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  1. Surprising choice of comment to show. That's irrelevant to my point. There's only so many ways I can say it - someone who thinks "Bums of Kojima" is clever or funny can't be very old. I'm not being biased here - if someone just put a vaguely similar sounding swear or "rude" word in front of "DarkSydePhil", then the same logic would apply. Well, regarding commentary, maybe not talking over cutscenes? People usually get annoyed when LPers do that. That and your commentary could improve in general if there's points where you couldn't think of things to say (cutscenes could be a break from talking). I don't know what other obvious advice there is to give in regards to commentary unless someone here actually has experience with it. It's one thing to say things you shouldn't do (talking over cutscenes, shitty dicks) and it's another to give actual things you should add to it.
  2. Some alternative ideas could be to either play less games simultaneously, or focus on montages like Das said.
  3. Wait, you're using the feedback in this thread? Whooooooaaaaa. Also, hopefully you're right about Fallout.
  4. That's yet another reason why getting day one views on new releases isn't a viable strategy anymore. People who really care about the game are busy playing it - people who just want to see the game, but that aren't even interested to the point of playing it probably aren't going to choose or even find DSP's playthrough of the game over anyone else's. Metal Gear Solid V at least had the draw of people wanting to see him suck at another Metal Gear game. I can't think of any reason that someone will have to see DSP play Fallout 4 specifically.
  5. SilverSyndicate, you're right that DSP has a variety of sub-groups who watch different sections of his content, and that's fine, but I think that he'd consider the core of his "job" to be in his playthroughs of games. I don't know if the views from his other efforts, like his reviews or podcasts are enough for him to earn the money he needs, but based on his current attitude, it sure doesn't feel like it. Phil's own commentary and humour is already incredibly divisive. When trying to attract people with new releases, it doesn't really make his playthrough stand out to those who just want to see a big new game, and for some might be a negative point. If he tries to put a technical "twist" on his playthroughs, he'd actually be offering something different to what the average YouTuber cashing in on new releases would be doing. Also, while he does have a hardcore audience of sorts, he's recently said that it isn't big enough to keep him afloat alone. Not all changes he could make would result in him being "fake". Of the ones I mentioned, only embracing the hate could really be argued as him not being true to himself. The rest is mostly technical stuff, and the other suggestions people have had are as well. Honestly, changing his attitude to be like other YouTubers wouldn't really help him anyway in my opinion. If he was less... offensive, that might help him, I suppose. Also, again, while he does have a hardcore audience, he really can't afford to just rely on that and keep going as he is. He needs to constantly be trying to attract new viewers. Not everyone who watches him now is necessarily going to keep watching him. People have been leaving for a long time. Him becoming less relevant isn't really hypothetical - we're already watching it slowly happen. He should be preparing for the worst, and not assuming things can't get worse than they are. Don't get me wrong here - I don't think it'll be easy for him to turn his views situation around, but it feels like he's not even really trying.
  6. I agree Das, and I think he should put a lot more focus on his montages than he currently does. He gets respectable views on the montages he does make, and they're more likely to accumulate more views over time, especially since they're more user-friendly, for lack of a better word. True, the YouTube chat is a mess. I'm not sure who would moderate it, though. DSP himself isn't going to be able to do it, especially while he's playing. Also, Davey, without going into a discussion about the SoK themselves, can I just say that "Bums of Kojima" is not a clever insult at all? I know you didn't come up with it, but it's just inane and childish.
