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  1. Would you ever consider doing a speedrun of a game? Such as Ultra Streetfighter 2? Current record is 5:49s for arcade mode https://www.speedrun.com/ultra_street_fighter_2_the_final_challengers/run/y8q8wnwy Arcade Grand Master Bison is 12:36, Both are on the switch. https://www.speedrun.com/ultra_street_fighter_2_the_final_challengers/run/zpq9278y
  2. Would you be up for trying some speedrunning for a session or 2? What game do you think you could complete faster than anyone else? There's a wide variety of games with a speedrun scene. The streetfighter 2 arcade hardest difficulty scene for example has a few people running it https://www.speedrun.com/super_street_fighter_2_turbo#Arcade_Mode_Hardest Character: Claw Played on Arcade [JPN][Emu] on 2016-12-14 in 10m 53s Ultra streetfighter 4 has a small scene as well for hardest difficulty arcade runs https://www.speedrun.com/run/y230555m Arcade Mode - Hardest in
  3. My question/suggestion is have you considered reaching out to a company like Cyberpower or iBuyPower for sponsorship? I wouldn't know where to start either, but they're some of the bigger PC building companies, and they do sponsor twitch streamers, Since you're established on youtube and twitch you may have a decent chance of getting a new PC from one of them, probably just requiring banner ads, and/or a short "This Review was edited on a PC given to me from X company, Check them out" before your reviews and other edited content. http://blog.cyberpowerpc.com/cyberpower-streamers/ Their B
  4. Don't think I can edit it any further. But Ryzen was finally announced today, $399 for an 8c/16t chip in the 1700X, the per thread/core performance isn't actually much faster than what you currently have, mostly you get 2 additional cores Where as the intel chip is around $1000 for the same total performance. So ya, good luck on the sponsorship should you choose to try and go that route somehow. 7:30 for the important bit about streaming performance under Dota 2 anyways https://youtu.be/3rUndzpdo1I?t=450 That's what a basic upgrade would look like, better to have more R
  5. In regards to a new computer, I suppose you wouldn't know anyone at places like cyberpower/ibuypower who build/sell PCs, but did you consider reaching out for sponsorship? Like having a banner on videos or a small preroll ad for X numbers of months on all week in previews or something, Such as "This review was edited on such and such PC from X maker" or "the PC streaming you this content was provided by X" Your best chance at this may be with AMD's upcoming Ryzen chips, which should offer competitive performance at a price far below what the equivalent 8 core 16 thread intel chip costs.
  6. Any interest in these Couch Solutions for Mouse/Keyboard play? Although they can get expensive, and aren't even very good yet. Suppose the better question is, when they make a truly good couch PC gaming solution, do you think you'd play more PC games?
  7. Hey phil, you've probably posted it elsewhere, but what settings do you use in OBS to stream? Also have you decided what faction, race/class you're going to choose for WoW? You have a 6 core Intel CPU correct? It's still one of the best around, not much slower than modern stuff like a 5820K CPU. Most in game graphical settings will affect your GPU and not your CPU, you can also go into windows settings and limit the number of threads WoW uses, it's not too hard to run so you could probably limit it to 2 cores. You just go into your task manager, find the process for WoW, rig
  8. My question is in regards to esports at large. the short of it is do you feel esports should be trying to emulate traditional sport's professionalism, or should it carve it's own path, being more focused on casual viewing, humor, ect. I ask because of recent happenings at a "Major" both the name and scale of a Dota 2 event. The Host that was hired, was James "2GD" Harding, and he a non-PC, more laid back host, previously he hosted 2 huge tournaments for them without major issues, he was fired by valve at this event, and he was refereed to as "an ass" by gabe newell himself on Reddi
  9. Hey Phil, On April 15th this year the guys from the Tek Syndicate Youtube channel will be hosting "Seattle's Biggest Lan Party" So my question becomes, do you think this would be something you'd be interested in attending? I'm sure they'd have some fighting game stuff set up if you wanted to get in on that. Or you could bring your own stuff naturally. In addition since you're you and all, they'd be probably be willing to add you to the featured guest list or something. Just something to possibly mull over, It'll be like a mini vacation for you. Thanks, I'm not directly affiliated
  10. I got one more, Probably a more relevant one. In MGSV you have quiet, who is clearly there for some Fan Service, but she isn't just a background character, and generally isn't portrayed as a "sexual object" aside form one scene later, kind of. So for you, where does the line between Fan Service and Explicit Sexual Pandering get drawn? Where does Bayonetta fit into this? She's clearly meant to be sexy, but still has characterization and is the main character.
  11. I had another question. I noticed you were trying to get a new camera, why not try to get a sponsorship from a company for a camera to review/test? Given your subscriber count and machinima affiliation there would be a good chance that a company would say yes especially if the camera in question isn't too costly, you aren't a tech reviewer normally, but it might be something to try. Although you may not be into the being sponsored thing most likely. And for some additional info, 4k cameras aren't really worth it until you start getting into the expensive high end professional cameras. htt
  12. Hey phil, since you're in the Seattle area, are you going to check out The International next year? The International is the big dota 2 event of the year with teams from around the world competing, this year the winning team got over 6 million dollars. I know you probably don't know much about dota, it's basically an RTS where you control a single hero rather than an army(usually) , but that's why it may be interesting to see someone who knows nothing of it go to the event check it out. It does require a ticket for the arena though, but there are non ticket areas as well I believe. If you we
  13. So phil, 2 main phrases come to mind that seem to be in a lot of playthroughs. "I'm pressing button(s)" And "There was nothing I could do" Did these come from before your youtube career? Or were they just a product of your lets plays? Also would it be possible to get shirts out with these phrases, thanks.
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