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  1. Dear Phil, what do you think about the new Angry Birds movie? Do you think it will stand out among other video game adaptions? Or will it slingshot to its death? Now that Deadpool: The Movie is out on Digital HD, what do you hope for in the sequel? What do you think about rumored Cable being in the film and who do you think should play him? What are your opinions on the upcoming Rated R Batman: The Killing Joke being Mark Hamil's last time voicing The Joker? And my final question is, do you think the Rated R extended release of Batman Vs Superman would change anyones review? Do you think it could fill in plot holes? Or do you think its just a waste of time? Will you be watching this version?
  2. Dear Phil, I've been watching and loving your back in the day segments on Hate Live and I was curious if you would ever talk about the style of clothes you have worn from your childhood. Were you into pop culture shirts with movie characters or more dressy like button up or even turtlenecks? Has your clothing style changed? Dear Phil, You have been recently talking about comic-book film adaptions and I wanted to know what your opinions are of the "Kick-Ass" series. IGN rated the film 10/10 and said it was the best superhero movie of all time. That rating still stands today. What are your opinions and do you think it deserves that rating? I thought it was interesting since you have never mentioned this movie. I also have a question about the sequel. in the promotional content for "Kick-Ass 2" this was supposed to be Jim Carrey's first venture into action movies. They make the fans believe he is going to be a badass character in the film but in the final product, he is still the same comedic actor he's always been. What are your opinions? Do you think it was bad advertising? Do you think it was a smart career choice for Jim Carrey or should he stay in comedy?
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