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  1. If you are sedentary, yes. That's not physical work. That's called living. You live a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Your job requires you to spend many hours sitting. People with jobs like that are at a much higher risk of developing a blood clot or other health related issues. Someone who sits for most of the day should be doing at least 20 minutes of cardio 4-7 days a week. That's physical work. Doesn't mean you have to sprint non stop. Simply brisk walking is good enough. I'm not really worried about your health. But I would be if I were you. You should at least be monitoring
  2. You once called him a "cock sucking motherfucker" and that he's "an asshole with no quality". Pretty sure that counts as personal insults.
  3. Manhunt I Am Alive (An xbox 360/ps3, now available for backwards compatibility) You missed out on this game when it came out a few years ago. It's a post apocalyptic game. Good story, great music, challenging gameplay at times. Only about 6-8 hours long. Has about 75% review rating on metacritic. Just an FYI Fallout 1 and or Fallout 2. You can currently buy both on steam for like 2 bucks each.
  4. Never said it was mine. Hence the quotes on it. It was a copypasta that I have had saved for a few years. Just didn't know the official site was up. It was actually shut down a few years ago. Nice job side stepping the point though. Didn't expect for you to have a rebutal
  5. Once again. Humans. Are. Animals. Humans. Are. Apes. You clearly don't even have a high school level education when it comes to biology. And yet you want to argue what is "defying" our own biology. And that also seems to be your only argument against gay marriage. "You are a metabolic organism. As such, you are basically a collection of replicative proteins that function according to metabolic chemical reactions and processes. A virus is similar, in that it too is a replicative protein complete with mutable DNA and RNA, just as you have. But viruses lack metabolism, and so may not be considere
  6. A lot of wrong in this topic. First of all, the United States of America is a constitutional republic. Not a democracy. This is important because this helps prevent the majority from oppressing the minority despite what the majority votes upon. (Think slavery, segregation, womens rights, etc..) Second, we are animals. We are also primates. So this "hurr animals don't do this or haven't been in space" is untrue. Homosexuality is natural. There are many species outside of homos apiens that have it. Here is one for example (in fact, the species is all female and yet they manage to reproduce; just
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