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  1. BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is fucking hilarious.
  2. Even if Phil gets through this difficult situation, is this how he wants to live for the rest of his life? Surviving month to month, what kind of a life is that? What if he falls ill? His detractors are never going away so you can guarantee they will always be trying to bring him down, i just fail to see how anyone could be happy living like this. He looks like a broken man at this time, and all this shit will definitely have an effect on his long term health. There comes a time when you have to take stock of your life and think fuck it i can't do this anymore. Bite the bul
  3. But AngryJoe isn't failing, and Phil clearly is, his Youtube boat has sunk never mind sinking, his videos barely get any views, what worked for him before is clearly not working now, wouldn't it be nice to see a new invigorated Phil rather than the one we see now? I have a life outside these forums it's not for me to make suggestions on how Phil should improve, he seems a very intelligent guy he will work it out himself eventually., he has too.
  4. This is the biggest load of bollox i've read on this forum and that is saying something. So how is Phil not changing going for him? He's been on Youtube for 10 years ffs. If it wasn't for Twitch he would be fucked right now. His Youtube channel has months left if he's lucky, when he tried something different ie KOGaming it was going well but he never capitalised on that success and so the channel died. You know if i didn't know any better i would say you are a detractor in disguise, because asking Phil not to change is exactly what they want.
  5. Not a good idea in my opinion, a drunk Phil will just end up insulting more of his fans, which can't be good.
  6. There's only so much money to go round, if Phil is getting money from tips, cheers and subscribers on twitch then it's no surprise his Patreon has taken a hit. It's simple mathematics.
  7. For once i agree with you, but maybe Phil shouldn't be posting every aspect of his life on Twitter and Instagram.
  8. Hopefully my copy will be here tomorrow.
  9. At least i'm not an ass licker like you, maybe you should lick your pet Amityville's ass :D
  10. I wasn't lecturing you i was just pointing out to you, that the owner of this site doesn't want anything to do with detractors, which i assume includes starting threads about them. You don't seem to get that.
  11. It's the reason me and the majority of fans like Phil. The only thing i dislike is his raging in fighting games and the disrespect he shows his opponent when he gets beaten, so there's lag and cheating going on, so what, a bit of humility goes a long way.
  12. Well he accused me of wanting to be an american, to which i replied i didn't, because i am happy being Italian. I had intended on letting this go but it seems Rambo likes to converse with me, maybe he's a lonely boy?
  13. I'm Italian actually, i don't want to be American lol
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