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  1. Gears 1 on any difficulty above medium Hulk 2003 Any Modern Ninja Gaiden that can be emulated Mother 3 Super Meat Boy Ghouls N Ghosts Postal or Postal 2 Street Fighter 5 (lol don't do this one, the other's are serious though)
  2. I'm just telling him that because it's winning the poll.
  3. The one reason that I say to NOT play Battle for Bikini Bottom is that there is a remake coming next year, with additional content and everything, so maybe wait off until then. :)
  4. Manhunt Knights of the Old Republic Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (2nd run) or Morrowind Super Mario 64 Postal or Postal 2 Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Braid Hitman: Blood Money Finish Okami
  5. Hey Phil, I am in college, and a lot of my friends are gamers like I am. Over the last year or so, I have noticed that these friends are prone to rage over these games, to the point where one even broke his controller. This is a trend I have seen, where games cause rage among people where they smash keyboards, chairs, even the TV or monitor that they were playing on.While I know that fans of all sorts of media get mad over certain things, I see more rage in gamers and more extreme rage in gamers (like to the point of smashing things). Why do you think gamers are more prone to rage than other media outlets?
  6. Whats up, Phil? What's your thoughts on the growing indie scene in wrestling? (i.e. Ring of Honor, WhatCulture Pro-Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling,etc.) Are these companies part of a new wave of entertainment, or are they just something that Vince McMahon can poach wrestlers from?
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