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  1. Sonic Adventure 1 Marathon Gotta go Fast!!! Fan-art
  2. Mass Effect Andromeda pt102 Liam - "Change of plan" *Flies away* WTF
  3. The False copyrights strikes from Rockstar Games inc is indeed false which was a troll has been confirmed by Phil on Twitter and now YouTube has removed the copyright strikes from DSPGaming Channel
  4. My fan-art for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption This week, Hope you like it phil.
  5. what software did you use for zooming in the face for a good resolution ?
  6. Same Here that will be a blast... lets hope phil does not screw up his romance option in Mass Effect Andromeda
  7. Now that 2016 has ended; 2017 has arrived which means DSPGaming is prepared to play new game releases, this means more hilarious gaming for this years gaming season. First off, When January hits,You will be able to nominate any funny moments on what Phil is playing til December 2017 How to Share a moment on a video FYI: There is provided Screenshots that shows you how to Share a moment that you want to submit please do not hesitate on posting videos. Step 1 On the first screenshot, You will see a highlighted red circle which indicates a funny moment in a video
  8. Here you go phil for tomorrow's WWE Fanart Let me know if anything needs editing on this fanart - (Luke) AKA SolidNemesis
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