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  1. Pointless side stuff?? The game had one of the best side quests of any game i've ever played.
  2. You know that he is only quoting a Black Sabbath song?
  3. What's gotten you down? cheer up mate, It's christams time :)
  4. It's been awhile.. What's up, community?
  5. There are only two reasons why people are against gay marriage.. either they're stupid or they are secretly worried that dicks are delicious.
  6. PC. If I know that the console version is way better than the PC version, I choose the console version.
  7. I really don't see why people are against gay marriage. How does it affect you personally? It doesn't.
  8. Nice going USA. Love finally wins. Seeing some of the comments heres makes me sick.
  9. ​That would be like replacing a t-bone steak with a hamburger patty.
  10. Just stop trying guys.. it's no use with this guy. Save your time as Phil will only look at the post and label it as "hating" etc.
  11. People are just wasting their time and effort when they try to help Phil. He is so arrogant that there is no talking to him.
  12. Deryu

    Quote Bug

    Seems that the decision of choosing IPS was the wrong one and it bites everyone, Phil included, in the ass.
  13. Deryu

    Quote Bug

    In addition to links not working, YT videos not showing, there also seems to be a bug with the quote function. If you put some text in quote, it doesn't show.
  14. There are some people who feel Daniel Bryan might be leaving WWE after his strange behavior at last night's Royal Rumble event. Shaheen, co-host of the The Hot Tag Podcast, Daniel Bryan did not interact with any of the fans after being eliminated from the Rumble: “Not exactly sure what happened, but we were near backstage and he walked right by all of us,” Shaeen said. “We said hello and he paused, looked at us with a blank stare and then walked off. He looked super pissed and completely ignored all of is. It was very awkward to say the least.” “It was really weird,” he added. “I know people w
  15. ​Raw will air from the WWE HQ and they will be airing something.. SmackDown will air live on Thursday and the things WWE had planned for Raw will happen on SmackDown.
  16. I was live at the Royal Rumble PPV in Philadelphia last night, and to say the crowd was unhappy with the finish of the event is an understatement. From my perspective, it seemed like fans were less upset with Roman Reigns winning the rumble match, but more upset with the way it went down. Virtually no one cared that Big Show and Kane were part of the “final four,” and that added to the deflation of the crowd’s enthusiasm prior to Reigns actually winning the match. I’m not sure how it came off on TV, but massive “we want a refund” chants were taking place from the live crowd in Philly after the
  17. Now there are some rumors that Daniel Bryan might quit. Man, some people have a wild imagination.
  18. WWE has screwed Roman. The rocketpack push doesn't work for anyone and people will hate you no matter who you are. What they should have done is push him slowly toward the main event and let people get used to him. The rocket pack push doesn't work for anyone.
  19. ​I would take a lot of the news with a grain of salt as people love to stir the internet with bogus news.
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