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  1. Has Phil ever played Manhunt 2? It would be hilarious to see Phil play that if he hasn't
  2. People have made threads wanting to criticize Phils behaviors but what about the guys who love to antagonize Phil? for one thing they take a lot of stuff out of context to make Phil look bad, and they are also way too sensitive about things Phil says. Like they say he was "a psycho" for being glad that stupid dog suffered in walking dead, but seriously fuck that stupid dog. I just don't get how these people suddenly turn into the most sensitive pussies on the planet as soon as Phil says something off the cuff. I don't get it.
  3. Metallica once said "yeah we are sell-outs, we sell out every arena we go to!" people bash Metallica for all kinds of reasons, but if they buy the ticket then they go to the show. If they don't like Metallica then they don't watch the show. if you don't like Phil just pull the dick out of your mouth for a second and stop watching
  4. Just watched Fast and The furious 5 Amazing film 10/10
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    Punk Music

    I have 3 of their albums and saw them live with Rise Against. How are they not punk? I don't think you know what punk is
  6. iwan_theon

    Punk Music

    linkin park is more like a punk rap band
  7. iwan_theon

    Punk Music

    Linkin Park is my favorite punk band
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    So it looks like it's Rockys turn to train the late Apollo Creeds son Adonis Johnson. This movie stars Michael B Jordan and the whimsical Sylvester Stallone. i am very excited for this movie, I love all Rocky movies well except 5
  9. your not doing a very good job of explaining why it's ok, considering you probably don't even know the original definition of marriage. hey, gays can get married. Doesn't mean my church or will recognize or my bakery will bake gay wedding cakes.
  10. I'm not belittling anyone I am defending the honor of Christian marriage, if you don't like it that's your problem.
  11. It's not bigoted to think gay marriage is not right. its in the bible, but again you people who think it's so normal probably think being a transgender non binary vegan pagan liberal communist is cool too
  12. Well if Adam and Eve weren't made for love why did God make them gender soecific? Huh???
  13. God made Adam and Eve, not ADAM AND STEVE! not trying to rant but sometimes you have to fight for your beliefs
  14. I think it's a bunch of balogna, barely passed, almost half of the Supreme Court voted against it. i don't support it and it frustrates me that people try to suppress my opinion
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