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  1. Hey Phil i have 2 questions which tbh don’t relate a lot to each other but wanted your opinions on these topics First of all I really feel like I have lost my love for gaming. I have been what many people class as a gamer since 2007 when I was only 6 years old, however I feel that over the past year or 2 I’ve slowly become disinterested in what modern gaming has to offer. Ive switched consoles multiple times during this current generation and feel as though we’ve been promised the world and told everything we wanna hear but these promises never materialise. I mean my xbox one is esse
  2. I have 2 questions With youtube having the adpocalypse, algorithms that promote drama videos and gaming channels having to edit their lets plays and do weird and dumb challenges like dying their hair pink do you think content creators who want to do youtube videos the way they want will actually be able to grow? For example i have been a youtuber since 2013 and i do my playthroughs in a similar style to you and in those 5 years I'm at 152 subs. My second question is Do you think more gaming youtubers will migrate to streaming sites like twitch or mixer?
  3. Hey Phil Earlier this year my local video game retailer Grainger Games closed down with very little explanation apart from some news outlets discussing their financial ìssues and a few weeks later there were news reports talking about more high street stores having financial problems. My question is Do you think we are nearing the end of physical media, going into actual stores for shopping and physical money? I think part of this is likely as more people are going digital when buying games, online stores are taking over and cryptocurrency like bitcoin are becoming more mai
  4. Hey phil I have GCSE exams coming up in mid may. I am confident that i will be fine when it comes to the exams but do you have any tips for revising? Did you get nervous when you had your exams? (i don't know what you call high school exams in the states) I have already had mock exams and i have another set of mocks coming in march, i will be announcing a significant amount of time off from youtube and I'm revising the stuff i need to work on. Keep up the good work and keep it DSPositive
  5. This thread is for those who are interested in playing Sea of Thieves with Phil when the game releases on March 20th.
  6. Hey phil There has neen a movement on the internet where people are claiming to be "woke". This movement claim that the illuminati exist, they have all celebrities under mind control programming called MK Ultra, all celebrites are satanists (a bit of a stretch but whatever) and some celebrities are robots. The evidence they have is clips of celebrities acting really weird in TV for example when wendy williams passed out. My question is What is your opinion on these people making these claims? Do you think that the mainstream media is hiding things from us to keep us under contro
  7. Hey Phil I've been on youtube for 4 years making gaming videos and playthroughs and i have 85 subs. Since you've been around the block i wanted your opinion on something. How did you keep your viewers interested and coming back to watch your content? Do you think it'll be possible for any new gaming channels to get recognised with YouTube's crappy system? Thanks for the great content and stay awsome
  8. Hey phil What happened to your retro replay series? Do you think it would be a good time to bring it back since the xbox 360 and PS3 are fasing out? I think it would be good for your newer audience who never watched you play those older games Thanks for the content Chrissy
  9. Hey phil I've been a fan of yours since late 2013. I am partially sighted and wanted to ask do you think games should introduce more accessibility features for example larger text or bolder fonts. A lot more people are playing games these days so it would be cool to see devs recognise that and make games playable to everyone. Keep up the good work and enjoy your day.
  10. hey phil have you ever gotten any of the monthly free PS plus games or xbox live games with gold? there have been some really good ones over the years and i think Not a Hero on PS4 will be free with PS plus soon you should get a couple of this months free games to use as downtime playthroughs
  11. hey phil i have been a viewer of yours since late 2013 and have loved your content so far. I know you like playing retro games and i was wondering, will you ever get the NES classic it has 30 of nintendo's best games and i think you could do some awsome playthroughs. It would be great for a Patreon goal too. Keep up the good work from Chris
  12. with the xbox one having backwards compatibility i think Phil should do a backwards compatibility marathon stream as a Patreon Goal
  13. Hey Phil i've been a follower since late 2013 and i know you never really do second playthroughs (unless its Fallout) but with Microsoft releasing backwards compatibility for the xbox one back in november 2015 would you consider taking advantage of the feature and doing second playthroughs of games like mirrors edge or assassins creed for example or even use it for when they add older fighting games to go back to those. personally i'm waiting for them to add the BIGS 2 Baseball and assassins creed 3 to the list
  14. hey Phil with the recent news on Sony discontinuing the PlayStation TV in Japan what do you thiink the future of the Vita will bring? and would you ever purchase a PSTV for Vita game pplaythroughs? thanks
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