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  1. i liked the first transformers dispite it having massive problems, Transformers 2 i haven't seen since it got came out in cinemas. Transformers 3 i watched halfway through and got bored. Transformers:AOE i remember finding mildly entertaining but now i just find it really droning to watch. I really like Micheal Bay's Bad Boys (excited for 3 and 4!), i've heard good things about The Rock and Pain And Gain is a guilty pleasure of mine. But Micheal's Bay other movies i just really don't like, i honestly don't have much faith in transformers 5 now but who knows it could end up decent like the fir
  2. i haven't seen Fantastic Four but i am curious despite the massive amount of negative reception it got.
  3. it can be from any movie, one scene that comes to mind for me is The Birth of Sandman scene from Spiderman 3.
  4. Pain and Gain directed by Micheal Bay, seriously some of the choices the characters make and the overall concept is enough to be a guilty pleasure movie.
  5. The Dark Knight, that movie puts you on the edge of your seat and none of the scenes are pointless so you never feel bored.
  6. haven't seen the movie but i love the poster.
  7. House of the dead for me by a landslide, now to be fair i haven't actually seen this movie in full although i have seen CinemaSins video on it so i have seen a fair bit and oh lord from what ive seen its possibly the worst movie ever made and here are the reasons why: -The plot makes no sense, we follow these teenagers to go to some rave party on an island (you know exactly like the game am i right) and then they go to another island for no reason what so ever which coincidentally. not only does it not make sense, it dosen't follow any sort of cohesive sense nor does the plot flow smoothly at
  8. i personally prefer Mortal Kombat because i have not played street fighter that much but i thought it would make for an interesting thread.
  9. Favorite Genres: Fighting Games (i am a noob to them but i want to get better), Puzzle Games (or games with puzzles, i really like to be challenged), RPGS & JRPGS (im also a noob to JRPGS but i do enjoy them), Adventure Games/ Point and Clicks, Story Driven Games (stuff like Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us, this one might be my #1 favourite because im a fan of movies and i love getting invested into characters and stories if there good of course) Least Favorite: Sports Games (there WAY too hard to get into)
  10. awesome, some of my favourites are Johnny Cage, Vincent from Catherine (the guy just reminds me of myself, except for the cheating), Lara Croft, Tali from Mass Effect and Garrius from Mass Effect
  11. they can be from any franchise as long as its gaming related
  12. so far ive just been playing Mortal Kombat X and Catherine, i also plan to start playing Grim Fandango Remastered for PS4
  13. im not the most familiar with RPGS, but i really like JRPGS like Final Fantasy
  14. hi, i am very new to anime, i have seen a few popular series like Dragon Ball Z, attack on titan and death note, are there any other series people would recommend me?, i don't like the anime's with excessive fan service or harems, other than that, im all ears.
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