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  1. I been keeping my opinion to myself on this topic but i think im ready to share some thoughts. Feel free to discuss with my following reasons why i think this has been a bad thing for you(Phil) to do. The way you made this video comes off very wrong. I haven't been a fan since 2012-13 so i will be looking at it in a different perspective. You chose to delay a TEASER for Project 7...A TEASER How can you delay a TEASER. You Promised a TEASER but now you went against that promise & now people are standing against you for many other reasons but that has been the straw to break the back. When i read a comment from someone, he mentioned about how he was thinking that maybe during the video or end of the video, DeathFace would appear & start saying or doing crazy shit & how that would've been a good tease for things to come. After reading that comment, i kinda felt the same but once i heard you say "Go ahead dislike the videos" & just kept on talking about dislike this and dislike that, it occurred to me that you didn't care about making this video & truly the video was a waste of time to make to begin with. People are saying you are a fraud & a scammer because you shown NOTHING before making Project 7 a goal for Patreon. Those that want a series or help from people usually(95% of the time) show something to present this is real & they are willing to use the money to make whatever they want happen. You on the other hand, has shown NOTHING & people fell into the trap of paying you to appear in Project 7. As of now, i believe people have the right to call you out on the bullshit you have been doing & i think as of right now, you are a fraud & scammer that wants to use most of the money for himself & put some money towards actual stuff people paid you for. Your channel is not going to stay long unless you start sticking to your promises or what you say. That is all for now but i only want an discussion between me & anyone that feels the same or opposite. Thanks, DragonSlayerVlogs
  2. So there have been rumors floating around that Tim Burton is planning a sequel for the 1988 film. Well according to what Winnona Ryder had to say, she confirmed that the movie is real & she'll be coming back aswell as Micheal Keaton. Now if you're a fan of the movie, you know that ONLY Keaton can pull this character off though he's the only one to bring the character to Big screen. What are your thoughts & do you think it'll be like another movie that was released but didn't do well because it was trying to be too much like the original *Cough* Dumb & DUmber To *Cough*.
  3. I love the original & it'll forever be one of my favorites from Robin & overall movies. When i heard this news i was disappointed even though Robin did have plans on coming back for a sequel.
  4. I hope when they do make a sequel DeadPool 2 doesn't suffer from sequeist or however you spell that word. I'd like the sequel to be more off the wall & nothing but 4th wall breaking
  5. I can't wait. The trailer gave a good vibe but i feel the leaked footage shown DeadPool justice. The HD trailer(Red-Band) removed some stuff. TIm Miller is already in talks for a sequel & Cable WILL be in the sequel so the first movie is to just introduce the character then to bring more of him in later movies. Maybe we'll see him in Wolverine 3 as a cameo or vice versa for Wolverine in DeadPool. Ryan Reynolds is a PERFECT choice for the role, he has everything deadpool has(besides the superpowers).
  6. MGS V The Phantom Pain, Uncharted Collection, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, Fallout 4, Mad Max & Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.
  7. Hello, im DragonSlayerVlogs & some may know me as an "Hater" on twitter since i give my honest thoughts towards Phil. but im here to give the forums a chance since its been sometime since i was last here. I do not intend to start any drama. Im only here to give the forums a chance(like i just said hahahaha). Please if you have anything to say don't be afraid to speak on your mind, Im all ears
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