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  1. I'm a massive fan of JRPGS, I like how they tend to stray from the norm and bring something new to the table.
  2. The only limiter for anime now as a medium is the stigma of weaboos and how people perceive it in the same light as cartoons, at the end of the day it is animation.
  3. Have you guys ever heard of Jojo's Bizzare Adventures? i believe you guys would love the over the top action,comedy,and POSES.
  4. For me the thing i love the most is how anime/manga can literally be anything as well as the uniqueness of it all.
  5. So far i like it without stream as it allows everyone to do things at the most convenient time, i think Phil is getting more views as well, either way is fine but i like the on demand videos a bit more.
  6. I bought a PS TV for Persona 4 Golden, it was totally worth it, especially since i can play Danganronpa.
  7. Hey Phil I am new here, but so far I've been so happy to be able to watch your gameplay and commentary, from looking around I've seen that there have been a ton of jealous trolls and haters that have criticized and mock you, I honestly think it is ridiculous because you are just trying to live your life with happiness as well as i've had to deal with negative people similar to them in my life, i just want to know how do you deal with them? You must be pretty thick skinned and have a ton willpower to continue doing what you do,if you do or don't answer this question i just want you to know that
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