  7. I believe he'd be smart to put more focus on his review series - that has some potential. Assuming they are wrong... then, true - that's not Phil's fault. Even if he doesn't specifically ask for it, he does fairly clearly have some problems that he needs to deal with. I'm guessing the majority of people who come up with ideas for him to use don't come to these forums though. Other than that, I'm glad to see people have thoughts on the matter, and I would also agree with these two suggestions:
  8. If you're here to read this, you're most likely aware of recent events in respect to DSP's content. If not, this topic is being made as a result of DSP's recent video, where he revealed that last month was his lowest month so far (either in terms of views or the amount of money received - though these form a cause-and-effect relationship anyway). Obviously, this isn't good news, and in the video he expressed a lot of surprise, especially since he got allegedly higher views even in the previous summer. This is understandable, but what surprised me (kind of) was the fact that he assumed his fans weren't watching his stuff, and that was the reason why it happened. By the way, if you're wondering, I've had these thoughts and suggestions brewing for a while, but I figured now was the time to get them out there. This isn't going to be a statistical analysis or something like that, but I feel that there are some relevant points to explain why DSP's views have steadily decreased (and would still seem to be doing so). YouTube has changed: DSP was at the apex of his popularity relatively early on, or at least, a long time ago. People have said that he was one of the first let's players, but either way, for a while he was definitely one of the most popular. However, in terms of pure substance, his videos haven't changed a lot since those early days. While he has better equipment, he hasn't changed his overall format all that much. Things such as not editing his videos, and talking over cutscenes, while they may have been more acceptable in the earlier days of let's playing, the standards have changed considerably since then.However, meeting the standards of today alone most likely wouldn't make a large difference, in all honesty. The fact is, there's so fucking many let's players now. DSP's idea appears to be that just doing a playthrough of a big new game is automatically going to pull in big views. The problem with this is that so many other LPers have that same mentality, including several, far more popular ones. Three of his recent playthroughs are MGSV, Mad Max and SOMA. While he got relatively respectable views on all of those initially, they're still a far cry from what other people got from the same games. The views gradually worsened on all of those, too. You also have to be somewhat specific on the search engine to find all of them. Additionally, this is in spite of Metal Gear being the series that made Phil infamous. DSP rarely does something to make his playthroughs stand out, with Until Dawn being somewhat of an exception (and, lo and behold, it got more views). Doing more playthroughs with specific twists in mind could be a potential way for him to stand out more. Based on the previous reasons, I don't believe simply relying on new releases for views is going to be a reliable strategy for Phil anymore, and I really hope he considers changing his formula if things don't improve in the next few months.Infamy is more than a game: Pretty straightforward point here. Phil became more and more infamous over the years, and more-or-less refused to change his ways (I'd like to note that his "don't like it, don't watch it" mentality is in contradiction with requesting his fans to watch his videos in his week in preview). In my opinion, his playthroughs now are worse than the ones he used to make, but his popularity has objectively decreased. Aside from more and more people leaving his fanbase over time, which has obvious effects on his views, he now has a stigma which he may never be able to shake off. This gives him an additional disadvantage, unfortunately, which could easily have prevented him from getting newer viewers.Atop a mountain of dead weight: If we disregard the reasons why he may have lost viewers, and the reasons why he may not be gaining many new ones, we're left with the ones who make it as far as finding out he exists and going to his channel. Unfortunately, those ones may be faced with a http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/YMMV/TheKingOfHate. The fact that DSP has so many videos and playthroughs isn't exactly a problem that can be easily fixed, but it could easily make his content daunting to new viewers. Scrolling through all the playlists he has wouldn't be fun for people either. These might seem like minor issues, and, to be honest, they probably are, but consider how many new videos show up on his channel in just one day, for example. To truly keep up, that's quite a lot of watching. More importantly, his lack of editing can leave a lot of repetition or unnecessary footage with no entertainment value, or a lot of dead air. Whether the playthrough is supposed to be entertaining or informative, most people aren't going to want to watch those things.This of course, brings the TIHYDP series into focus. I don't want to go into a lot of detail about that here, but suffice it to say, several hours can end up compressed into maybe one video about a few hours long, making them far more accessible. That combined with DSP's infamy will make most people find and watch those first.Where I'm