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  1. Phil, I've noticed you had some trouble with the werewolf. Here's a tip: Dwimeryt Bomb is the most significant of his weaknesses. If you see him activate regen just toss it at him and disables it, although I'm not sure if it does so for the entire duration of the fight. If you plan using signs on a regular basis I suggest investing further into the magic tree and sign intensity, because without those the spells getrather subpar later on. I would also suggest reading about Ciri and the Wild Hunt in the character panel. There are a few oddities concering them which might confuse you later on wit
  2. Well, the fact that people weren't that interested in the content of yesterday's stream is understandable. An outsider might still enjoy the story being driven by someone else, but the thrill of making your character grow by finding cash/weapons/ability points is a rather personal feeling and it is simply reduced to nothing when you watch another person do it. Still, hearing Phil denounce the game's side content so early on is really damn unexpected and weird. Large chunks of his massive Skyrim playthrough are filled with exploring generic and uninspired dungeons. Large chunks of his DA:I play
  3. ​I don't really think so. Phil did the main quest of the prologue + the 3-4 story driven side quests rather quickly and then he was free to open up the rest of the world. However, he did decide to do some extended exploring, which involved very basic treasure hunting and fighting hordes of familiar bandits/wolfes/ghouls. Of course he would get a bit bored. But keep in mind that he exhausted all the story driven quests for this area, so there was no possiblity of mixing things up. Now there are tons of city hubs around filled with good stuff. Fedex quests are kept to a mininum. Most of the ques
  4. Honestly, I don't know what Phil did expect of out treasure hunting and map exploring. It isn't meant to be overly exciting and certainly isn't the focus of the game. The actual side quests found in the villages/cities (like contracts, for instance) are some of the best in an open world game. Keep in mind that DA:I being fedex bonanza didn't prevent him from drooling all over the game and doing a two month (?) long PT, so there is little excuse for him to denounce this one so early on. Edit: typos
  5. ​The playthrough was already ruined where the survivor rank glitch happened and threw the game balance upside down. I'm surprised he decided to put up with it and continue on. Anyhow, I watched the last batch of videos. His frustration was completely justified. No gamer should be forced to humbly and silently endure such nonsense. First Watch Dogs, then AC: Unity, then Lords of the Fallen, now this...I personally hope there will be more vocal reactions against unfinished products, not less, or else situations like these will become the norm.
  6. Wolfenstein and Bayonetta not making even top 10 made me raise my eyebrows, but at the same time he definitely caught my attention now. Very interested what the top 3 will be like.
  7. Actually, the first thread was closed because it was deemed a hopeless case; specifically, because it would naturally (inevitably?) lead to flame wars. Of course we can discuss whether such judgement is correct or not, but if it is, then Phil made the right decision locking the other one - for it would simply mean more of the same.
  8. I think this line of thought is too fatalistic. If Phil was indeed immune to change then we would still have the 30-40 minute long prestreams full of complaining about views/personals problems. He wouldn't think of initiating a discussion about doing more edited montages.
  9. ​Well, there are exceptions, but in general I must agree. From his library of 2014 Playthroughs I can pick a handful that are good, with none of them being very good; certainly nothing on the same level as his PTs of Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, Silent Hill or the Arkham/Mass Effect/Fallout series. This post does a good job of pointing out nearly all that is wrong with his current style of humor. Nevertheless, I disagree with some points: 1. About the "non-comformist" thing, I doubt Phil thinks that disegarding the game's instructions or conventions makes him a better person. He probably think
  10. Hmm, wasn't the "Plummeting Morals..." the only one to be locked?
  11. With the intent of breaking this unberable unanimity and perhaps sparking some practical controversly, I will now add my own thoughts to this thread. You see, I actually think Phil was right (though perhaps "justified" is a better term) when he made the decision to lock the other topic. I understand that people are disappointed, since Phil's answer to the idea of a debate was rather cold and unsatisfactionary. However, he did provide a brief, yet clear reasoning behind his reluctance. Maybe it was correct, maybe it was not, I don't know. In fact, I still don't know, because nobody thought to r
  12. The big problem with the sexual/racial humor is not that it is offensive or rude, but that it is guilty of commiting the biggest sin that any joke could possibly commit - it is not funny. There are exceptions of course. To be honest, I was never amused by it even in Phil's earlier years. He would usually resort to it as a sort of cheap filler, when he couldn't quite find the wit needed to make a truly good joke. However, recently it seems that Phil has made (perhaps somewhat subconsciously) this sort of humor the main star of the show. Do I think Phil is washed-up? No. I did find his recent WW
  13. ​I actually disagree with this approach. There exists great risk of such apology not ending an argument, but starting it. If Phil did apologize, then it would no doubt attract some very concerned individuals (and who can assure their concern would be sincere or not?) that would have Phil apologize for all his other wrongdoings as well. Perhaps he should also apologize for his unjust review of Dark Souls? Perhaps he should apologize lashing out at League of Legends players? Perhaps he should apologize for the numerous feuds he had with other Internet personas? Perhaps he should even apologize f
  14. Yes, but that happened only after the unfortunate and awkward incident where Phil had to pledge not ban anyone personally. If they decide to invade the forums and cause trouble they'll just get booted, there really is no need to stuff a sock into our mouth out of fear of a few hellraisers.
  15. The controversial side of Phil was very visible as early as 2009. The reason why it wasn't detrimental to his content is: 1. It was initially done in a corner. Aside from notoriously calling everyone a scrub during SF matches or the Friend Ridicule videos, there wasn't too much negative emotion to be found. People simply assumed it was a small stain on largely positive character. 2. It was well channeled. His demolition job of the gaming media and the underserved praise for Halo 3: ODST was warmly welcomed because he was right. His rant against poorly thought out Youtube website design was war
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