wasn't aware that people in their 30s were required to be in bed by 10pm.
  20. More than likely, people turned your thread (which I don't remember, so don't take this as a 100% explanation) into a personal back-and-forth argument and/or an opportunity to spread mistruths/lies on my own personal forums. That doesn't fly here. Sorry if your thread got deleted because of it, but sometimes it's just the easier option when it's become completely derailed. And no worries, we always take care of the people who derail stuff so they don't do it again!
  21. Yes, because I was shit at it, and NOT because of the game being a broken piece of fucking shit at launch that was laughably bad and not even 1/10th as soon as the worst From Software game. Try watching this and eat your words.
  22. I've had several acquaintances who were full-time content creators/streamers over the years who I was friendly with behind the scenes, but nobody ever wanted to collab because of the troll element hanging above my head. There was a streamer whom I would drop in on his streams, and within a few months my trolls were spilling over to his content and ruining it. And that was the end of that. You are a grade A idiot.
  23. Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King HERE! Thanks very much!
  24. 1. When it worked, Paypal would only do it for major companies who were processing thousands of dollars of transactions a day, and millions of dollars a year. 2. The service has been defunct for a while. Just take a look at the comments on the OP's blog post: people called Paypal about it and got told it doesn't exist anymore.
  25. The Xbox One menu has massive issues with delay of inputs. I press down five times, nothing happens, I press a bunch more times, nothing happens, then it all jumps at once. Happens almost every single time I try to use the menu after minimizing a game, causing it to click on Help when I've never actually wanted to select it. The point is, my body is touching the rings. That should be enough in any game for it to register, but in DK64, it does not. Common sense? The real question is: what's wrong with YOU nitpicking everything? My complaints are valid, you just want to act like they're not.
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