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  1. How is your relationship with Leanna right now? Do you still talk from time to time or did the breakup completely damage every friendship you two could ever have?
  2. Do you have any funny stories that include alcohol? I mean, we know you have some, but are there any you would like to share?
  3. Phil, I'll be going to university this year to study Audio engineering and sound design. My whole life I've been living in a small town with around 30k people. I'll be moving in a big city that has almost 2 milion people now. I have a huge social anxiety disorder and I don't know how can I take that pressure of living in a such huge place all alone. Also I'll be hundreds of miles away from my family, friends and all the people I've known in my entire life. I only have an uncle in that huge city. Can you give me some advice on how to adapt to such huge change? Your fan Age Of Steel
  4. What are your thought on SpaceX's mision to Mars? Do you think they can make it?
  5. Hello Phil! The girlfriend I was feeling really attached to broke up with my a few days ago. I still feel terrible because I was treating her like a queen. I never looked at other women nor was I abusive. I'm really used to her and want her back, but at the same time I don't want to throw mud at my dignity by begging her to come back which is stupid in my opinion. I feel like all I was building to make her happy went into nothing. You were talking in the past how you were in a longer relationship with a woman and that you two split up after some time. Was your situation similar to mine and if
  6. Hey Phillip! I was wondering how tall are you because you look like you're above average. And how did you grow when you were a kid? Did you instantly grow at puberty or were you always ''The bigger kid''? Thanks and take care!
  7. I'm not really scared of games, but the Silent Hill 4 was a masterpiece! I fucking love the atmosphere of that game! That game had me on the edge of my seat!
  8. Phil I doubt that you ever got this question, but how do you do your hair? When I try to slick it back it doesn't really work, it gets destroyed after 20 minutes and looks like shit. Can you give me some advice on how you make your hair stay the way it is and how long does that process take? Have a great one!
  9. Hello Phillip! In Homefront the revolution playthrough you started singing ''Twisted Transistor'' from the band Korn. My question is what metal or rock bands did you listen to when you were younger and do you listen to any metal bands now? Thanks!
  10. Hello Phillip! You haven't talked about your back for a long time. What is the situation now? Since you haven't really talked about it much, I've figured that it's not that bad as it used to be. Hope to hear a positive answer. Thanks!
  11. First part of the previous year wasn't really one of my best parts of life exactly. I was feeling down all the time and thought that life is just a bunch of negative shit. I was always negative and hated almost everyone. Only people I loved were my parents, grandparents, girlfriend and a few good friends I have. I've lost someone I've loved a few years ago but it was just stuck with me. I couldn't get it out of my head and move on. That's when I discovered ''This is how you don't play Resident Evil 3 Nemesis'' video. At first I thought ''It's a cool gimmick. A guy made a montage of his gamepla
  12. Hello Philip! What happened to those friendships that you had in high school with Mark and the others? From the stories from hate live podcast, I've figured that you were really close with them. What happened to those friendships and are you guys still in contact or did that ''Never talk again after high school'' Phenomenon happen?
  13. Hey Phil! Do you ever think Resident Evil series will get back to it's original roots in survival horror since the last two remasters did well in sales?
  14. Hey Philip! Heard you mentioned Ju On and the Ring movies in your videos in the past. I was stunned that you know ''The Grudge'' by it's original Japanese name. My question is What is your favorite Japanese horror movie and why?
  15. Hello DSP! Since there is a talk about how NASA will send humans to Mars in a decade or so, would you like to visit the red planet and what is your overall opinion on that topic?
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