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  1. Hey Been a fan since Demo Day Heavy rain. My question is do you think you be more successful right now if you stayed on your old channel Darksydephil other than moving to dspgaming?
  2. I try and make this short and sweet Phil how come you reply to some comments on your vlogs but never comment on your game play videos?
  3. ​Really it's youtube's fault, how it is youtube's fault if people spam the system you could easily do it for the streams you put up live so all the steams would link.
  4. Quick question where do you see let's plays in the future say 5/10 years from now will it be the same or will it die?
  5. 8 hours is not a marathon when it comes to games and for 1k is quite frankly ridiculous if that's the thing you want to do you be better off back on twitch unless you plan to triple dip to get even more money out of it stream/youtube/patreon, So for that reason i say stay away from a "Marathon".
  6. Phil it time to be honest with us at this point why do you really need this money? if your still getting payed more than a normal job and panda just about to start her business up that with pay for her shear why do we have to pay for you to take time off to learn green screen? NO NO NO
  7. Im most looking forward to the secrets in the game because we know mk is full of them. Only the other day i found out you can babality the boss's in mk 9.
  8. Yep Reptile next one got be a woman hoping for my girl sindel.
  9. Nobody replied to my post but i talk anyway Comic #4 came out today and Cassie Cage so far is amazing she got a lot of johnny in her.
  10. Yeah can't wait don't want to spoil but had anyone else picked up the comics? as of right now there on #3 and its fantastic.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8TwCoDVxw its here but phil you put in the intro of it 2015 instead of 2014.
  12. Can't remember the hardest but i could never beat the first Castlevania.
  13. Mostly to see what the game he's playing is like because its raw you get to see the good and bad and not just clips from a review which is that persons opinion of the game.
  14. Yeah i was in there a while had to leave because of the chat was disgusting talking about kinzie fisting tentacles and how much they want to fuck her.
  15. I think you said one day you talk about the money matches that you took part in if be fun to hear how much you won/lost or just what it was like to bet money on game matches.
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