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  1. Sadly this new method, of the majority of time being focused on stream, rather then the game, is going to degrade the quality of the playthrough big time and it may make those people who watch for the playthrough & Phils commentary go elsewhere. This of course will be great for those who want that interaction more then watching a video game playthrough of course. Given the situation Phil is in, there isn't many options. My suggestion? - Do full-time Twitch (hopefully it is successful) BUT in the meantime try and get a partnership Problem is can Phil make enough money on Twitch to cover his expenses like YouTube? If he can great, but if not, at least in the meantime while streaming full-time on Twitch, look for a partnership. If a partnership is successful, then go back to YouTube and do that full-time?
  2. When I hear people say that Nioh is harder then Dark Souls, it got me paranoid in thinking that I downloaded a different version of the game from PSN (easier review version), because there is no way in hell Nioh is harder, even if you ain't using the OP cheap spear as your main weapon. - Enemies pretty much start their attack before you are even in range for them to hit you. Can just wait until they finish and then start hitting them - Enemies telegraph their attacks, so you know what to do and can easily take advantage - Bosses also telegraph their attacks, so you know when to dodge before hand and they also have very limited attack patterns - AI is pretty average as they arent aggressive enough and like I said start attacking before you are even in range. I consider myself someone who is only average at Dark Souls, so if I've only died 23 times so far (Up to mission 8), then there is something wrong with the difficulty of this game. The above points are the big reasons. No way this is harder then Dark Souls. I honestly am baffled and this is coming from someone who is only average at Dark Souls type games. Am I playing a different version? Lol
  3. When I'm finding the game too easy compared to the alpha and Dark Souls and hearing people are having a tough time with this game, I also got paranoid thinking that maybe the digital version (the version I have) was different then the physical version, which is the version some people I spoke to are playing, who are having a tough time. (Even from those who played Dark Souls saying this is tougher) I consider myself someone who is average at Souls/Bloodbourne, so when I'm not finding it hard at all and some others are, makes it hard to believe, since I don't think I'm that good. i guess they really did nerf the difficulty a lot. Alpha demo was just right. As it is, it's way below Dark Souls level difficulty and this is coming from someone who is average at those games.
  4. Just finished the 4th mission. This game is a lot of fun. I love the fast paced combat and looking for secrets is incredibly addictive and fun. Simplistic gameplay but maximum fun. Sadly this can't be said for most FPS's these days Really awesome game. Incredibly surprised
  5. Watch Part 55 Dark Souls 3 Playthrough of Phils - 29:05 Mark The input delay is HUGE. PS4 version is pretty much instant in comparison. There is definitely something wrong. I was thinking Phil has various effects enabled on his HDTV, but he didn't complain in other games. Unsure if his Xbox One Controller firmware has been updated, but again, he didnt complain about input lag in previous Xbox One games he played recently. Seems like a really bad Xbox One port.
  6. I swear when you showed the input delay example in the part you were facing Pontiff Sultvahn boss, my jaw dropped. It's like close to 600ms delay from when you pressed the button , to when you actually rolled. Unsure if this is Microsofts fault or FromSoftware, because the hardware difference between the PS4 & XBox One is minimal, yet the PS4 version is pretty much issue free throughout and no Input delay at all. Maybe it's just a really bad port by FromSoftware? I'm really curious if anyone else experienced this on Xbox One.
  7. I think a lot of it comes down to which you played first. My first Souls game was Demon Souls way back and I thought that was the hardest. But once you become use to the Souls combat and know the boss attack patterns, the difficulty dramatically decreases. Before playing Dark Souls 3, I replayed Demon Souls and Dark Souls, and it was kind of a joke how easy it was really, compared to the first time I played it. I think the thing with the Souls series is once you are accustomed to the gameplay and know the boss patterns, a lot of that difficulty disappears, but of course still enjoyable. Loved Dark Souls 3. The Souls series has come a long way in regards to improvement, since Demon Souls.
  8. I was about to ask how much the game was...$60 for that? WOW
  9. Question regarding how GOTY lists should be made, as I am having difficulty deciding which game out of two, is #1 and which is #2. Out of all games I played, just based on the "amazing experience" I got out of the game, Until Dawn is #1 atm (huge horror fan) and The Witcher 3 is #2, BUT replaying Until Dawn, that enjoyable experience pretty much flatlined, as all the suspense is gone etc. Should that be a factor, or should it only be based on that first play through experience? Secondly, that amazing experience I had with Until Dawn as died down a little from that initial play through after things have calmed down. I guess that's normal. should that be a factor also, or should it be based off that initial experience, fresh during and right after completing the game? If that makes sense interested to hear your thoughts.
  10. He is just pointing out their poor review system. Sites giving MGSV 10/10 when the game has quite a few gameplay flaws in the game is just silly. I agree with him.
  11. Great game but definitely is not a 9.5 or even 9/10 game. Too many flaws for it to be. dont get me wrong, the game is still great. Excellent and really enjoyable stealth mechanics and infiltrating areas and planning your strategy, but here is where the game falls short. incredibly empty open world. Nothing to do outside of the 'bases' except plant gathering and capturing animals.repetitive side missions. Lots of padding. Doing the 'capture the highly skilled soldier' and all those other ones over and over gets boringslow start. Afghan missions really aren't that great. Game starts getting great last mission before Africa and then Africa itself was great. But then comes Part 2 oh boy that a mess.revisiting the same areas over and over for missions. Kind of gets bland and less challenging, as you will already know the best approach for that area, as you have visited it already for the upteenth time.The stealth gameplay is excellent and fun, but is impacted negatively when repeatedly revisiting same areas over and over and also the other points above. Overall 8.5/10 should have stayed linear with more concentration given on varied areas and not revisiting the same area over and over.
  12. Just a luck of the draw. When I played the PC version, it crashed a few times in Gwent and had some floating people. Thankfully I didnt run into the 'No XP' bug. I am on a second playthrough on the PS4. Apart from a couple of crashes and floating people, just like the PC version, I have not run into any other bugs yet, but am only roughly 12 hours into my PS4 playthrough. Haven't had the 'No XP' bug on the PS4 version either (I assume they patched this for PS4 as well)
  13. Oh boy this can not be further from the truth. Where ever you heard this, probably someone trolling The game looks A M A Z I N G. Photo realistic at times (when you get the right time of day/lighting). Without question the best looking game on PS4. I am honestly amazed they were able to pull this off, considering the type of hardware that is in the PS4 and this is jumping straight to the PS4 version for my second playthrough after playing it on PC I cannot comment on the XBONE version. Only PC & PS4. Would assume it's not that different graphically compared to PC/PS4.
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