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  1. ThatUniqueGuy

    Saying goodbye

    Hi, guys - Gifted Guy here. Just got banned from the stream chat, again. If you go to "Has DSP ever disappointed you?", you'll be able to catch up on what happened. I have no problem with being banned from the chat (well, I do actually but I have to watch what I say here right?). But I do have a problem with being insulted for no reason. Calling me a bipolar idiot - someone with Aspergers no less - that's crossing the line. I'll be honest here, I was never a fan. I came here to interact with people because I've been feeling isolated over the past few years. The "detractor" community has been a lot more welcome than this one. And I'm so tired of them being falsely accused of "trolling", "hating" - it's ludicrous. So I must leave you - these things happen. And DSP, godspeed to you. Because you've made a lot of people angry. Me, most of all. I'm done here. Farewell.......
  2. ThatUniqueGuy

    Has DSP ever disappointed you?

    Not drama - and he kind of asks for it. He hasn't changed that much in the last few years. Oh well. :(
  3. ThatUniqueGuy

    Has DSP ever disappointed you?

    Firstly - fan interaction's actually a good thing. Secondly - I don't think it was as one sided as that. Perhaps Twitch wasn't the place for someone like Phil.
  4. ThatUniqueGuy

    Fallout 4 DLC announcement Season pass going up in price.

    The Mechanist is back! You know, that one guy from that one quest in Fallout 3. ;D
  5. ThatUniqueGuy

    Has DSP ever disappointed you?

    With respect - how? From what I've seen, the fan interaction is a lot better over there. Plus there's more options for customisation (emotes, name colour changes etc.). He had quite a following over there and all of a sudden, he left. I don't care what excuses he gave - if he was still over there, I think he'd be in a better position. Just throwing in my five cents here. That was quite loaded lol.
  6. ThatUniqueGuy

    Introduce Yourself

    You've been here a while so that's not true. Just being helpful. :)
  7. ThatUniqueGuy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Got doctor's appointment tomorrow. After recent events, it's extremely welcome. :)
  8. ThatUniqueGuy

    Hits of the Week

    That's okay. I just meant that he shouldn't just rely on views. Apology accepted. :D
  9. ThatUniqueGuy

    why do people play video games

    To get away from reality since it can suck at times. That's very true for me at the moment.
  10. ThatUniqueGuy

    Forum Rules & Regulations

    A query section (or FAQS) should be made available. At the least. a help centre of some kind so that people don't have to keep asking the mods for assistance.
  11. ThatUniqueGuy

    Hits of the Week

    Apart from the dumb part, I agree.
  12. ThatUniqueGuy

    Hits of the Week

    Well, that's a shame. I guess views still matter. :(
  13. ThatUniqueGuy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Freaking awesome! XD
  14. Had a feeling this'd happen. Not too sorry since Lionhead seems to have been dropping the ball. Mainly because of Peter Molyneux.
  15. ThatUniqueGuy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    That's true - as far I see it, there aren't any sides. Even if there are, it's not that important. I guess I lost sight of that.