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  1. Its basically a Ratchet and clank rework edition....i love it. Played the original 3 games on the ps2 back in the day and loved them.
  2. Philipinogamer

    "DSP Does the Indies" Marathon Game Suggestions

    what about the most manly game.... BRO FORCE
  3. Philipinogamer


    ​nonono he missed Naruto not Naruto Shippuden
  4. Philipinogamer

    Introduce Yourself

    Konnichiwa Watashi no namae wa Philipinogamer desu. I'm Half Filipino but I know Japanese Language because of so much anime I watch. I'm a Gamer who plays mostly JRPGS. I'm a huge fan of the ".hack". I'm also a Otaku. My Forum Status is like a Male Porn Star, I go to the site and after I come, I get out.
  5. Philipinogamer


    Even though you skipped 136-220. That wasn't a good idea. Some of the episodes give good character development, and good story. Here are some of the good episodes 152-157, 169-173, 178-183.
  6. Philipinogamer

    Kill La Kill

    eh its not new dude. its been out like two years in japan. Currently they are only one season which last for 24 episodes. if you want to watch it now. Its only English Subtitles http://www.gogoanime.com/category/kill-la-kill
  7. Philipinogamer


    After episode 135 there are more filler arcs but they are actually pretty good. some of them just made me want to cry. ​When you get to shippuden Just skip episodes 257-260. Unnecessary flash back episodes which covers what happened in the Zabuza, Chunin and Sasuke Retrevial arc.
  8. Philipinogamer

    Games that got you emotionally invested

    .hack .hack//GU Mana Khemia Alchemists of Al-Revis Hyperdimension Neptunia, mk2 and Victory Valkyria Chronicles Kingdom Hearts and 2 Tales Of Xillia Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch
  9. Philipinogamer

    Anime you disliked but many people liked

    ​Yep Hate that one. .hack way better than SAO
  10. Philipinogamer

    Free Steam Keys (Post 1)

  11. Philipinogamer


    So this is a discussion thread on Naruto from the Manga, Anime, Movies and anything related to Naruto. So I decide upon myself to watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden to the current episode and after 5 months, I am currently on 618 of Naruto (Naruto Shippuden episode 398).
  12. Philipinogamer

    Games that you want to see have a HD remake/collection release

    .Hack HD remake ~drools~
  13. Philipinogamer

    Corrupt A Wish

    Very well. Ride to Hell Retribution will be the one to win 2014 Ultimate Video Games Battle. I wish this year will be the year that will change the whole world completely.