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  1. Hi, guys - Gifted Guy here. Just got banned from the stream chat, again. If you go to "Has DSP ever disappointed you?", you'll be able to catch up on what happened. I have no problem with being banned from the chat (well, I do actually but I have to watch what I say here right?). But I do have a problem with being insulted for no reason. Calling me a bipolar idiot - someone with Aspergers no less - that's crossing the line. I'll be honest here, I was never a fan. I came here to interact with people because I've been feeling isolated over the past few years. The "detractor
  2. Not drama - and he kind of asks for it. He hasn't changed that much in the last few years. Oh well. :(
  3. Firstly - fan interaction's actually a good thing. Secondly - I don't think it was as one sided as that. Perhaps Twitch wasn't the place for someone like Phil.
  4. The Mechanist is back! You know, that one guy from that one quest in Fallout 3. ;D
  5. With respect - how? From what I've seen, the fan interaction is a lot better over there. Plus there's more options for customisation (emotes, name colour changes etc.). He had quite a following over there and all of a sudden, he left. I don't care what excuses he gave - if he was still over there, I think he'd be in a better position. Just throwing in my five cents here. That was quite loaded lol.
  6. You've been here a while so that's not true. Just being helpful. :)
  7. Got doctor's appointment tomorrow. After recent events, it's extremely welcome. :)
  8. That's okay. I just meant that he shouldn't just rely on views. Apology accepted. :D
  9. To get away from reality since it can suck at times. That's very true for me at the moment.
  10. A query section (or FAQS) should be made available. At the least. a help centre of some kind so that people don't have to keep asking the mods for assistance.
  11. Apart from the dumb part, I agree.
  12. Well, that's a shame. I guess views still matter. :(
  13. Had a feeling this'd happen. Not too sorry since Lionhead seems to have been dropping the ball. Mainly because of Peter Molyneux.
  14. That's true - as far I see it, there aren't any sides. Even if there are, it's not that important. I guess I lost sight of that.
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