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  1. ​It can also be a biased account of facts, especially when the subject, you in this instance, has a history of removing fact if it doesn't make you appear in the best light or claiming to have invented let's plays and raw gameplay. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would know the best persin to write such a wiki would be a neutral party that is open to giving both sides, not those invested in detracting and certainly not the person who the wiki is about. Truth/fact should be just that, it should be honest in its intentions and not one persons skewed account of the facts. And this blanket statement of 'misinformation negativity found in montages' etc won't cut it anymore, you are going to have to stop referencing it or give examples based in fact as that type of dismissal carries no weight whatsoever.
  2. For clarification purposes, I believe you said Isaiah 'Triforce' Johnson had a faggot mouth once as part of some rant. Though you DID sound really angry and sometimes you have to be a man.
  3. ​Only evidence of bullying and attacking I have seen was in stream chat. Unsurprisingly big DSP fan TheDoctor5437 has no moderation against him. The reason for this is quite self explanatory.
  4. I used the toilet. Unfortunately it's an old one
  5. 1. "These Judge Dredd pics are hilario,,,,,,,,,wait a minute, oh, I see" 2. "Time to be a real man and moderate people, hang on there's no threads left. Damnit"
  6. DSP Tries It: Following Through.​
  7. Special secret recipe Italian sauce, stirred to perfection
  8. 1. ​Disappointed that the stomach won't be full of food bc the burger is smaller now? You're eating for the wrong reasons. Food for thought. 2. This food is so gr-easy
  9. ​I think the point with the whole Saints Row series, at least from 3, is that you DON'T take it seriously. Not everything has to be super cereal or serious adult. A bit of juvenility isn't a bad thing.
  10. Misawa vs Kawada - AJPW Triple Crown June 3rd 1994 Samoa Joe vs CM Punk 2 - Ring of Honor Oct 16th 2004 Blood Generation (CIMA, Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino) vs. Do Fixer (Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito) - Ring of Honor: Supercard of Honor
  11. Phil can learn from his mistakes, he can admit to making them more [we all do] and can stop being economical with the truth. IMO there are at least two classic games he said he played in the past where I don;t think he did, one definitely. There's no shame in admitting you missed them first time around, even if they're games most people will have played. Cut out the pointless humour, the forced catchphrases and most of all start interacting with the people who help pay your way in life, without them he is nothing, don;t use them as human charity collection tins and stop being so abrasive to people for nothing more than a difference of opinion. And start creating longer videos.
  12. ​Or maybe just not do those kind of jokes at all. That would be the sensible grown up option.
  13. ​Neither are 30+ year old Bronies. Please post evidence of British people and French being not real. And remember, screenshots aren't proof. "So...I don't understand how anyone, unless they were trying to slander me, could say I was "racist" without any kind of concrete proof" "My advice to you is, if you don't like racial-style humor, I'm probably not for you. It won't come up ALL the time but it WILL come up" It's 2015, who would have thought we would still have people who admit using racially offensive 'comedy' and be so brazen about it. You would think this sort of thing died out with 1970's British sitcoms That's my two pence worth anyway
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