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  1. The Getaway. Nice little open world game from 2002 that's kind of forgotten now.
  2. He convinced me to try out Dark Souls. True to form, I bitched and moaned through the entire thing lol. Had never heard of Naruto before he played that game two years ago. Bought that game and loved it.
  3. Crash 2: After a solid 30 minutes of failure and rage...So close yet so far away! 33:10 Also pretty much the whole NBA storymode (including the facial scan). I haven't seen the last part of that here so I'll just post that: Gets cut from Celtic > Joins them again: 5:27 and 25:32 --- Disturbing sad face: 28:15 --- And then the 10 minute long spiel at the end to top off a terrible story.
  4. With money being tight and all, do you regret moving to a big house all the way in Seattle? (With all the expenses involved)
  5. *** Background: *** I've been a fan since your Fallout 3 days so I'm very much immune to all the nonsense people say about you but almost every time I go watch a video of yours, it's filled with dislikes which are sometimes accompanied by nasty comments. I always wonder how a new viewer thinks about all this negativity. If I had never heard of you and randomly found you right now and the video had 30 likes and 50 dislikes,I'd think twice before giving you a chance. It's tough to explain this negativity to new viewers. Very recently a bloke commented on a video that he was a new viewer who found you through TIHYDP videos and had some good things to say about you. What unfolded was a huge discussion with dozens of hater comments about what an asshole you were. (The Godfather pt.29) Seamus' reason for disabling comments: https://twitter.com/ssohpkc/status/561951764585275394 James' (UberHaxorNova) explanation for disabling comments on the Creature Hub channel: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheCreatures/comments/2zncxo/the_creatures_have_disabled_their_comment_section/ *** Actual question: *** Earlier in the year Seamus (SSoHPKC) disabled the comments on his videos, followed later by The Creatures who (temporarily) disabled the comment section on their Creature Hub channel and moved the discussion to their forum. Would you consider doing the same? ***Further elaboration: *** To guard against trolls invading the forum, you could have some "vetting" process, where people would have to prove they aren't trolls in another place on the forum, like a lobby section for new members. People would then be promoted to full membership on the forum. I seriously doubt many trolls would have the patience to wallow in there, not getting the attention they want. Without huge dislikes, nasty comments and with a forum filled with fans who enjoy your content there would finally be some aura of positivity about your channel. Every other comment would cease to be: "What's with all the dislikes?" ,followed by pretty much an overall comment section civil war between the fans and haters. All of that would allow us, the fans, to enjoy and laugh and be frustrated at your content without that hater nonsense clouding everything. *Internet fist pump*
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