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  1. Hi, dude! I know, I'm a bit late for submitting questions. I don't know if you remember me, but during your end-of-year 2017 rally, I did a 100, 200, 400 (for shits and giggles) tips. I didn't end up with the largest - you had a 1000 tip that night that was fucking epic. (btw - I did have an immediate after-experience of being PM'ed by trolls, and I eventually learned - just 'don't feed them', by not responding!) I really do like that you're a variety game streamer - I just watched Shadows of the Colossus, something I don't remember seeing before. It's nice to see new stuff! The
  2. Hi Phil - for lack of anything particularly pertinent to ask, I guess I'll go with: how's you're health these days? I hope good. You've previously shared health issues, and you've had *quite* a year, with significant stressors, but I am heartened by your constant positive energy. (Energizer Bunny meme??? ha) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to attend streams lately (work & family & life!), but I try to catch up on your playthroughs whenever I can. (PUBG is the current one - ohhhh man!) Truth be told, my work break between Christmas and New Years is going to be a DSP watching fest
  3. Question 1 is interesting, and I'd love to personally meet Phil sometime. Not that I think that's gonna happen. And I understand why. It'd be really great if there was a Patreon-only event or somesuch, but I have such doubts trusting the jackasses that invest such interest investing in harming Phil. Question 2 is of course (not you LegendofMania, the topic) totally fucked up and whatnot. I guess it's a "haters gonna hate" situation, but I agree with Phil, it's outright theft of content. (requisite statement of FUCK YOUTUBE) Honestly, I don't even know if he has ever/can/will claim co
  4. Hi Phil - congratulations on your engagement! This is not so much a question, as more of a possible idea. (I decided to post this because you tweeted you wanted more questions) In your gaming schedule update video, you explained the situation with Danganronpa 3, and how you could only post the 1st chapter on youtube. Since you're in a unique situation with the makers, with them a) personally thanking you for the exposure from your prior playthrough, and b) offering a free copy of Danganronpa 3, could you maybe talk with them and see if they'd be willing to let you do a graduated pl
  5. Hello Phil! I'm glad that your switch to twitch has worked out well for you. Hope your business continues to grow and thrive, as I really enjoy your playthroughs! When you switched over, I remember you saying that one of the reasons you chose to do so was that you figured out a way to stream live in one resolution, and record in another resolution. This addressed the specific issue of Twitch having a hissy-fit with streaming at 1080p60. And for awhile, I could swear you were doing exactly that - streaming in a lower resolution for Twitch, and recording a higher resolution for Yout
  6. Hi Phil - couple questions, related to your recent changes: 1) With your streaming move to Twitch, and now with two different supporter revenue streams (i.e. Patreon and Twitch subscriptions), could you do a segment on how we might support you best, or alternatively, how fans can get the 'best bang for the buck'? I know the answer might also depend on what *type* of supporter the person is - for example, I watch your playthroughs on Youtube way more than watch you livestream (due to work - but, I was very lucky to have been 'sick' during your Until Dawn playthroughs - that was great!), b
  7. Hi Phil - longtime viewing fan, and patron since pretty much when you first started offering that. In my mind, the entertainment I've gotten from your channel is way more bang for the buck than other paid commercial channels, such as Netflix, etc. Good stuff! My question is: if you a) tried to do a special Patreon push, or b) if one (or group) of your supporters was willing and able to donate a large enough amount for you to consider purchasing another windows machine, would you be willing to reconsider your decision to not do PC playthroughs? You've repeatedly described your reaso
  8. Question 1: What are your thoughts on flight/space simulator games in general (do you play/enjoy them, or just not your cup of tea?), and Star Citizen in particular? Any plans to give it a try? Question 2: boxers or briefs? ;-) jjd
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