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  1. Depends on what type of shipping you picked, it took my FE 3DS faceplates to get to me in around 2-3 weeks.
  2. So far FFIX is pretty fantastic on PC, I like you can use the most to point anywhere on the screen though i might just use a controller just for authenticity lol
  3. Thats because the Wii U port was made alongside the PC version and I'm pretty sure Nintendo paid to keep it console exclusive for a whole year not to mention they got co-op and amiibo support exclusive on it too.
  4. Make it $8.95 and you got a deal
  5. Hmm so far the reviews on it are pretty good, should I take the chance and see if its a good port?
  6. Whaaat? Why not just port the PS1 version? Why does we need this bullshit?
  7. Okay I will agree that they should have just bounded link to one form so that it could have been even. At least Ocarina of time link with all weapons from that game versus cloud and his starter weapons with all limits
  8. Well I could see some bias there with that but the facts are the facts
  9. Well to be fair there is only so much they can find out from a videogame compared to an animated series like rwby which isn't bound by the logic of videogames. The closest thing they did have to a fair comparison was advent children which did show off how powerful tifa could be and its not as powerful as yang
  10. Uhh I'm pretty sure Yang completely outshines Tifa in every aspect. Even when Tifa ha all her best equipment she still got destroyed by yang when she powered up.
  11. Well if you like Zelda esque games you'll probably enjoy it.
  12. Me neither, seems like he's the reason for the dark ages in comic book films back in the 2000's though some of that is probably the studios fault too. Considering that sony wanted Sam Raimi to shoehorn in venom in the 3rd movie when he had no plans to include him in it.
  13. Wow thats alot of terrible things he did lol... I'm more sad that we could have had an amazing daredevil movie instead of the shit we got back in 2003.
  14. Well thats it then, if the SOK guys won't derail it all then whats stopping Phil from doing it? In all honesty it would help him out and the charity he's sponsoring so why is there is such an issue here?
  15. Yeah i'd be up for discord, if its as good as you say it is I wouldn't mind trying it out.
  16. Rape is a very serious accusation, obviously if a woman comes out and says that shes been raped by someone especially a famous youtuber people are gonna talk. Its sad to say but even if Toby is let off the hook he's always going to be stuck with the stigma of potentially being a rapist for the rest of his life.
  17. So what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Honestly I'll just hold my accusations until we got solid concrete evidence on this matter.
  18. I'm up for any other chat that isn't IRC. IRC just looks so terrible and bland.
  19. Well to be fair Ratchet and Clank isn't being sold at a full price compared to Tomb Raider so at least it has that over DS3. But I will agree that Sony should have released on a different date.
  20. So is anyone else picking up Ratchet and Clank? lol Tbh I'm more excited for that than DS3, I'll probably pick it up on a later sale on PC.
  21. Didn't the ps4 version of MGS 5 run at 1080p/60fps though?
  22. Yeah plus not all glitches are used for speedruns. Take for exmaple this speedrun of RE4 which only used two map glitches out of the dozens in the game. Most of it is just taking shortcuts and knowing how the enemies behavior work and damage necessary to kill them. Its pretty much pure skill.
  23. Well I have been looking at weird skyrim mods, anime episodes, and other stuff so thats pretty why lol
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