standing, these are all relevant factors in why DSP's views have decreased over the years. There may be others that I'm missing. I find these to be largely obvious, but I hope they'll alleviate a lot of the confusion. Now, I want to make some suggestions for Phil to consider, partially related to my previous points. This is my main reason for creating this thread. Playthrough with a twist: Like I said above, I think DSP should do more playthroughs which aren't just traditional runs. Obviously that won't be possible with every game. Now, plenty of games offer freedom, so he could take a lesser-played path in a particular game, but I think playthroughs with a particular twist would be easier to put out there. (A blind playthrough is an example) DSP's incorporated these ideas previously. His recent Fallout: New Vegas playthrough had a slightly mundane added element, but probably got more views than it would have if he didn't add that. His Until Dawn playthrough also stuck out and got better views (correct me if I'm wrong - that was played blind and without stream chat, wasn't it?).Embracing the hate: The most prominent part of the community surrounding DSP is likely in the TIHYDP movement. Is there anything stopping Phil from changing his strategy and embracing that community? Think about this - rather than uploading full playthroughs, he could create montages himself with the same purpose, edit the stuff people put in sometimes, and embrace the entire idea himself, while possibly gaining views and attention for his channel. On the other hand, it may already be too late for this idea to work. It would have had a better chance if he'd taken that attitude in the beginning.Hail to the king (of mechanical boxes)*: PC gaming. Now, I know that this is "out of the question", but, come on. Firstly, he'd have a much wider library of both well-liked classics and more obscure gems to cover, and secondly, the fact that new indie games come out all the time means that a lot of them are barely covered, if at all. DSP could try and find an audience showing unknown releases for PC, and potentially recommending them or not. Though I suppose he'd have to try and overcome the general negative opinion on him first.Schedule from hell: This doesn't really have anything to do with his views exactly, but, regardless, it's worth discussing. Since DSP is in control of how he does his work, couldn't he be much more flexible with his schedule? It's strange to me that he does the exact same thing nearly every day, at the same times of day, for the same amount of time, every week. Isn't it possible that all of those elements could be different, whether by day or by week? If it's a personal choice for him, fair enough, but it's kinda silly in my opinion. He often talks about being ill or not feeling like working, but unless he's specifically being paid via Patreon, he's not really obligated to continue. In that same context, he doesn't have to stop working after a specific time either. A more flexible schedule could help him accomplish a lot more potentially, or improve his attitude. Obviously starting times are kind of important, since people need to know when he's streaming or when things will be uploaded, but couldn't he plan things, say, a week at a time if that was really an issue? This one more just bugs me.Maybe I'll add some more of these later if I think of some. Please let me know about your thoughts on this. Also, this took a little while, so if my writing isn't very elegant, I apologize. *(Not an Avenged Sevenfold reference - they suck.)
  9. Eh, even so, you cannot truly objectively place games under such a specific score. Using your "heart" to rate a game is fine, but in the context of a review, those subjective elements that determine personal ranking shouldn't really factor in, I think. At least not into the score. That's why a simple broad scale works well for the simple purpose of guaging how recommended a game is.
  10. They were from a specific person I'm sure. Anyway, though... This is another good point. Honestly, it's far more nonsensical to try and quantify everything with two decimal places than it is to give a non-perfect game a 10. What would cause a game to be 8.75 instead of 8.5. Hell, what would cause a game to be 8.75 instead of 8.7? These number choices are arbitrary to say the least.
  11. Oh look, another well-thought out argument that's just going to get completely ignored. Phil still hasn't changed his point of view on this issue, by the way.
  12. Let me try and put this differently. You're right that opinions are thoughts on particular topics. Now, what do you think those thoughts are based on? Either the opinion is formed after observation of objective facts, or it's based on personal speculation or bias (fanboys do this). The latter also applies to belief about things nobody knows, though evidence can still come into it (though not definitive proof, obviously). This distinction is important for reviews in particular, which is why scores aren't the substance of reviews. Obviously some objective elements of artforms are gonna be interpreted in multiple ways (especially aesthetics, in the case of games), but some can be judged fairly.
  13. (DSP still hasn't responded by the way.)
  14. The thread has not run its course at all. Nobody has disproved the point. Your post just basically ignored Grnasher's point completely, and shoved the exact same argument that he just disproved right back at him. Also, inb4 Phil does the exact same thing you're doing and locks the thread.
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